The Big Influencers on Instagram: who are they?

Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega Influencers are all Influencer tiers! Wait, are we missing someone? Mid-Tier influencers, of course! Let's have a look!

October 4, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

As you know, social media has all types of influencers! There is nano, micro, macro, mega… Wait, are we missing anyone? Yes! Mid-tier influencers! Who are these influencers?

Let’s have a quick overview! 🤓

They have between 50k and 200k followers on insta and between 500k and 2M followers on tiktok!

  • They are professional since they have already done numerous collabs
  • They are less popular than macro-influencers
  • They have a high engagement rate
  • They most likely have a promising growth rate (thus should assure positive ROI)

Engagement rate ⚡️

Keep in mind: studies have shown that middle-range influencers can drive more conversion rates than micro-influencers. Why? They are bigger than micro-influencers; thus, they should have a lower engagement rate…

Not particularly! Indeed, they have a wider audience; thus, it can be challenging to answer all comments and be close to their subscribers. But don’t forget that the engagement rate evolves according to the comment / like ratio and following ratio. Thus, growing a bigger account doesn’t necessarily mean you are decreasing your engagement rate exponentially.

Moreover, by growing a more significant account, the influencer can be perceived as more professional, bringing trust and strengthening their engagement!

Growth rate 🤩

They use their positioning to communicate closely with their community (which explains the high engagement rate) AND assure exstensive visibility since their audience is expanding. They are starting to widen their community and build a more diverse following.

However, even mid-tier influencers can harm your brand; that is why the Favikon Score helps brands evaluate the influencer’s work. Analyzing their audit, KPIs, and recent posts diminish the risk of contacting a wrong middle-range influencer.

A blurry transition phase 💡

Their past followers might not have noticed their exponential growth yet. And their latest followers have only known their account with these many followers. Thus change is expected from them.

That partly explains why they still have a reasonable engagement rate and are close to their community but also vary and expand their followers.

They are professional! 💻

From a professional aspect, mid-tier influencers have already done many collaborations, partnerships, and sponsored posts. They have gained professional experience and are starting to make a living out of their influencer activities.

They are progressively signing campaigns with more prominent brands, which enhances their popularity, income, and portfolio (making a name for themselves).

In other words, mid-range influencers show tremendous potential. They have a signature feed; they know how to handle partnerships and are remunerated. Thus from a brand’s point of view, why should this type of influencer profile appeal to you?

Wrap up! ✅

Mid-range influencers are growing on their own. Thus you don’t have to explain a collab’s whole process. They have past experiences but aren’t the most popular influencers. You can expect them to have their style and approach to the collab, but also ask them to follow a few guidelines.

They are reachable! You can find amazing mid-tier influencers with great ideas, creative and original content, broad audience, and positive engagement rate and still be able to reach them and afford to make a collab without going bankrupt! Moreover, with Favikon, you’ll be able to have a price forecast per post, story, campaign, etc., before even contacting them. This way, you get an idea of the influencer’s work price range!

They know social media’s codes: you can expect them to know how to:

  • Write a complete and engaging caption
  • Use hashtags correctly and efficiently
  • Mention your brand according to the platforms guidelines (#ad, mention, paid partnership content, etc.)

Now that you are familiar with mid-range influencers and their work ethic, which influencer tier will best fit your brand?

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