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Top HR Influencers

Discover the top creators shaping the field of Human Resources. Here is a guide to unlock invaluable insights and connect with industry leaders.

May 10, 2024
Capucine Munuera

For those new to the world of human resources (HR) or navigating as mid-level professionals, staying abreast of the latest trends is vital for success. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge shared by HR influencers, you're eager to connect with the best in the field. However, with the vast amount of information available, pinpointing the right voices to follow can be challenging.

That's why we've compiled a list of the top HR influencers to guide you. From talent management experts to diversity and inclusion advocates, these influencers will help you navigate the HR landscape and achieve your goals. So, read on our comprehensive guide to discover more about these influential individuals, their specialties, backgrounds, and the invaluable perspectives they offer.

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Explore the Top HR Influencers:

20. Jodi Thompson

In twentieth position, Jodi Thompson. She is a Dubai Real Estate Recruiter who has been recognized as a top 1% recruiter in Dubai. With six years of experience in the Real Estate market, Jodi provides valuable insights and relocation advice for those looking to move to Dubai. Known for her open and honest advice, Jodi offers a genuine perspective on working in the industry and the importance of choosing the right company. She also creates informative content for her audience and facilitates connections between like-minded individuals in Dubai.

LinkedIn Score : 78/100

Favikon Authority Score : 197

19. Darika Jain

In nineteenth position, Darika Jain. Darika Jain is an ex-American Express professional with a background in Talent Acquisition and Corporate Laws. She is a 2x WEF Awardee passionate about CSR. With experience in education management, she excels in leadership, communication, and customer relationship management. Darika is known for her resilience, time management, and enthusiasm. Open for collaborations, she aims to add value to projects. Her LinkedIn posts focus on job security, interview tips, and professional growth.

LinkedIn Score : 68/100

Favikon Authority Score : 197

18. Jade Walters

In eighteenth position, Jade Walters. She is a multifaceted and passionate individual specializing in social media marketing and campus recruiting. With a 9-year career in content creation, she manages a community of over 95,000 followers and serves as the Founding Editor of The Ninth Semester, a resource blog for Gen Z seeking early career opportunities. Jade has collaborated with various Gen Z career-focused companies and is recognized in publications like The Wall Street Journal and CNBC Make It. Her content on LinkedIn provides insights for early career professionals and job opportunities for students and recent grads.

LinkedIn Score : 62/100

Favikon Authority Score : 199

17. Steven Claes

In seventeenth position, Steven Claes. He is a passionate HR leader with a focus on team development, leadership, and sustainable growth. With a background in strategic HR and coaching, he has a hands-on approach to empower businesses and create the best employee and business experience. Steven has experience as a group HR director, global HR executive, and global head of reward in various international companies. He is a skilled communicator, leveraging his writing abilities to share thought leadership and inspire others. Steven's journey of personal growth and resilience has shaped his ability to channel emotions and express his thoughts and feelings effectively on paper. He continues to evolve as a professional and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of HR.

LinkedIn Score : 87/100

Favikon Authority Score : 200

16. Nicole Fernandez-Valle

In sixteenth position, Nicole Fernandez-Valle. He is a Lead Talent Acquisition Partner at Royal Caribbean Group, specializing in recruiting for leadership roles in various business groups. With a Master of Science in Management from the University of Florida, she leverages data analytics and diversity strategies to attract top talent. Nicole is passionate about empowering job seekers to navigate the market effectively. She hosts webinars and provides resources to support candidates in their job search journey.

LinkedIn Score : 80/100

Favikon Authority Score : 201

15. Umer F.

In fifteenth position, Umer F. He is a seasoned HR professional with 9 years of experience in leading Pakistani and multinational companies. He is known as the top voice for practice management and interpersonal skills on Linkedin. His expertise covers learning, performance management, skill gap analysis, talent management, org design, rewards, engagement/culture, talent acquisition, and change management. Umer is also an avid social worker and runs a YouTube channel to provide professional development to the youth.

