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Macro influencers

Now that we know everything about mega, nano and micro influencer let's move onto the next tier: Macro Influencers!

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Next in line on our influencer tier list: Macro Influencers!

Let’s start with simple numbers that define a macro influencer:

They are defined as a macro if their subscribers fall between 200K and 1M on Instagram and in between 2M and 5M on TikTok. In other words, they are below Mega Influencers, who are perceived as celebrities, and above middle-influencers, classifying them as the stars of social media. As their number of subscribers is significant, brands are guaranteed high visibility as they already have a reputation and an image to convey to their Social Media audience.

Macro influencers are mostly perceived as the rulers of Social Media; they aren’t known because of their celebrity status but for their talent as influencers. They are media’ “it-girls” and “golden-boy.” Regarding Mega-influencers, we can find, on the one hand, famous influencers, and on the other, celebrities (actors, singers, athletes, etc.). However, when it comes to Macro-influencers, the vast majority’s professional occupation is influencing.

A tendency to keep in mind: Once an influencer grows considerably on social media, they can become the perfect target for big brands depending on their activity, audience, content, image, etc. Thus once they sign meaningful partnerships, their content becomes very professional and custom by the type of partnership they signed (since they will share their influencer campaigns on their account).

The pros and cons of working with a macro influencer!

Collaborating with a macro influencer is above all:

👉 Set up a campaign with social media pros who perfectly master the art of partnerships 🤓

👉 Ensure wide visibility with your target audience and quickly become a famous brand 👀

👉 A return on investment like you've never seen before. Content creators with a high following have become role models for much of their community. If the influencer uses your product well and shares their experience, it will have a greater impact on your sales than you would expect! 💵

👉 The buzz race no longer holds any secrets for them. They know how to go viral while staying in tune with their daily editorial content 🌎

👉 Forget the hundreds of hours spent trying to find content to get your Instagram or TikTok account up. A simple partnership with one of them can allow you to propel your brand accounts! ⏱

👉 Influence doesn't just happen on social media. A campaign with a macro influencer significantly increases your site visits and can get you first on Google searches ↩️

However, there are some facts to be take into account:

👉 The price of a macro influencer can vary. It will depend, of course, on its number of subscribers and its engagement and saturation rate, and many other statistics. On Favikon, we indicate an approximate market price to rely on a range depending on the quality of the profile. Don't forget it is essential to negotiate with influencers!

👉 Often, content creators are in high demand in agencies, and it can be challenging to reach them. The best way will be to go through it with your agency but expect to plan a reasonably long meeting duration 🧐

👉 Over time, some influencers fall into a content routine that becomes basic and lacks originality, which is perceived as a lack of authenticity. Try to offer an innovative and creative concept to the influencer to motivate them and boost the quality of the content produced 🧢

👉 We can't have it all, but let's be demanding all the same. An influencer with 200K subscribers will almost always have less engagement than an influencer with 6K subscribers. However, it is still necessary to check if their engagement rate is on a good average according to their subscribers. You will find the information directly on his Favikon audit.

👉 The budget is smaller than with mega influencers, but it still isn't cheap! You have to think carefully about the return on investment you are looking for because if it costs more than a nano influencer, it can also bring in 10 times more.

👉 The budget depends a lot on the project you want to set up, so it can vary between 500 euros to 50,000 euros.

Quick recap!

Most Macro influencers have signed with different brands. Thus their content is regular, personalized, and professional, which means they are very active and devote most of their time to their content and account. It can be challenging to contact them or sign a collab’ since they can be overbooked for specific periods like summer campaigns, back to school, etc. However, suppose a brand gets to sign an influencer campaign with macro-influencers (with an excellent Favikon score). In that case, creators will do an excellent job since they already have experience with partnerships, campaigns, etc.

But don’t forget! Even the best macro influencer won’t do any good to your brand if their selection isn’t based on relevant factors. In other words, your brand should take a look at their audience and their content (gaming, fashion, music, lifestyle, etc.); thankfully, Favikon can help you with that! With a detailed analysis of creators’ accounts, our audit shares the audience influencers’ addresses, their transparency when communicating with them, their content regularity and diversity, etc.