Influencer Marketing Strategy: How to work with influencers?

Something is missing in your marketing strategy! Influencers of course! Visibility, engagement, brand image, ROI, here is why you should work with influencers.

October 28, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Let's set the context! Your brand is doing well; you have a defined brand image, your sales are doing well, your customer base is there, and yet… Something is missing. A little sparkle to differentiate your brand from the competition, to make it unique… And you're wondering what that little something might be. 🤔

You have tried many channels in your marketing strategy to promote your products and services: google ads, publicity, etc. Yet, it requires time, money, planning, and experience. And let's face it, communication studies don't make you an artist… But what should you do?

Two words: ⚡️Influencer Marketing ⚡️

Strategy 1: Gain visibility with influencers

Let's start with our first case scenario; you are a small brand, a startup, and trying to get more visibility. You have a loyal community, but it is time to grow your business! That is when influencers come into the game. By partnering with influencers, the doors to new niche audiences are opening up to you!

Remember: influencers have different following sizes; thus, they can be classified by influencer tier. Get to know more about the influencer's life cycle to understand better which influencer tier best suits your needs and wants.

One post, a story, or even a mention posted by the right influencer can go a long way in promoting your brand. Appearing in an influencer's feed will not only enlarge your visibility but can also raise engagement—especially when collaborating with small creators like nano and micro-influencers.

Since they are small creators, they have a smaller community but a more engaged audience. Thus they work on exchanging with their followers and on posting authentic and varied content. All in all, when collaborating with a small influencer, you are gaining:

🎯 Visibility while staying cost-efficient: small creators don't charge much. Thus you can collaborate with a significant number of them. Your brand will appear on various accounts and reach numerous niche audiences.

🎯 Engagement: since followers trust the influencer, there is a higher chance of conversion; thus, when reaching a niche audience, you might gain a few customers along the way.

Strategy 2: Generate engagement for your brand

In the second case scenario, your brand already has a customer base, yet there is some improvement. And once again, influencer marketing is the key!

Need to extend your visibility and can afford to invest a higher sum into your marketing strategy? Then it is time to contact bigger creators, and when we say bigger, we mean middle, macro influencers, or even mega! 🌟

These creators are popular, have a vast audience, and have already done partnerships before. Thus by collaborating with experienced creators, you'll have a professional experience. It might be a bit challenging to reach them, but expect your sales to go through the roof once you have!

Finally, with an extensive following, appearing on their feed means you will reach different communities. Some can match your target market, and others might not, yet your brand's name still gains in popularity!  💡

Strategy 3: Work on your brand image with quality creators

"Why should I associate my brand with an influencer?"

Wake up, sleepyhead! 😴 Did you not hear? What makes a brand memorable and unique is its authenticity! And creators have the same objective as your brand's: build a strong image based on their values, work, and goals. In other words, by collaborating with an influencer that matches your brand's image, you are completing each other.

Finding the right influencer and partnering with them can have a great impact on your business image. Why? Simply because their community follows them for their content, thus if you appear on their feed, you'll be automatically associated with their creator's image. All in all, there is a higher chance that their audience will show interest in your brand.

@dailyjlh posts on Instagram

But be careful; collaborating with the wrong influencer can do more harm than good! Imagine appearing on the feed of a fake influencer who bought 40% of their audience, who doesn't have good content quality and never communicates with their audience! Your brand will be associated with a negative image. That is why with Favikon you can analyze all your influencers' profiles, audiences, activity, content, etc. So you are 100% sure to be partnering with the right creator for your brand! 💯

P.S.: Once you have found the best influencer to promote your brand, better start working on a long-term relationship! If your influencer perfectly matches your needs and expectations, don't let them slip through your fingers. If they show their engagement, have similar values, and an excellent reputation, let them know you'd like to keep working with them, maybe even make them your brand ambassadors! 🥇

Strategy 4: Quickly develop sales

Okay, let's talk money!

You have found great creators for your brand and are ready to launch your campaign, but how will you know if you have gained anything from your collaborations?

Easy! That's why we're here! You take care of the ideas, and we take care of the numbers. When launching your partnership, fill in our little survey and let us know about your investment, objectives, and timeline. And you're done!

With the Watcher feature, you can follow your influencer's activity (posts, stories, collaborations with other brands, etc.), thus getting notified and having a look at their work. Then with our Campaign feature, evaluate and measure your campaign's success! 📈 What is the ROI of each one of your influencers? Did you meet your objectives? We hope so!

Now… Did we convince you? Yes? Amazing! Then let's get to the next level and start looking for your perfect match!

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