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How X (ex-Twitter) Influencers are Changing the Face of B2B Marketing

Forget LinkedIn and YouTube for your B2B influencer campaigns. It's all going to happen on Twitter in the next few years. Get ahead of your competitors and become the most recognized brand on the social media.

September 5, 2023

You're grinding away at your B2B marketing strategies, running through the classic playbook: LinkedIn, email newsletters, webinars—everything but the kitchen sink. But have you ever considered the untapped potential of X (formerly Twitter) influencers in the B2B space? Yeah, that's right. X (ex-Twitter) isn't just for trending hashtags and celebrity rants; it's a goldmine for B2B marketers in the know.

The Growing Impact of X (ex-Twitter) in B2B Marketing

Why X (ex-Twitter)?

X (ex-Twitter) has over 330 million monthly active users, according to the latest data from Statista. While it may not have the same reach as Facebook or Instagram, its real-time nature and focus on conversation make it an ideal platform for the B2B sector. It's a space for thought leadership, industry news, and, most importantly, relationship building.

X (ex-Twitter) is also the social hub where experts from various fields do their research and keep their finger on the pulse. Surprisingly, not many B2B brands are taking up space on this platform, which basically gives you an open lane to reach your target audience and rack up those conversions.

The Underrated Power of Influencers on X (ex-Twitter)

While influencer marketing is often associated with the B2C world—think beauty products and lifestyle brands—it's increasingly relevant in the B2B landscape. Business decision-makers are on X (ex-Twitter), actively seeking insights and advice from industry leaders. By aligning your brand with an Twitter influencer in your niche, you can tap into their following, credibility, and expertise. As research from X (ex-Twitter) itself reveals, 67% of X (ex-Twitter) users have made a purchase influenced by a tweet.

Leveraging X (ex-Twitter) Influencers for B2B Success

Finding the Right Fit

This is where it gets interesting. Your influencer doesn't have to be Elon Musk or Tim Cook to make an impact. In fact, micro-influencers often have more engagement and a tighter community. Platform like Favikon can help you sift through X (ex-Twitter) influencers, separating the wheat from the chaff based on metrics like engagement rates, niche expertise, and credibility. Plus, you can track trends and see what's buzzing in your industry right now.

Crafting the Perfect Campaign

You've found your influencer—now what? You need to craft a campaign that resonates with their followers while achieving your business objectives. Work together to create content that speaks to both your target audience and the influencer's unique voice. Whether it's co-hosting a Twitter chat or sharing a series of insightful tweets about your industry, the key is to make it engaging, informative, and, well, shareable.

Analyzing Results and Tweaking Strategy

Okay, your campaign is live, and the tweets are flying. But don't take your eyes off the ball. You need to analyze the performance of your campaign to see what's working and what's not. Tools like Google Analytics and Favikon can help you keep tabs on metrics like engagement, reach, and ROI. Based on these insights, you can tweak your strategy for future campaigns.

So there it is. The social media landscape is shifting, and X (ex-Twitter) influencers are a largely untapped resource for B2B marketers. By identifying the right influencers, crafting compelling campaigns, and fine-tuning your approach based on analytics, you'll be well on your way to B2B marketing nirvana.

Still on the fence? Remember, the trends and conversations are constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: people seek authentic connections and valuable insights. By leveraging X (ex-Twitter) influencers in your B2B marketing strategy, you're not just hopping on a trend; you're investing in meaningful relationships that can yield tangible results.

It might seem like uncharted territory, but it's high time to venture out and seize the potential that X (ex-Twitter) influencers hold for B2B marketers like yourself. And with Favikon by your side, the road ahead looks promising.

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