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Key Influencer Marketing Statistics

Engagement rate, account activity, audience quality… Here are the key Influencer Marketing statistics you should know before partnering with an influencer!

August 17, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

What are influencer marketing metrics? 

If you are planning on getting into influencer marketing, congrats! You just found the right place to get started! Digital marketing is a wide field with endless possibilities, solutions, and strategies. And influencer marketing is a big part of it! Now, diving into social media and the world of influencers is quite exciting, but you’ll need a few key points and tools to get your project on the right track. 

Influencer marketing can appear as an easy strategy in which you choose your favorite influencer and plan a successful partnership in a blink of an eye. But unlike this stereotype, influencer marketing is just as much about statistics, metrics, and evaluations as other digital marketing strategies. So let’s start by introducing the basics!

What are influencer marketing metrics and why do we use them? Influencer marketing is based on measurements from start to end. From choosing the right influencer to evaluating your collabs’ success. We use this data not only to diminish the risks but also to maximize the impact of our influencer campaign. There are numerous statistics to take into account when planning your influencer collabs, which vary depending on the social media platform. So let’s get to the key statistics for your influencer marketing strategy!

Influencer marketing statistics to know on Instagram

Let’s start with the core metrics, the most important statistics, of an Instagram influencer. This data evaluates different aspects of the influencer’s account, such as their engagement with their community, their past partnerships, and their overall work frequency and quality. These are the statistics that show if the influencer corresponds to your expectations.

The engagement rate. Starting with the engagement rate to analyze the impact of the influencer’s posts! This metric allows us to know if the influencer gets their audience to react to their content. This data is crucial as it will have a big impact on your partnership. If an influencer’s content doesn’t have a big impact on their audience then your collab won’t either. However, if the influencer succeeds in creating an engaging community that reacts to their content by liking, commenting, and sharing then the possibilities of generating sales with the collab are higher. 

The account growth. Does the influencer have a growing community or is their number of followers decreasing? If you are planning to work with an influencer, you better check if their account growth is positive! It can be a shame to work with a content creator who’s losing followers instead of one whose number of followers is booming. An influencer with an increasing following means the social media platform is boosting their account as users seem to enjoy their content.

The saturation rate. Has the influencer partnered with brands and which ones? An influencer that works with too many brands won’t do any good to your partnership as your brand will be drowned within the competition. However, an influencer with a low saturation rate assures your content will stand out. Here’s a small tip: a low saturation rate can be better than no saturation at all. Influencers who have worked with a few brands before have gained experience from these past collabs.

The Favikon Score. An overall metric that takes into account all previous data to give an overview of the influencers’ account quality! This score allows you to classify your influencers by global grade and save time when searching for new influencers. Instead of analyzing every metric, on Favikon you can filter your search by minimum Favikon Score to skip all influencers with low scores!

Once you have taken a look at these primary metrics, it is time to check if the influencer’s audience matches your target market! 

Audience quality. Evaluating the percentage of the good and suspicious audience allows you to check if the influencer’s followers are not fake, paid followers, or bots. For a platform like Instagram, it is important to check this part as the number of followers has an important impact on the rest of the account.

Audience details. This is one of the most important metrics to take into account: it determines if the influencer’s audience matches your target market. Country, city, age splits, gender… Do their followers correspond to your target customer profile? 

Finally here are other influencer marketing metrics you can check depending on the goals and objectives of your influencer campaign:

  • Hashtag quality. Does the influencer pay attention to the trends, their niche audience, to their content category? Using the right hashtag is primordial to gaining extensive visibility. Hashtags make it easier for users to find your content from the search results.
  • Account activity. Are they active on social media? How often do they post? If an influencer doesn’t post regularly, their engagement rate can decrease, thus their audience is less committed to their account.
  • Following ratio. This data measures the ratio between the number of followers and the number of accounts the influencer follows. The bigger the gap, the more the influencer has an important following in comparison to their account.
  • Comment:Like ratio. This is a very important metric to evaluate if the influencer’s followers are reacting to their content by commenting, liking, sharing, and saving the posts, which is crucial for a partnership. It will help boost the post to get more engagement and visibility
  • Content diversity. The more the influencer can create new and different content the easier they will adapt their content to special events such as a partnership. If the influencer doesn’t often diversify its content then your brand has to adapt its partnership idea to the influencer’s feed. 

Key Influencer marketing statistics on TikTok

As mentioned previously, metrics differ from one social media platform to another. After going through influencer marketing Instagram statistics, let’s have a look at the key TikTok metrics:

Buzz Ratio. This metric allows you to know if the influencer’s content is reaching high visibility. TikTok can boost an influencer’s content to millions of users in just a few days or hours. That is why a brand should check if the TikTok influencer has regular visibility, low visibility, or on the contrary if their latest content is going viral.

Engagement Rate. As seen with Instagram influencers, the engagement rate is crucial to know if an influencer’s audience reacts to their content. This metric is also applicable to TikTok influencers.

Community Ratio. The community ratio measures the faithfulness of an influencer’s community. As TikTok influencers can obtain thousands of followers thanks to one buzz it can be tricky to know if this spike of followers is due to a buzz or bought followers. Thus checking on the audience quality is a must!

Discussion Ratio. This statistic comes close to the engagement rate. This metric completes the engagement rate by focusing on the comments. Do the influencer’s followers often comment on their video, which means the user takes an extra step as they enjoy the content, or do they only watch and like the video? Comments can greatly boost your visibility but more importantly, it creates more authenticity and closeness between the influencer and its community.

Growth Rate. Just like Instagram influencers, it is important to know if a TikTok influencer is gaining followers, which means they have great visibility, or are they losing followers, which can be due to a lack of activity.

Activity Rate. Regularity is key, and this metric evaluates it. TikTok greatly values influencers that create consistently, thus the platform boosts their content to gain more views. If an influencer posts once a month, they will lose community engagement at some point, which is not ideal if they are planning a partnership. However, if they are consistent with their content, there is a higher chance your collab will gain more visibility. 

Influencer marketing statistics on YouTube

YouTube influencer marketing is no exception! If you are planning a collab on this social media platform you should check a few key statistics before diving in! 

Tip: YouTube doesn’t have the same chronological feed as Instagram and TikTok. When posting a picture or a reel on Instagram, the platform will push its visibility that same day, until the second or even third day. TikTok most often pushes a video during a week tops, and sometimes a bit more. However, a YouTube video has a life cycle of over six days to a month or more. As the platform shows content that the user enjoys, it can showcase old videos if the algorithm considers it matches with your last watched videos and searches.

However, many of the YouTube metrics are similar to Instagram and TikTok such as the engagement rate, the buzz ratio, the growth rate and the activity rate. However, two metrics can apply to YouTube influencers:

Account Freshness. This metric goes along with the activity rate, yet the difference lies between the consistency and the timeline. If you are analyzing the account activity you can ask yourself, “how many times has the influencer posted in the last month?” If you are analyzing their account freshness you are focusing on “when was the last time the influencer posted?”.

Comment:View Ratio. YouTube is a platform known for its long number of comments, which can tell if the audience enjoyed watching the video or not. If an influencer has a positive comment:view ratio, your partnership will most likely also have numerous comments. This is crucial as it creates a sense of proximity between the content creator and their community when the influencer answers their comments. So be sure to tell your influencer to check their comment section!

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