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TikTok Houses : the new phenomenon

The content houses called TikTok houses are the new phenomena of social networks! Young rich influencers in a villa is the new "trend" but we let you discover the backstage of this new world of influencers 🤳

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What's a Tiktok House?

What is a Tiktok house? You've probably already heard about this new phenomenon that is making the rounds on networks, especially TikTok.

A "content house" is a collective of influencers who all live and work together in a large villa to create video content 🏠🤳

An all-expense paid luxury villa with young people belonging to the same age group... a dream life orchestrated by knowledgeable businessmen who pull the strings and get a hell of a percentage 🤑

Who are they?

Today it's a real phenomenon, there are more and more of them and yet this concept is not new! A few years ago youtubers had launched their first "House": Jake Paul and his Team 10 or the Clout House which had made a lot of buzz at the time.

Today, it's the Hype House and the Sway House that have been pioneers on TikTok, re-launching the House trend that had been a bit forgotten... They have launched the biggest influencers of the platform such as Charli D'Amélio, Addison Rae, Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Daisy Keech...

Originally, these collectives are based in Los Angeles amongst it’s sublime villas 🤩 But the business was so juicy that it started to spread around the world and now we can find them everywhere.

We have selected 5 TikTok Houses that we have ranked according to their Favikon Score, and the record is not very glorious...

1. Sway house


Favikon Score : 4.5/5

Engagement rate : 4.88%

2. ClubHouse


Favikon Score : 1/5

Engagement rate : 1.72%

3. HypeHouse


Favikon score : 2.3/5

Engagement rate : 7.63%

The first TikTok house that was founded by tiktok influencers.

4. French House


Favikon score : 2.2/5

Engagement rate : 14.81%

The French tiktok house!

The members of French House live together on weekends, their manager and creator of French House is Imhotep Olympio

They don't really live in the villa, it's more of a workplace, it's a real business.

They are not allowed to drink, smoke and have to post an imposed number of tik tok per day

5. Wave House UK

58.5 K followers

Favikon score : 1.9/5

Engagement rate : 9.18%

As you can see, the numbers do not make the quality! Millions of subscribers and yet sometimes quite low engagement, so we should not be blinded by the villa and the faces of angels.

What collaborations? 🤝

Who says content creators, says collaboration and big income. 💰 TikTok Houses have become a real business.💰

We can then see different types of collaborations 👇

Self-promotion (brand + between influencers)

Of course, it is also an individual profit! Indeed, each member aspires to gain notoriety and some take advantage of it to increase the sales of their brands

(example bryce hall : @ani.energy)

These collectives bring a lot of visibility that can boost an account at a lightning speed: most have gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers by joining a content house

Collab with brands

@HypeHouse regularly promotes the energizing soda brand Bang Energy!
@Swayla is collaborating with Tiktok's rival social network Triller!

Some artists collaborate with tiktokers or make appearances in their videos such as Jason Durelo, 6ix9ine OR Wejdene.

From TikTok to TV 📺

They also launch some of their own reality shows like hype house on netflix or in France french house on C8.

What should we think about it? 🧐

FOR: Even though houses often break up, they stay in the minds of users and even play with that. There are new ones every day, they can happen as quickly as they disappear. They can be entertaining, they allow young influencers to be creative and get started on social networks.

CONS: Houses are often composed of very young content creators, this implies a certain instability in the relationships between them within the house. Close to a reality show 2.0, Houses often generate dramas that can boost their visibility but also cause bad buzz.

Speaking of image, some ticktockers within these houses have been very controversial and highly criticized during the containment for organizing huge parties with over 300 people in a period of pandemic crisis. They have been lynched, criticized, treated as covid spreaders, even some artists got involved such as the singer Ariana Grande who was indignant on her instagram.

Despite the latest criticisms, users remain fascinated by the influencers of content houses, because they make a lot of drama, a lot of rumors etc..

Of course, there are also internal problems: living in a house with several influencers can cause some problems... Whether internally between influencers, but also with the management, investors etc..

This is one of the main reasons why houses have a short lifespan even if they remain anchored in our memories or that influencers continue to live together.

Some content houses have indeed had tensions with the management, where they reproached to be treated like robots, characters of movies. A pressure that some also can not stand to be overmedicated. Most of them start houses to gain visibility in order to launch not only their career as influencers but also careers as singers, models, actors etc...

Obviously everything is in the image, in the videos of masses and also a lot of drama. 🤭

My personal opinion :

We won't lie to each other, the content houses rely heavily on appearance, looks, showboating, and, superficial content.

Many young people unfortunately in my opinion take them as an example.

The content houses have become real money factories where the goal is to make as many placements, content and dramas as possible.

Their content doesn't play much on creativity but on appearance and physicality, that's what works! But at what price all this?

Some influencers have left houses and complained about the toxic environment they were in.