Which TikTok trend for my influencer campaign?

TikTok is a rather complex platform when you don't know how to use it... But don't panic, here are some content ideas to get you started! 🤩

June 28, 2021
Roxane Aguilar

TikTok is a social media where content is constantly evolving! It's quite difficult to be always up-to-date if you don't spend at least one hour a day scrolling through the For You Page, because every week, dozens of challenges and trends are created ! 🤯

It is very relevant for a brand to play the game of TikTok, no one wants to see an ad like we could see on TV or YouTube, it is not the place to do that! For an ad to be well-received on this medium, it must not disturb our For You Page: in other words, it must blend in with the other videos!

So if you don't know much about it, or just need some inspiration for an influencer campaign, here are some contents that always work very well on TikTok.

1. The Dance

"TikTok? Oh no, I'm not going to download the app, I'm just not interested in teenagers dancing". 

Here is a sentence that you have probably already heard from your elders (or not!)

Even if the app is far from being limited to that, it's true that it constitutes a part of the content you can see. And for good reason, it generates a lot of views and likes (just look at Charli d'Amelio the biggest tiktoker)

For your business:

Reproducing a dance is a trend that works, so reproduce it by inserting your own text and / or your products

Here is an example to inspire you.

2. Tell me that... without telling me that...

A trend that is very easy to pick up on, is this trend that consists of gathering a community of people who like or have the same thing. The easiest way to understand how it works is to look at what has been done.

For your business:

Many companies have taken this concept in an original way to get their message across, show a product, a place etc...

This type of video fits really well in the For You Page and you can be sure that people will watch the video 'til the end! 

Some examples of use depending on your industry:

Apparel Brand 

"Tell me you're a fashionista, without telling me you're a fashionista"

Then follow up with an OOTD of several outfits from your collection

Fast Food

"Tell me you're a food lover, without telling me you're a food lover"

Then several shots of large orders and tasting of the fast food in question

 I think you understood the principle, now it's your turn!

3. “...” check !

On a similar principle, the check is very common on TikTok and can be adapted for almost any business. 

To take the same sectors of activities seen before, here is what you can do with this trend

Clothing brand 

"I am a fashionista cheeeck"

Then show a full dressing room followed by several outfits from your brand

Fast Food

"I love food too much cheeeck"

Then several shots of large orders and tasting of the fast food in question

4. Product/service review (unboxing)

A content less specific to TikTok but which still works very well on the platform. You know the recipe, you open a package, you unpack the products and you give your opinion on them (in audio or with the text tool). A little trendy music in the background and it's in the box!

5. Mini vlog

On a more elaborate note with a montage, mini vlogs are all the rage on TikTok. Not more than a minute is enough to generate likes and especially shares. So to promote a place (your store, restaurant, art gallery...) this is surely what will work best for you!

The secret is to romanticize it with beautiful images, to transcribe your day and the customer experience that your target will meet. When it makes you want to, that's when TikTok users will send it to their friends: "Look at this place, we really have to go there !!!!!"

6. This or That

The principle, choose between 2 options! It will allow your audience to know better the values of your brand. A very fun and easy to watch and do format, it will only take you a few minutes!

7. Behind the scenes of your business

Small businesses often have a hard time getting started, and often it's on TikTok that they find the support of their customers.

So film yourself creating, packaging your items, explaining your marketing strategy and your storytelling is HYPER important ! This method has allowed many small businesses or artists to boost their sales, their stream, their website visits. You don't even need an influencer, you just need a good Community Manager who knows the TikTok codes.

8. Show the glow-up of your business

Seeing the evolution of a business is always interesting and inspiring (and it brings a more human touch to your brand image!). So why not show this evolution through a TikTok? There are many sounds you can use and many ways to show your evolution.

The Favikon team has done it, and here is their TikTok ✨ glow up ✨

9. Follow the trends/sounds of the moment

There are new TikTok trends every week, so it's important to give yourself at least 1 or 2 hours a week to look at what's hot. Who knows, maybe the next trend will fit perfectly with your business. And we all know that today, with a buzz, you can make your sales take off... or your career!

It is by following the trends of the moment that Keen'V has made his career take off again.

10. Invent a challenge

Time to get creative! 

TikTok is a young and constantly evolving platform, so have fun! Test, create, innovate while staying within the codes of the app (competitive intelligence is required)

To see what has already been done in advertising on TikTok, I invite you to consult this site which lists former successful influencer campaigns on the network

Now that you have the keys to success, it's time to get started!

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