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How to find YouTube Influencers

From travel vloggers, makeup artists, humorists… Full of talented creators, YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms in the world! Yet where do you find them?

December 27, 2021

Are you planning on joining the YouTube team? We were expecting you! In this article, we will try our best to make you a YouTube expert: YouTubers, content categories, YouTube collabs etc. Ready to dive in?

Discover YouTube Creators for your collabs 🧐

First things first, let’s familiarize you with the platform! As you’ll know, YouTube is a video platform. From short videos of a few seconds to hour-long movies, YouTube’s content has always revolved around one main format: videos.

Looking at other world-known social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and so on, YouTube differentiates itself by keeping a consistent format throughout the years. In other words, YouTube creators’ role varies from each platform, and so does their success. Instagrammers, for instance, must work on their content’s quality and consistency to gain visibility and engagement. On the other side, TikTok is all about buzzing and creating fresh and original content. Thus an Instagrammer with 10k followers and a TikToker with the same community size won’t be categorized in the same influencer tier.

Let’s discover YouTube’s Influencer Tiers:

(Need more explanations about influencer tiers and their meaning? 👉 Influencers' Life Cycle)

Here are a few examples of the best YouTubers in the world!

In our case, YouTube is a mix of consistency and originality. You might ask yourself, what makes a YouTuber a good influencer then? Take a look:

Regularity is key

A professional YouTuber knows that a posting schedule is crucial. Most follow YouTubers, posts very often: two times a week to twice a day.

Content quality 💯

YouTubers are followed for their content. Thus consistency is needed. Unlike TikTok, YouTube is more used to posting longer videos, so YouTubers should always keep in mind that their video must grab their audience’s attention for an extended period.

Engagement 🎯

If you plan a YouTube collab, it will be a game-changer. One way to find out if a YouTuber has fulfilled the two previous key points is by looking at their engagement. An efficient YouTube account will have an engaged community, in other words, its videos will get reactions such as likes, comments, shares etc. So if your YouTuber has millions of followers but very poor engagement in its last videos, you might want to rethink your strategy…

Originality 🌈

Let’s not forget YouTube has a giant community, so standing out from the crowd is a plus!

The different types of influencers on Youtube

As we said previously, YouTubers are followed for their content. Then let’s take a look at the ten most viewed YouTube content categories!

People and vlogs 📹

Travel vlog, life routines, and other video diaries to share an authentic side of the influencer.

Gaming 🎮

Sharing their experience when playing video games with their audience and other influencers. Gamers are a big part of the YouTube community.

Entertainment and Comedy 🎭

Here is a category that has lived through the years! Comedy content such as skits, parodies, one-man shows, etc., is a signature of the social media platform.

Music 🎼

On the creative side of YouTube, musicians have the chance to share their performances with their audience.

Product Review 🛍

Unboxing, try-on, etc. This category also revolves around authenticity by showing the initial reaction of an influencer when discovering a product for the first time.

Tutorials 🔨

“how-to” videos are highly viewed due to their usefulness! Don’t know how to build a treehouse, solve a math problem, paint a butterfly?  Tutorials are your saviors!

Docuseries and short films 🎞

Short film documentaries, short animations, short movies etc. This category will showcase the true talent of a filmmaker and/or researcher.

Top List 🥇

Best of, favorites, haul, compilation… An efficient category for collabs! Many YouTubers share the brands, services, and tools that best fit their needs and wants. Thus sharing different products, comparing them, and trying them out becomes part of their content routine.

Tag or Challenge videos 💪

An excellent content category for followers to watch different influencers follow the same trend!

Educational 🤓

Providing information on various subjects and cultural topics.

Now that you have the basics, let's start planning your YouTube collab!

Choose The Youtube Influencers with the best performance metrics

For planning a new influencer marketing strategy for your brand, you must have already defined two things: your brand’s needs and target market! Knowing the audience, you desire to reach is crucial when looking for the right influencer since their followers represent your eventual future customers. Secondly, is the purpose of your campaign about targeting visibility? Engagement? Working on the brand image? Return on investment?

There is a perfect YouTuber for your brand with the right audience and profile depending on your answer. The real question is how to find them!

How to search for a YouTuber?

After defining different sizes of YouTubers’ accounts (from micro to mega) and content categories, your brand must determine which of them corresponds to their strategy.

For example, let’s say you are a small sportswear brand for women with a limited budget.

Your audience 🎯 : women that like sports, a defined age range, a location (if you are selling in your country or abroad).

The right influencer 🤩 : should provide visibility and have a good engagement. Since they are close to their community, their followers will trust their opinion, so your collab will have a higher impact. And finally, the influencer shouldn’t cost you too much…

Thus a sports female micro YouTube influencer that shares workout routines in your location is what you need! A micro-influencer with a high engagement rate, affordable partnership prices, and female followers located in your brand’s target location. But how should we find this perfect YouTuber?

Easy! With the Favikon Research is now also available on Youtube! And it will only take a few seconds to find all the best YouTubers that fit your expectations!

By entering your YouTube category in the keywords section (in this case: workout, fitness, sports etc), the location of the influencer, their size (influencer tier), Favikon Score etc, find in a click all the YouTube fitness female influencers that correspond to your brand’s influencer marketing strategy!

What are the important metrics on YouTube?

Moreover, by taking a look at their audit, be sure to find the right YouTuber by prioritizing a few figures from others 📈 :

  • Engagement rate
  • Buzz ratio
  • Growth rate
  • Activity rate
  • Comment/View ratio

As well as their audience’s location, age range, etc.

P.S.: Did you come across a fantastic profile? Let’s scroll down their audit to “profiles that you might be interested in”, a feature that allows you to find similar YouTube profiles to the one you just discovered. 👀

You made it! Now you know what makes a good YouTuber, which content categories work nowadays and how to find the right YouTube influencer for your brand! Next step: getting your influencer campaign ready before the launch! 🚀

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