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Who is the AI influencer Aitana Lopez?

Let’s understand how Aitana Lopez, an AI influencer, made her mark on social medias and the place of AI in the world of influence.

April 4, 2024

Discover how 'AI influencer' Aitana Lopez captivated over 303k Instagram followers, generating nearly 11,000 euros monthly for her creator.

What is an AI Influencer?

An AI influencer is a virtual persona or character created using artificial intelligence technology to engage with an audience on social media platforms. These virtual influencers can resemble humans and are programmed to interact with users, share content, and promote products or services. They are used by brands and marketers as a novel way to reach and engage with audiences online.

How to create an AI Influencer?

Creating an AI influencer involves conceptualizing a persona, designing their visual appearance using graphics software, and developing a unique personality and dialogue. This is followed by implementing artificial intelligence technologies for interaction, including natural language processing and machine learning. Once the AI influencer is created, they are connected to social media platforms where they engage with followers, share content, and participate in marketing campaigns. A content strategy is essential for planning the type of posts and interactions the AI influencer will have. Finally, continuous monitoring and optimization of their performance ensure they remain engaging and relevant to their audience.

Who is Aitana Lopez?

Aitana Lopez, on Instagram as @fit_aitana, is a virtual sensation brought to life by AI, renowned for her vibrant and compassionate personality that resonates throughout her social media presence. She is celebrated for sharing her fitness adventures, affiliating with major brands like Olaplex, Brandy Melville Spain, and Intimissimi, highlighting the successful integration of AI creativity with influencer marketing.

Who created Aitana Lopez?

Its creator, Ruben Cruz, succeeded in reproducing a character worthy of the real thing, showing his veins right down to the grains of his skin. He was inspired by the "physical trends" of the moment to create a fitness influencer. On his Instagram, we can see that, just like a real person, she can be found in places such as airports, on the street or working out.

How influential is she?

Aitana has garnered a significant following across various social media platforms. With over 300k followers on Instagram, 10k followers on X (formerly Twitter), and an additional 6k followers on TikTok, her reach is substantial.

Notably, Aitana boasts an impressive Favikon influence score of 65 out of 100 on Instagram, a remarkable achievement for an AI-based virtual influencer.

Photo Instagram©Aitana Lopez

What does the fusion between AI and the world of influence imply?

AI Influencer Aitana Lopez

This character is a creation of The Clueless, an innovative communications agency from Barcelona, marking the beginning of a new chapter for digital influencers. Despite being a fictional character, brands are willing to invest approximately $1,000 for each of her posts.

Developed by The Clueless as an inventive response to the obstacles presented by influencer partnerships, Aitana embodies a digital figure who is not only consistent and captivating but also effective in fostering brand interaction without the complications associated with human influencers.

However, her flawless appearance comes with drawbacks, contributing to unrealistic beauty standards that can negatively impact the self-esteem of impressionable young followers.

Furthermore, the rise of virtual influencers poses potential challenges for real influencers, as brands may favor the controlled nature of virtual personas over authentic human influencers, thereby reshaping the dynamics of the industry.

Finally, the utilization of virtual influencers like Aitana raises concerns regarding transparency and ethics. The lack of clarity regarding the creators and controllers of these digital personas could lead to distrust and ethical dilemmas, undermining their credibility and impact.

Photo Instagram©Aitana Lopez

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