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Employee Advocacy

Encourage your employees to post on social media and help spread your company's message wider and make your brand feel more personal and relatable.

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"I've been using Favikon to keep track of my clients progress on social media. It's been unvaluable"

Charlène HEMERY

Talent Catcher

Leverage Custom Rankings

With custom rankings, encourage employees to become active brand advocates, foster a sense of involvement and loyalty, and turn them into powerful assets for organic marketing.

Create Motivation with weekly reports

Track progress and success on social media to recognize and reward active and effective employee participation, motivating others to contribute and enhancing overall team morale.

Monitor employee Performance

Gather valuable data on which strategies and content types are most effective, enabling more targeted and impactful future marketing campaigns.

Turn your employees into ambassadors

Empower your brand by integrating any of your employee into our AI-enhanced platform, creating dynamic, AI-generated profiles. Motivate your team to climb the social media ladder, transforming them into influential ambassadors for your brand, enhancing its presence and impact in the digital world."

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