Keys to a Transparent Social Media Campaign

How to make sure you don't make any mistakes about the transparency of your media campaign ❌📲

February 19, 2021
Roxane Aguilar

If you are interested in partnering with influencers, there is some information that you are not supposed to ignore. Some influencers are not aware of the law and regulations regarding product placements, so it is up to you to inform them. Here are a few things to keep in mind before approaching your influencers.

Here are 3 important information about transparency in a social media campaign:

•  Mention the partnership 📲

It is imperative to mention the presence of a partnership! A simple #ad is enough. This is part of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) codes which states that any "material" involvement between promoters and advertisers must be disclosed. This material consideration can be either monetary or in-kind (such as gifts). Failure to comply with the law is considered a breach of consumer protection. If subscribers are unable to distinguish between genuine recommendations and approvals, your reputation and that of the influencer may suffer as you may face a bad buzz. A company's sales depend on customer trust, so disclosure of partnerships is essential.

• The partnership must be subject to tax 💰

When an influencer marks a position as an advertisement, it reveals that he or she is being paid. All such income must appear on their tax return. 🧾

• The law is different depending on the country you are in ⚖️

For example, for European countries, "paying" an influencer includes both direct and indirect payments such as gifts, trips, etc.

In the United States, influencers are required to strictly comply with the law. If they fail to do so, they are required either to cease their activities or to include the disclosures in all their paid positions.

Here is an example of a well-executed partnership:

✅ Mention of the partnership : @herbalessencesph

✅ Mention of the brand : #ad


Another important thing when dealing with the subject of transparency is also that of the influencers in question! Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to ask for the influencers' statistics and some of them do not agree to share them. But then in this case, what should we refer to the number of subscribers and the commitment? But as you already know, it is nowadays very easy to buy your community and pretend to be an influencer: 12% of British influencers buy fake subscribers. 🤖

The concern for BOTs is therefore predominant in the world of partnerships. This is why, with Favikon, we have developed a tool that will allow you not only to find influencers that will suit your media campaign but also to consult their audit in complete transparency. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to know whether or not the influencer has bought its subscribers, and therefore you will avoid any unpleasant surprises regarding the ROI of your campaigns. 🤯

One last point on media campaigns. A successful influencer campaign can quickly turn into bad buzz if customer service is not effective. Some emerging brands don't realize how many customers the campaign can bring and therefore the need for manpower in the company for mailing and customer service. It is then necessary to plan a wide service to avoid any bad buzz of non-receipt and important order delay!

This was the case for Melanie Da Cruz, a French personnality from Reality Shows who recently left her agency after too many product placements went wrong. Indeed, deliveries were delayed because customer service was not adapted to the number of orders. She explains the problem in French in this video

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