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TOP Singaporean Influencers

They are content creators of all kinds, but they all have one point in common: they come from the city of the grand Marina Bay, the Gardens By The Bay. Engagement, buzz, and audience, let's see who they are!

Singapore, a splendid place full of opportunities and futuristic projects, where art meets technology and imagination has no limits! In such an incredible setting, we can assure influencers are something else! Humour, fashion, courses and many other creators are waiting for you in our TOP Singaporean Influencers, so let's get started👇


Favikon TikTok Score: 5/5

Let's start with our first gem! This influencer's feed is quite simple yet effective: @turquoise.dec follows TikToks trends and shares her recreations with her audience. With a perfect Favikon Score of 5/5, she reaches an excellent buzz ratio, an impressive community ratio of +32%, followed by an engagement rate of +18%! A point of improvement? Working on communicating more often with her community.


Favikon TikTok Score: 5/5

And another perfect score for this influencer! 206.9k followers and a 5/5 Favikon Score, excellent work! @redinrox's feed is all about expressing their looks and sharing fashion tips. Ensembles and outfits are a piece of cake for this influencer, who shares his fashion combinations per style, looks, vibes and aesthetics. Let's have a look at his audit! Excellent content quality score of A+, incredible community ratio of 66%, and finally, a superb engagement rate of +24%.


Favikon TikTok Score: 4.9/5

Here comes an exceptional baking lover! Passionate for trying new recipes, this influencer loves to share her cooking experience with her audience. She knows how to do everything from delicious desserts like the lemon cakes and apple crumble to the basics such as french toasts or less known pastries like the dutch pancakes! And her Favikon audit is just as delicious as her baking! An outstanding 4.9 TikTok Favikon Score with amazing content quality and buzz ratio and an excellent engagement rate of almost 20%.


today I am turning 17! so what better way of celebrating it than with lemon cakes 🥰 ##lemoncakes ##lemon ##baking ##aesthetic ##foryou ##fyp ##cottagecore

♬ so this is love - soft girl aesthetic


Favikon TikTok Score: 4.9/5

Let's say this influencer has rather a good sense of humour... known for his "how to score a 9 in IELTS", "speaking tips," and so on, his feed is a great mix of humorous content and tips on how to better your English. From parodies, short stories, and short courses, you'll never get bored with this mega influencer! With 2.6M followers, he reaches a fantastic buzz ratio and a great engagement rate of 20%. Great work!


Favikon TikTok Score: 3.9/5

Another humorist! Zina loves to share Singaporean stereotypes, funny anecdotes, and sketches with her 78K followers. A 3.9 TikTok Favikon Score with a +27% community ratio, a +15 engagement rate, and a +1.56% growth rate, this influencer is also an Instagrammer! She has already done a few partnerships, so don't wait any longer to plan one as well!


i can remember the lyrics from this song but i can’t rmb anything i learnt from sch…. ##tiktoksg

♬ original sound - Zina Ng


Favikon TikTok Score: 3.7/5

One of the originals! Firstly known for her YouTube channel, Naomi hopped on Instagram and TikTok and became a multi-social media influencer. Today she shares humorous content on her TikTok account, varying from videos with friends and family to her original content. With a 3.7 Favikon Score, Naomi reaches a nice buzz ratio and a great community ratio of +16%!


No space? No problem 😅##fyp ##foryoupage (ib: @misskimnayoon)

♬ Beggin' - Måneskin


Favikon TikTok Score/ 3.5/5

A musician, actor, filmmaker, AND influencer! Annette has several talents, one of them being an amazing TikToker. 171K followers on TikTok, +102K on Instagram, and a 4.1 overall Favikon Score; this influencer is fantastic! She creates humorous videos, which she shares on both platforms, and always finds new ideas to make her audience have a good time. Have a look!


plss i literally know an auntie who owns 5 full sets of the Singapore Airlines metal cutlery…😩🤚🏻 ##fyp ##travel

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


Favikon TikTok Score: 3/5

238.8K Instagram followers and 338.9k TikTok followers with a 3.1/5 Favikon Score? Amazing! Benjamin has a good content quality score, a positive growth rate, and a promising buzz ratio and discussion ratio. His content? Let's see... He enjoys making humorous short videos, he follows trends in his own style, oh and he has a passion for music! What an exceptional creator.


Traveling for the first time since the pandemic ❤️🇰🇷 thank you Korea @naomiyhs ##travel ##singapore ##vtl ##fyp ##tiktoksg ##holiday

♬ It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - The 1975

Did you enjoy discovering new profiles in this week's TOP Singaporean influencers? Then stay tuned for upcoming influencer TOPs from all around the world, in all kinds of categories! (You can also check our previous TOP influencers in our blog).

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