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TOP 10 Tech Influencers on Youtube

Youtube is a platform full of passionate creators who are specialized in a field. Today, we're highlighting 10 tech influencers you absolutely need to know about!

November 2, 2022

Best YouTube Tech Channels

Youtube has always been a platform full of passionate creators from all over the world. Influencer marketing is powerful on Youtube. Whether you're looking to learn how to play the guitar or you want to find out how the latest high-tech gadget works, you're bound to find a video on the subject. 

Over time, we could see specialized categories of content appear, including a tech category. From micro-influencers to big Youtube stars, there are hundreds of channels specialized in tech on the platform. Here are ten of them you should know about!

Tech Burner 

Let’s start this top with a real Youtube gem! Tech Burner is an Indian tech influencer with 9.65M subscribers. He specializes in reviewing and unboxing new tech products. 

Tech Burner is really on the cutting edge of technology and he seeks to share his knowledge with his subscribers by giving them tips and advice. If you need help choosing your future smartphone, we highly recommend you to take a look at his videos! 

Now for his audit, Tech Burner has a great Favikon Score of 4.3/5 and excellent engagement rate. 


If you’re into vintage stuff, you should love LGR's content! This Youtuber does weekly coverage of retro tech, PC games and more… He even takes us shopping with him at thrift stores sometimes! 

Lazy Game Reviews aka LGR is passionate about old tech and he is a true pro on the subject. And it seems like his videos are very popular among his viewers since he has a community of 1.6M subscribers. LGR has a great engagement rate and an excellent comment/view ratio! 


OzTalksHW really is a PC expert! If you have any specific questions about computers, you have to watch his channel. But we should perhaps inform you that his content is not about tech in general but is very specific about PCs and their operation. 

His videos do not appeal to everyone and you must know some basics on the subject to really appreciate his content at its true value. So if you’re a PC genius or if you’re interested in learning more about the subject, you found the right channel! 

And we’ve got another great news for you, his audit is just as strong as his content! With an impeccable Favikon Score of 5/5, a very high engagement rate and an excellent buzz ratio, OzTalksHW really is a Youtube treasure! 

Created by Ella

For our fourth influencer, please meet Ella. Because the tech world is very masculine, it is not so common to find women there. So we know that when we come across one of them, she’s going to be a real gem! 

When she is not in class at university to study computer science, Ella publishes videos on Youtube (yes, she’s a very busy person). As a true tech fan, her content mainly revolves around reviews, unboxings, customizations and comparisons of products. 

As a mid-range influencer with 196k followers on Youtube, she has an excellent buzz ratio and a growth rate of +13.73%! What a pro!

Austin Evans

It’s time to present you a true social media star! Austin Evans is not only a tech Youtuber but a full time influencer which has thousands of followers on all platforms. But it remains on Youtube that he has the largest community and is the most present with 5.3M followers.

His channel allows him to review all kinds of products, from the craziest to the most recent tech products. It’s a real Aladdin's cave with varied content that you will surely like if you’re into anything technology related. And what we also like about Austin is that he doesn't take himself too seriously, which allows us to have a fun time watching his videos! 

Marques Brownlee

We cannot do this top without mentioning Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD, one of the biggest tech influencers on the platform. With no less than 16M followers, he’s what we called a true tech star! 

It all started in 2009, when he was still a student, Marques released his first tech product review video, and the rest is history. His content is mainly reviews of recently released products, educational videos on the world of tech and from time to time some special videos.

Marques has the amazing Favikon Score of 4.2, an excellent engagement rate and a high comment/view ratio! So, if you need a tech specialist who is a hit on social media, he's definitely your man! 

Zack Freedman

Now let's move on to another tech Youtuber… Zack Freedman is a specialist in new technology and you’ll never see him do a video without his transparent wearable computer (it’s the weird thing on his glasses!). 

Zack started posting on Youtube six years ago and even if he had a shy start, he is now more and more present on the platform. He offers to his 368k followers content about new technologies such as AI, 3D prints or robots. He also creates tech stuff and does experiments. 

With 368k followers, Zach has a great buzz ratio and an excellent engagement rate! His Favikon Score is 4.5/5, that’s what we call a very good job! 


We hope you’re not afraid to use cutters because it is the next Youtuber’s favorite object that he uses in all his videos! JerryRigEverything is a tech Youtuber that reviews technology from the inside. 

We can say that his reviews are not superficial, but are very thorough! Indeed, with Jerry and his cutter, you discover in-depth technological products. With no less than 7.5M followers on his channel, JerryRigEverything seems to be the original and specific tech content that viewers are looking for! 

And once again, his success on the platform is reflected in his audit where he’s got a Favikon Score of 4.3/5 and an excellent engagement rate of 4.87%. 

Shannon Morse 

She is easily recognizable thanks to her rainbow hair and her deep knowledge of technology, it’s Shannon Morse. 

This micro-influencer has always been a true fan of tech! She has been building computers since she was child-size and joined Youtube in 2008, where she has never stopped posting since. 

Her channel gathers a great community of 83.8k followers. She does reviews, unboxings, comparisons and tutorials on tech products whether they are new or old. She also offers advice videos on online security and privacy and “Tech & Geeky” vlogs. 


You’re looking to improve your knowledge of technology in a fun and easy way? You’re very lucky because Mrwhosetheboss channel is made just for you! With his 12M followers on Youtube, Mrwhosetheboss aka Arun Maini is on a mission to make the most fun and useful tech videos on earth. 

We could not say if his mission is successful or not but what we do know is that his channel is a true hit! As a true tech enthusiast, his content is varied and reaches a wide audience. 

He does reviews and unboxings of tech products from big brands but also of gadgets and crazy tech inventions. You can also find on his channel extensive comparisons of different smartphones, game tests and others. 

He’s got a fabulous Favikon Score of 5/5! And that’s not all! He also has a great engagement rate of 4.63% and an excellent buzz ratio! We can firmly say that Mrwhosetheboss really is the boss!