LinkedIn Score : 60/100

Favikon Authority Score : 203

14. Aaron H.

In fourteenth position, Aaron H. He is a senior recruiter at Tesla. He is responsible for finding and hiring talented individuals for open positions at Tesla. Aaron has shared posts on LinkedIn offering advice and insights for job seekers, emphasizing the importance of applying only for positions that align with their interests and qualifications. He also provides tips for interview preparation, such as researching the company, dressing appropriately, and practicing interview questions. Aaron is passionate about creating a positive candidate experience and emphasizes the importance of treating everyone involved in the interview process with respect. He shares his thoughts and insights on hiring, recruitment, and candidate experience through his LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Score : 86/100

Favikon Authority Score : 205

13. Amy Miller

In thirteenth position, Amy Miller. She is a Senior Recruiter at Amazon's Project Kuiper, with over 20 years of experience in recruiting across a range of industries. She is passionate about creating positive client and candidate experiences and believes that good consulting sometimes looks like bad customer service. In her spare time, Amy runs a blog, YouTube channel, and offers templates for aspiring job seekers on her website, She is also a frequent facilitator of conversations among recruiters and is dedicated to building a world-class recruiting team.

LinkedIn Score : 75/100

Favikon Authority Score : 209

12. Carolyn Christie

In twelfth position, Carolyn Christie. She is a Top Social Media Networker with a demonstrated history of successful candidate sourcing for hiring companies. Her content offers a No BS approach to hiring and she regularly posts about job opportunities and networking. Christie has experience recruiting for various positions across different industries, and her posts encourage job seekers to like, comment, and participate to connect with hiring managers and recruiters.

LinkedIn Score : 76/100

Favikon Authority Score : 210

11. Prabir Jha

In eleventh position, Prabir Jha. He is the founder and CEO of Prabir Jha People Advisory. With a diverse industry experience, from civil service to engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and more, he has served as the CHRO of two New York Stock Exchange listed companies and two Fortune 500 companies. He has helped all the companies he worked with to become part of the top ten best companies to work for in India. Prabir is a human resources strategist and provides strategic HR advice to a range of companies. He is also a TEDx speaker, columnist, and active tweeter. His personal goal is to support individuals in becoming better professionals and more complete persons. Prabir is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and career advice. Follow his tweets on Twitter for insights on HR issues and more.

LinkedIn Score : 59/100

Favikon Authority Score : 210

10. Khyati Sinha

In tenth position, Khyati Sinha. She is an HR professional with 2 years of experience in the Big 4, currently working at EY. Seeking opportunities in Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, and Payroll & Compensation benefits. Posts include job openings at EY India and a promotion update. Active in addressing fake account alerts on LinkedIn. Connects with a network in the industry.

LinkedIn Score : 52/100

Favikon Authority Score : 213

9. Dr.Shubhra Chakraborty

In ninth position, Dr.Shubhra Chakraborty. He is a Global Marketing Manager at Philips and Head Recruiter at CEI. She is also the Founder & CEO of Poshan and the Founder of Mission Helping Hands. With an MBA from SCMHRD and MICA, Dr.Shubhra is a Job Search Expert and a Keynote Speaker who has delivered talks at over 300 colleges, including IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, and IIM Calcutta. She is a winner of over 22 business competitions and is recognized as a LinkedIn Influencer. Dr.Shubhra is passionate about personal branding and building corporate profiles. She has successfully placed 7168 students through her initiative, Mission Helping Hands.

LinkedIn Score : 79/100

Favikon Authority Score : 219

8. Tejaswee Tripathy

In eighth position, Tejaswee Tripathy. She is a Chief Human Resource Officer at Finocontrol and a Content Strategist. With a background in Human Resources and Corporate Relations, she excels in effective communication, strategic HR management, and impactful leadership. Tejaswee is known for her mentorship and career counseling skills, specializing in LinkedIn optimization. Open for collaborations, she is dedicated to helping brands grow and aligning disruptive talent with opportunities.

