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TOP 10 e-commerce experts

Everything you need to know about e-commerce can be found on their Instagram account!

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You just launched your online business and you’re super excited, but you’ve reached a dead-end and your sales are stagnating. If you recognize yourself in these words, you might want to check our article on how to boost your sales with influencers. As an e-commerce business, social media is a key element to incorporate into your marketing strategy. We know that it can be overwhelming, but fear not, these influencers got your back!



Favikon Score: 4.6/5

Biaheza is a 20 years old man who went viral for his videos explaining how he makes $100K per month at only 18 years old. With almost 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and 130k followers on Instagram, his incredible lifestyle fascinates his audience and they are excited to know about all his secrets and tips. 😲



Favikon Score: 4.4/5

Eric is a french digital marketing expert, or Jedi as he likes to call himself. His Instagram content is fun and easy to follow for beginners. 🙇 He aims to help people build their own online business by teaching them how to efficiently use social media, create a user-friendly website, etc.

Sarah Airey


Favikon Score: 4.2/5

Sarah is an entrepreneur at heart, she has always been obsessed with creating something from nothing. With her vibrant personality, she is really one of a kind! She is an expert in product marketing and social media. Follow her advice, and your sales will go through the roof!

David Fogarty


Favikon Score: 4.1/5

With his Australian accent and his adorable dog, meet David Fogarty! At only 26 years old, David has already created multiple successful companies. A lot of people are wondering how he managed to do that, and the answer is pretty simple. It is by failing, learning from his mistakes and persevering, that he managed to finally achieve his goals. His success as well as his failures taught him a lot of valuable lessons that he is now sharing on his Youtube channel and Instagram. 🇦🇺

Aman Chawla


Favikon Score: 4/5

Yes, Aman Chawla is a nano influencer, but he has all it takes to grow his Instagram followers. With simple visuals, he teaches you everything you need to know about e-commerce and dropshipping. Not only is his content educational, but it is also inspirational. He recently created his Youtube channel but hasn’t posted anything yet. However, we are excited to see his first videos! 📹



Favikon Score: 3.8/5

Lara is an expert in e-commerce, Facebook ads, and Google ads. She posts videos daily, sharing tips and advice on how to be successful. Lara is a real source of inspiration for her 33k followers. One of her greatest qualities is her honesty, she isn’t scared to talk about money.

Amanda Perry


Favikon Score: 3.3/5

Amanda isn’t your typical e-commerce influencer. Her content is actually very bubbly and refreshing. She alternates between serious, motivational, and hilarious posts. A clever mix that seems to work, as she gathers 19k followers on Instagram. But don’t get fooled by the pretty pastel pink or the memes, her advice is actually gold.

Zainab Zaitani


Favikon Score: 3.2/5

What better way to learn about e-commerce than with Zainab. You will always catch her with a huge smile on her face. Her Instagram is already a mine of information for anyone wishing to learn more about online business, but she also has a Youtube channel and offers free courses. Her Instagram account is full of joy and happy vibes, so we really couldn’t think of a better e-commerce mentor!

Isabelle Cougnaud


Favikon Score: 3.1/5

Isabelle is a French expert in social media. She specializes in helping businesses develop their social media, which comes in handy when you are an e-commerce business. Her content on Instagram is simple and refined, so you can retain only the essential information. Her precious advice will definitely save your life!

Hugo and Tiffany


Favikon Score: 3/5

Working in a team is always better! Hugo and Tiffany understood that perfectly. This dynamic duo will tell you all about their journey as e-commerce business owners. They don’t always take themselves seriously and that’s why their followers love them so much. You should definitely follow them if you want to see what is the reality of running an e-commerce business.

In the age of digitalization, e-commerce is now playing a huge role in our shopping habits. However, there are a few tricks and tips you should know if you want to launch your own business. Luckily, a lot of influencers are now specializing in teaching people the do’s and don’ts of an e-commerce business. So there’s really nothing stopping you from creating the business of your dreams!