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TOP 10 Halloween Enthusiasts

Trick or treat? Spooky season is coming, and influencers are ready! Photographers, makeup artists, bakers, our TOP Halloween will leave you breathless! 👻

October 6, 2021

1. snitchery

Engagement rate: 10.78%
(2.3M followers & 17.65% engagement rate on TikTok)
Favikon Score: 5/5

And the first place goes to @snitchery! With no other than a perfect 5/5 Favikon score, she aces the Halloween top with 1.2M followers on Instagram and 2.3M on TikTok! She is a role model for all mega influencers. With an excellent account activity, this creator’s feed mixes makeup creations and costumes combinations. So if you are looking for Halloween costumes ideas, you know where to find them! 🧙


last year you sold your soul to a witch… now it’s time to pay up 🔮🕷

♬ Elias theme song - Bubbles

2. Erin

Engagement rate: 9.83%
Favikon Score: 4.9/5

In the second place, we have a true Halloween enthusiast! Erin loves this holidays theme and builds her entire account around it. She has a positive account growth of +5.50% and a good saturation rate! This influencer has already done a few collabs, yet a brand can gain a lot of engagement by appearing in her feed! Pumpkin, hot cocoa, and cozy settings, @spookygobragh gives off fall vibes! ☕

3. Lori Castellon
Engagement rate: 20.73%
Favikon Score: 4.8/5

Who wants to eat witch fingers! 🧟 Just kidding, or are we? Lori is a talented and creative baker; her pastries are pretty different from regular ones… This creator has an extraordinary feed in which she shares all her Halloween-themed delicious bakeries! Her content is professional, from a cooking point of view as well as from the influence perspective! Outstanding account growth (+47.70%) combined with excellent engagement rate? That's work! 🧁

4. Lily

Engagement rate: 10.06%
Favikon Score: 4.5/5

Summer, fall, winter, and spring, this influencer divides her content per season! 🍂 Lily’s feed evolves around seasonal colors, landscapes, and outfits! No wonder she has a 3/4 content diversity score. Halloween-related content fits perfectly with her original work now that we are in October! She also has an excellent engagement and account growth rate. @pintsizedphoto is the definition of an organized account with consistent posts!

5. @khaleesiisaa

Engagement rate: 5.63%
Favikon Score: 4.4

Another talented makeup artist and this one’s popularity is going through the roof! She has a 56% growth rate and still counting! Monsters, elves, aliens, she does it all. This creator diversifies her feed while posing on the same background to keep consistency. 🧝 Her posts are neat and professional, and her comment: like ratio is positive as well! Want to be impressed? You got your influencer!

6. Kyle

Engagement rate: 10.28%
Favikon Score: 4.4/5

Who’s looking for a good photographer? Kyle shares all of his best shots with his audience! 🏞 And guess what? He is a fall lover at heart! His posts vary from pumpkin closeups to beautiful landscapes, and all his pictures give fall vibes. Kyle has an excellent saturation rate of 8% and he aced his hashtag quality score.

7. Mimi Choi

Engagement rate: 5.63%
Favikon Score: 4.3/5

This makeup artist will make you look twice at her posts! 👀 Mimi is an incredibly talented artist that aspires to try new looks and techniques to share with her audience. She has an excellent following ratio of 285:1 with a good audience quality. But there is a twist to her work! She loves to work around optical illusions! With this mega influencer, you will never find two posts alike, and with such a following, high visibility is guaranteed.

8. Emma Farrell MUA

Engagement rate: 7.96%
Favikon Score: 4/5

Who likes glamorous Halloween makeup looks? Emma is a makeup artist that adapts her work to different periods, seasons, holidays, trends, etc. Her looks are neat, colorful, and aesthetic, resulting in an excellent diversity score of 3/4! Moreover, she has a positive following and comment/like ratio. 💋

9. Alessandra Dell’Oso

Engagement rate: 11.68%
Favikon Score: 3.8/5

Fall and winter vibes are Alessandra’s motto! Her pictures are perfectly edited to create a consistent feed. She knows how to alternate closeups with wide shots, as well as shooting different setups! Her posts go from landscapes, pumpkins, and cookies to donuts and dark forests. 🎃 Her account will make you want to drink hot cocoa at home with a warm and cozy blanket. @delizieinquota has an excellent engagement rate of +11.58%, followed by a positive account growth of +3.70% and a 3/4 diversity score!

10. Hanna

Engagement rate: 22.44%
(417.9K followers & 25.82% engagement rate on TikTok)
Favikon Score: 3.2/5

Last but not least, Hannah closes our TOP Halloween enthusiast! This micro-influencer has both an Instagram and TikTok account in which she shares different makeup looks. From pretty face to freaky creature, she does a great job at diversifying her content! 🧛 Hannah has an excellent hashtag quality score and a reasonable saturation rate of 32%. If you are looking for an influencer that will adapt their work to your expectations, you just found your influencer! Moreover, as a Micro influencer, she has an excellent engagement rate, which means a favorable conversion rate!