LinkedIn Score : 84/100

Favikon Authority Score : 219

7. Jan Tegze

In seventh position, Jan Tegze. He is an accomplished Talent Acquisition Leader with extensive experience building and leading high-performance talent acquisition teams. He is the author of the bestseller book "Full Stack Recruiter," an international speaker, sourcing trainer, and creator of Sourcing.Games. Jan possesses a broad knowledge of international recruiting, diversity hiring and sourcing, recruitment branding, and has expertise in transforming, building, and leading talent acquisition teams to support business strategies across multiple locations. His specialties include recruitment strategy, talent acquisition, recruiting operations, team development, establishing processes in start-ups and fast-growth environments, and prompt engineering.

LinkedIn Score : 81/100

Favikon Authority Score : 220

6. Melissa Grabiner

In sixth position, Melissa Grabiner . She is a passionate and award-winning global HR and talent acquisition leader. With eighteen years of experience, she has successfully built and managed strategic talent acquisition functions for large-scale organizations, overseeing hiring activity for over 25,000 employees. Melissa is skilled in full life cycle recruiting and has a proven history of designing and delivering comprehensive workforce programs to attract and retain top talent. She has received multiple HR awards for excellence in leadership, strategy execution, and business strategy. Melissa is also an advocate for job seekers, emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy in the recruiting process.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 231

5. Monika Pandey

In fifth position, Monika Pandey, an HR professional at Genpact, specializes in end-to-end recruitment for both IT and Non-IT roles. With experience in sourcing, interview scheduling, and candidate selection, she offers valuable insights into the recruitment process. For brand collaborations, contact Monika at Her recent posts on LinkedIn cover topics such as job opportunities in Canada, common interview questions, and corporate dynamics. Monika's expertise in HR and recruitment shines through her engaging content and professional insights.

LinkedIn Score : 67/100

Favikon Authority Score : 232

4. Ritika Singh

In fourth position, Ritika Singh. She is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Genpact with expertise in Non-IT recruitment. She excels in the recruitment cycle, talent acquisition, client management, Vendor Management, and Stakeholder management. With strong relationship-building skills, excellent communication, and a passion for candidate care, Ritika successfully attracts and hires exceptional talent. She posts about current job openings at Genpact, including positions like Process Developer, Management Trainee, and roles in Payment processing.

LinkedIn Score : 54/100

Favikon Authority Score : 244

3. Lou Adler

In third position, Lou Adler. He is a renowned author and CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems. He empowers organizations to hire great people through his innovative approach. With a background in executive search and operations management, Lou is a leading figure in the recruitment industry. He has authored best-selling books and conducts workshops on Win-Win Hiring. Lou's expertise is recognized in media outlets like Inc. Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. His focus on diversity hiring and talent strategy sets him apart in the field.

LinkedIn Score : 47/100

Favikon Authority Score : 252

2. Kara Hill

In second position, Kara Hill. She is the CEO of MRS and Vballrecruiter, where she helps girls gain exposure and get recruited for college volleyball. She is also the Director of Red Hat Games, an expert in college volleyball recruiting, and a brand builder. She collaborates with various companies to help young athletes achieve their dreams. Hill regularly posts updates of volleyball tournaments, featuring standout players in her articles on She also shares the Vballrecruiter Play of the Day, a video highlight of an impressive play during the tournament.

LinkedIn Score : 4/100

Favikon Authority Score : 285

1. Joel Lalgee

In first position, Joel Lalgee, known as The Realest Recruiter, is a recruitment podcaster and career advisor with a focus on job market news and trends. With over 400k followers on social media, Joel provides job seekers with resources, humor, and tips in the recruitment field. He hosts the podcast 'Recruiting Is No Joke' where he aims to provide entertainment and value to his audience. Joel collaborates with recruitment teams globally to enhance their online presence and attract top talent through social media content.

LinkedIn Score : 79/100

Favikon Authority Score : 512

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