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Social Media Watch

Monitor, analyze, and track content created by influencers or content creators across social media. Understand the trends and topics to stay informed within your industry.

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Wallerand Moullé-Berteaux

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Leverage +160K AI-generated rankings

Keep your content cutting-edge with real-time creator rankings. Identify trending topics, popular formats, and emerging hashtags within your industry, enabling you to produce content that's timely, relevant, and highly engaging.

Track your industry

Stay ahead in your sector by monitoring key influencers and creators in your industry. This feature allows you to observe the latest discussions, product mentions, and promotional strategies adopted by leading voices. Use this data to keep your business strategies and marketing efforts relevant and competitive.

Get Deep Trend Insights

Dive into detailed analytics that reveal emerging trends in your industry. Favikon not only identifies what's currently popular but also predicts upcoming trends by analyzing patterns in influencers' content. Understand what type of content is gaining traction, which hashtags are trending, and what topics are engaging audiences the most.

Identify potential collaboration opportunities

Successful influencer marketing campaigns are prepared in advance. Gain access to a comprehensive library of content from influencers across various platforms. Review and analyze past and present content, providing a full perspective on the influencers' style and effectiveness. Identify potential collaboration opportunities and understand the long-term performance of content creators.

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