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Is LinkedIn the New Playground for Politicians?

Discover in this article how politicians position themselves on social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn.

July 9, 2024
Capucine Munuera

Is LinkedIn the New Playground for Politicians?

1- The Rise of Politicians on LinkedIn

Recent elections in the UK and France have highlighted a surprising trend: politicians are flocking to LinkedIn, and it’s working wonders for their engagement and influence.

In the UK, newly elected leader Keir Starmer is already making waves. He’s climbed to #11 on LinkedIn’s influence rankings, boasting impressive engagement metrics.

Meanwhile, in France, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has made a remarkable leap. He’s now at #2, a significant jump considering he wasn’t even in the top 100 just a month ago.

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni has been holding the top spot for months, demonstrating a consistent and strong presence.

This trend isn't limited to Europe. Politicians from countries like Brazil, South Africa, and Australia are also capitalizing on LinkedIn's platform.

2- Why Politicians Prefer LinkedIn

  1. Safe Space for Thoughts: LinkedIn provides a non-anonymous, text-focused format, allowing politicians to share their views in a controlled and professional environment.
  2. Affluent Audience: LinkedIn’s user base is more affluent and professional compared to other social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). This demographic is crucial for meaningful discussions and engagement.
  3. No Political Content on Threads: Threads, another social platform, has openly stated they do not want political content. This leaves LinkedIn as the prime space for political discourse.

"The challenge is identifying what is or isn’t political content,” billionaire Mark Cuban replied to Mosseri’s post on Threads

3- The U.S. Politicians’ Lag

Interestingly, U.S. politicians are not as active on LinkedIn. The current top 10 list on the platform lacks major U.S. figures like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Kamala Harris. However, this could change with the upcoming elections.

4- LinkedIn's Open Approach to Political Content

Unlike some other social platforms, LinkedIn isn’t discouraging political content. Politicians active on LinkedIn, such as Gavin Newsom, often find themselves among the platform's Top Voices. Posts about significant global issues like Palestine and Ukraine are receiving high engagement.


LinkedIn is becoming a vital platform for politicians worldwide. Its professional and engaged audience, combined with the platform's openness to political content, makes it an attractive space for political leaders to connect with the public.

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