Why should your brand consider working with Youtube Influencers?

Makeup tutorials, Hauls, Mukbangs, or Vlogs, YouTubers have been precursors on many internet trends. But what can they bring to a brand?

February 8, 2022
Camille Valentin

Originally, YouTube was created after its 3 founders couldn’t find a video of the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson incident at the Super Bowl. So they decided to create a video sharing platform. At that time, blogs were really popular and naturally many bloggers decided to move to YouTube. Videos made it easier to widen their audience, as many people did not have the time or the patience to read a blog post. After seeing how popular YouTubers were becoming, brands slowly decided to work with them. It mostly started with Makeup YouTubers, who were sent free products by brands in the hope that they would talk about them in their videos. 

Reach your objectives with Youtube collabs 

Nowadays it is very common for brands to work with YouTubers.  However, smaller brands might be more reluctant to work with video creators. Maybe because they don’t see the points or else, because they think it wouldn’t be profitable. But it would be a complete mistake to think that way 🙅. YouTube collabs can have a very positive impact on your business and can help you reach your different objectives. This is why you should implement YouTube influencer marketing for your strategy.

Gain visibility

If you are looking to gain visibility, there is no better place than YouTube. Of course, you could create your own YouTube channel, but it can take quite some time to gain subscribers and brand channels aren’t always popular. On the contrary, collaborating with a content creator allows you to be visible by their hundreds or millions of followers. It is also strategic to work with YouTubers since video content is increasing and is expected to increase even more in the next few years. 

Boost your sales

Other than visibility, you can boost your sales with YouTube. These types of collaborations usually means a high conversion rate. YouTubers have very engaged audiences. This is often seen in the beauty community with YouTubers promoting or talking about products and everyone suddenly wanting to buy these products. For instance, in 2015 the dipbrow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills became extremely popular, every makeup lover was using this product 🙌

What makes YouTubers great marketers is the fact that people feel close to them. Some of their subscribers can even see them as a friend or a member of the family. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to sell something. Often when a YouTuber promotes something their followers see it as a recommendation or a friendly tip, so they are more likely to buy it.  

Find the right influencers

However to make sure your collab is a success you need to work with the right influencers. Luckily, nothing is easier! Find millions of YouTubers on Favikon, by researching channel name, key word, location, etc. Don’t hesitate to be precise in your research, there are a lot of niche audiences on YouTube. Moreover if you want to collaborate with a content creator, you should check a few metrics such as their engagement rate, buzz ratio, and account freshness. Checking these information is important because it will make sure that the influencer doesn’t have fake followers, or that their audience engages a lot with their content. Thus it will ensure that your collaboration with them will be profitable.

Favikon research tool

Why should you work with a YouTuber?

Sure, you could also decide to do a collab with an Instagramer or TikToker but there are definitely some advantages to working with YouTubers.  

Superior lifespan

For instance, a YouTube video has a lifespan superior to an Instagram post. While a post on Instagram might appear on the feed during 2 to 5 days, YouTube videos will be pushed by the algorithm between 1 to 3 weeks. Even after that time, videos can still be seen in the recommendation section. 

High quality content

Working with YouTubers also means creating high quality content for your brand. If at the beginning of Youtube, videos were filmed with a webcam or a low quality camera, things have now changed drastically. YouTubers invest in high quality materials for their videos (microphones, lights, etc). Some even work with a whole production team. YouTube content is now very professional. But to make sure your collab is a success you should also suggest a concept and a type of ads that matches with the YouTuber’s content. For instance, if you are a makeup or skincare brand working with a makeup YouTuber, it would make sense to ask them to do a review of your products. If you are working with a creator who makes a lot of short films or humorous videos, you can suggest sponsoring their video. 


Another great advantage of this platform is the virality of it. Once again, YouTube makes it easier to go viral than Instagram. On this platform, influencers are able to reach more than just their own audience. The algorithm shows videos even to people who aren’t subscribed to the YouTubers, so ultimately they are able to reach a  wider audience than on other platforms. Moreover  with their recommendation and trending sections, video’ views can be boosted even more. 

Here is why you should work with a YouTuber

  • Greater visibility  🤩

Once your collab is posted, in contrast to other social media platforms, the algorithm will keep boosting the video for a few weeks! Moreover, appearing on users’ feeds weeks after the release of your influencer collab gives you excellent visibility.

  • High-quality content ✨

Youtubers are experienced content creators since the origin of the YouTube content revolves around the middle to long timed videos. In other words, a YouTuber must know how to entertain an audience for more extended periods, use a camera of higher quality, edit a video with the right timing, sound, music etc. 

  • Going viral! ⚡️

Like TikTok, a YouTube video can also go viral and get millions of views. Moreover, when a video goes viral on YouTube, it is common for other accounts to share it on their own, which means your brand can get extensive visibility without doubling the budget! 

Katherine Steele's YouTube Video

  • Great engagement 💬

YouTube is also known for its comments section. After watching the video, communities are used to sharing their opinions, likes, and dislikes, and most YouTubers read them. This advantage provides insight into users’ perception of the collab to brands, which can be precious information! Moreover, comments are so popular on this platform that the grand majority of YouTubers will create videos addressing these comments and answering questions, known as the worldwide known Q&A video. 

  • Boost your sales 🛒

And to wrap it all in a shell, by combining visibility, quality content, and engagement, we end up with very professional collaboration, a boost of sales, and a positive ROI!

Collaborating with a YouTube influencer can have real benefits on your brands. YouTubers have very engaged communities and a lot of them create niche content. By working with the right influencers who will fit your brand image, you are sure to reach your target audience. Depending on what your objectives are, you can adapt your collaborations. If you are looking to boost your sales, it can be interesting to create a personalized discount or promo code that the YouTuber can share with their community.

People don’t want to miss a good deal, so they will be more likely to buy your products. If you are looking to gain visibility YouTube is also the perfect platform. It is easier to go viral on YouTube because of the algorithm.

What if you created your own YouTube channel for your brand? This can also help with your marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to read these tips for YouTube Marketing.

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