How to optimize your influencer campaigns

Today, we explain which tools to use to optimize your influence campaigns!

July 6, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Influencer marketing

Let’s start with some definitions: what is an influencer campaign? An influencer campaign is the advertising campaign of the era of social networks. Through recommendations made by influencers to their community, your brand will be able to communicate effectively and reach generations Y and Z, for the most part. Enough to reach new markets and tackle a new target becoming less and less receptive to the usual marketing techniques. This new marketing is found on the main social networks: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Why launch an influencer campaign? It is a creative channel that can increase your brand's visibility and, more precisely, define your positioning on the market. It is also an important conversion funnel that can boost your sales if your campaign is carried out effectively and optimized. If there are resources today on how to choose the influencers to work with, define your target and your objectives, and innovate, today we are going to talk about optimizing your influence campaigns and the levers you can activate!

Links in bio for your influencer campaigns

What is the link in bio?

This is one of the best ways to optimize your influencer campaigns. To begin, we can start by defining a link in bio: it is the clickable link in the Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter biography. Many companies have developed solutions to optimize this link and allow influencers to offer multiple redirects to their social networks and blogs, show their latest YouTube or TikTok video, etc.

You got it: the link in bio is the best friend of influencers, and so it is brands' and influence campaigns' as well! Here are some examples you can explore with the link in bio for your influencer campaigns.

Use the link in bio to set up lasting collaborations

Thanks to the link in bio, your influencer campaigns can take on a new dimension! And thus go beyond the short duration of a story or a post. We know that with 24-hour stories, or the short lifespan of an Instagram post or a TikTok video, the durability of an influence campaign can be compromised. Some influencers can also be reluctant to overload their partnership networks and move away from their usual content.

By focusing first on influencers who are already using links in their bio (like this one for example), you put all the chances on your side to set up successful influencer campaigns, which can last over time. It's a positive step for both the influencers you decide to work with and your target: the reassuring signal of a collaboration based on trust and long-term work.

Use the analytics of the link in bio

The benefit of the link in bio is that it provides analytical data on the behavior of the influencer's audience. Then this data complements other sources such as statistics made available by Instagram, TikTok, etc. For example, when visiting the link in bio, you can access the users' age, gender, city, and country of origin.

In addition to this, you can also have access to the most clicked links, the social networks from which users are visiting the link in bio, the number of users visiting the link in bio each day, etc. And of course, the more data you have, the more you can make the right choice of influencers and so, ensure that your influence campaign will live up to what you expect.

Applies the Test & Learn strategy

Seek to learn continuously 

What makes social networks both beautiful and complex is their unpredictability, which necessarily impacts influencer marketing campaigns. There is no miracle recipe or precise model to follow, but a real strategy to put in place: that of Test & Learn.

Also used in other branches of digital marketing, it is essential to test new things constantly, monitor the results, and adjust the following attempts according to what you have been able to observe and the lessons you have learned. If your influencer campaign didn't work, it's not because influencer marketing isn't suitable for your brand. It only means that there are improvements to be made!

Analyze your results with precision

As in many areas, data is key in your influencer marketing campaigns. We should not simply stop at the first results when the campaign ends, like the number of sales made throughout the campaign or the number of views or likes of a sponsored post. Collecting as much analytical data as possible to understand what may or may not have worked: publication times, format (video, carousel, image), chosen influencer, etc., is necessary.

Indeed, it is by seeking to understand the reasons for success or disappointment that you will manage to optimize your influence campaigns over the long term. As you analyze your results, you will better understand your target's expectations, purchasing behavior, and the formats they prefer and favor. It can also give you innovative ideas for launching creative campaigns that stand out and allow you to do well in the long term!

Use the link in bio

Once again, the link in bio is a mine of information often underused for influencer campaigns! And it is surely by exploiting its potential to the fullest you will be able to learn the best lessons about your influence campaign and be sure to reach or even exceed your objectives, whatever they may be.

Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, it is possible to obtain information on the behavior of your influencer's audience, on the most clicked links, etc. This is a good way to know if your target continues to be interested in your product in a sustainable way, to track conversions following the posting of this sponsored link, etc.

We hope all this information can help you optimize influence campaigns and convince you that this is a communication and conversion channel to get your brand off the ground!

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