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TOP Drink Creators

Simplicity, extravagance, classy, these creators are impressive! Find all kinds of beverages with our Top drink creators!

1. Cocktail Recipes with Jules

Engagement rate: 3.28%
Favikon Score: 4.7/5

With a colorful and aesthetic feed, @join_jules does a fantastic job at sharing her creations! Most of her posts show how she prepares the drinks, followed by a recipe written in the description. This influencer also organized her stories! She sorts them by types of beverages and liquors. (P.S: she is also a TikToker, with 640K+ followers, go check it out!).🍹

2. Caffeinication

Engagement rate: 7.67%
Favikon Score: 4.5/5

Shout-out to all coffee lovers! You might want to check this influencer's account. 😉 @caffeinication is an incredible coffee creator! This influencer prepares all kinds of coffees simply and elegantly, with clear shots, chill music, and ASMR vibes. 💭 Their feed is consistent: most videos share the same background and the same preparation routine. They have 4M followers on TikTok!! 😱


Engagement rate: 5.26%
Favikon Score: 4.5/5

This influencer is less of a coffee creator and more of a drink discoverer! 😍 She publishes various content with a well-organized feed in which she shares all kinds of coffees and other drinks she tries! Danielle knows how to mix lifestyle, fashion, food, and drinks content! 😎 (100K+ followers on TikTok! What a multitasker!).

4. Junglehaus Cocktails | Homebar

Engagement rate: 11.14%
Favikon Score: 4.4/5

Are you looking for tropical and summery vibes? We found your perfect match! 🌴 @junglehaus.cocktails shares beautiful pictures of their creations and writes the ingredients in the description so their community can experience the same journey! (P.S: they're also a big dinosaur fan! 🦖).

5. mycocktailbank

Engagement rate: 7.03%
Favikon Score: 3.7/5

Did anyone say elegance? This club of cocktail amateurs sure knows how to present excellence! 🎩 They work on extravagant beverages, which creates a varied feed. 🍸 They also like to communicate their fails with their audience, bringing an authentic aspect to their account!

6. Cocktail Recipes with Fiona

Engagement rate: 4.32%
Favikon Score: 3.7/5

With a consistent, colorful, and straightforward feed, @cocktailswithmenyc shows how they compose their beverages with the drink's name, followed by the ingredients in the description. 🧉 Fiona has an excellent score on the use of hashtags as well as a 3/4 content diversity score!

7. evie

Engagement rate: 3.99%
Favikon Score: 3.7/5

A beautiful and aesthetically pleasing account! ✨ Evie shares dreamy content, showcasing her creations through pictures. She loves to balance simplicity with colorful and organized props! 🌞 This influencer has already done a few partnerships and knows how to introduce them in her feed while maintaining consistency!

8. A C H O M E C A F É

Engagement rate: 4.52%
Favikon Score: 3.3/5

Tea, coffee, lemonade, frosé, cocktails, this influencer does it all! 🍧 An incredibly complete account with diverse content! One common point we find in all her posts: they share the same background and are completed with a recipe in the description! ✅ She also created different stories with different tryouts and ideas. A professional and creative influencer! 🤩 (P.S: she has an excellent following ratio and account activity score!)

9. amali

Engagement rate: 12.80%
Favikon Score: 3.1/5

With 193K+ followers on Instagram and 881K+ on TikTok, Amali is a true social media drink creator star! 🌟 She shares different colorful posts. From pink and blue tea to green coffee, if you are looking for surprising content, search no more! 🌈 She also has an excellent engagement rate which shows her commitment to her community! So, care to try one of her drinks? 🍵


Engagement rate: 6.79%
Favikon Score: 3/5

‍Two words: simplicity and elegance! 🫖 Andrea creates all kinds of coffees and teas in her usual white setup. Her soothing and relaxing account will make you want to make yourself a warm drink for the fall season! 🍂 You can also go over all her creations by watching her stories!👀 (She has an excellent account growth rate of +10.50%!)

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