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Top 10 LinkedIn influencers in Sweden

Sweden’s top LinkedIn influencers have been unveiled at last! Who are the 10 creators shaping the professional scene in the nation? Seize the opportunity to discover inspiration and explore cutting-edge B2B influencer campaign tactics.

February 26, 2024

LinkedIn, the ultimate platform for professionals, is abuzz with talent and expertise. Favikon has recently unveiled its TOP 200 list of standout influencers on LinkedIn in 14 new countries. Among these, Sweden stands out prominently, boasting a diverse lineup of inspiring creators who have made their mark on this professional platform.

Let's delve into Sweden’s Top 10 from the TOP 200 LinkedIn influencers:

1. Hanna Larsson:

Leading the pack is Hanna Larsson, a Startup Advisor and Investor.

2. Vojtech Vosecky:

In second place, Vojtech Vosecky, a Circular Economist and Advisor.

3. Daniel Ek:

Holding the third position is Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify.

4. Jesper Brodin:

Jesper Brodin takes the fourth spot as CEO of Ingka Group at IKEA.

5. Hans Vestberg:

At fifth place is Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO at Verizon.

6. Gunilla Von Platen:

Taking the sixth spot is Gunilla Von Platen, Partnerat Transcom, Entrepreneur, and Investor.

7. Carl-Oskar Bohlin:

Coming in at seventh place is Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Swedish Minister for Civil Defence.

8. Elin Bergman:

In eighth position, Elin Bergman is the CircularEconomy Queen of Sweden.

9. Smriti Mishra:

Penultimate on the list is Smriti Mishra, Science & Data Engineering at Adage.

10. Thomas Ingenlath:

Rounding off the top ten is Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

This Top list of influencers in Sweden showcases the diversity and dynamism of creators who have made their mark on LinkedIn. Their expertise and influence shape the professional landscape in Sweden but also serve for those looking to do B2B influencers campaign or learn more about the industry.