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Who is Fidias Panayiotou | Complete Social Media Profile

Who is the YouTuber & MEP Fidias Panayiotou?

June 12, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

Fidias Panayiotou Influencer Profile

Fidias Panayiotou

🇨🇾 Cyprus

YouTuber and content creator

Fidias Panayiotou is a popular YouTuber and content creator, known for his vlogs, podcasts and challenges. He describes himself as a professional mistake maker, and his content ranges from personal experiences to science and technology. Fidias is also a self-proclaimed Elon Musk fan, and has dedicated several videos and social media posts to his attempts to meet and hug the Tesla CEO. In addition to his YouTube channel, Fidias has sponsorship deals with brands like Coofandy and Keeps, and offers a language learning app called Speakly.

YouTube Career

Panayiotou started his YouTube channel in 2019 and gained significant attention for his bold endeavors. On October 8, 2022, he embarked on a mission to hug Elon Musk after having hugged 99 other celebrities. Persistently waiting outside Twitter's headquarters daily, he encouraged his followers to "spam" Musk's mother, Maye Musk, with his request, which she found "malicious." On January 21, 2023, his efforts paid off when Musk met and hugged him inside the headquarters. Additionally, in January 2023, Panayiotou announced on Cypriot television his plan to interview every candidate running for the 2023 Cypriot presidential election, managing to host 12 out of the 14 candidates, though the two front-runners declined.

In September 2023, Panayiotou uploaded a controversial video of himself evading fares on the Bengaluru Metro in India, leading to the train service's management filing a criminal case against him. He followed this with another video on October 20, 2023, where he traveled across Japan for free with three other YouTubers, employing various methods to avoid paying fares and even freeloading at a hotel breakfast. His actions sparked criticism, prompting him to release and subsequently delete an apology video. YouTube removed this and four other videos, including one about traveling across the UK for free in 2022, for violating community guidelines. By October 24, 2023, Panayiotou's subscriber count had reached 2.38 million.

Why is he in news?

In April 2024, Panayiotou announced his candidacy to the European Parliament, running on an anti-partisan platform and stating his goal to promote youth involvement in politics.He emphasised education as his priority, aiming to enhance schools by eliminating exams and promoting self-education. He also acknowledged the significance of artificial intelligence and Bitcoin. Panayiotou finished third with 19.4% of the popular vote, securing a seat in the European Parliament.

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