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TOP 13 TikTok couples

The power couple, the cute couple, the badass couple, the glamour couple... Choose the perfect TikTok couple for your Valentine's Day influencer campaign!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! (Like really, it’s next week). That’s why we wrote a  TOP 13 couple TikTokers for you 💝 These content creators are perfect for gaining visibility, engagement and who knows, maybe even going viral! Ready to find your perfect match for Valentine’s Day? But before diving in, check out our Valentine’s Day complete guide on how to choose the right influencer marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day. Now we can start!

1. @joshandisi

Favikon Score: 5/5


Give it up for the first couple of our TOP! Partners in crime, Josh and Disi, are great at sharing humorous content 🌞 From pranks and challenges to dance duos, if you are looking for a couple goals, they are the perfect TikTokers for a Valentine’s day campaign. With an excellent Buzz ratio and content quality score of A+, and an excellent community ratio of +80%, they will make your sales skyrocket!

@joshandisi This is what you get when you’re best friends with your fiancé 😂 #foryou #fyp #couplegoals @hydratedhero @isimemeedeko ♬ original sound - joshandisi

2. @austinandlexi

Favikon Score: 4.9/5


Another prank duo! Austin and Lexi love to plan surprises (good and some less good ones… 🤭). These TikTokers give us Vine vibes (RIP) with their challenges, jokes, and parodies! Now let’s have a look at their audit. With a wonderful 4.9 Favikon score, they have an excellent growth rate of +19% and a great engagement rate of +16%. An improvement point? The discussion ratio. When planning a collab, don’t forget to specify your expectations regarding communicating with the audience!

3. @andy.and.michelle

Favikon Score: 4.8/5


These two are going viral! With millions of views and 2.7 million followers, Andy and Michelle know how to work TikTok! A+ Buzz Rtio, +19% community ratio, +15% engagement rate… What can we say? This TikTok couple is on top of their game, which means they will be excellent influencers for a Valentine’s Day collab!

@andy.and.michelle His face at the end was good enough for me 😏 #couplecomedy #fyp #couple #mschf @brotherofcolor ♬ original sound - Andy & Michelle

4. @hbgoodie

Favikon Score: 4.7/5


Ready to meet the cutest family of all times? ✨ This influencer loves to share her journeys and adventures with her audience. Especially when it comes to souvenirs and special moments spent with her loved ones: her husband and daughter. Oh, and the family loves to spend time at the beach. So if you are looking for a summery valentines day campaign, you’ve got a match! Their profile has a fantastic buzz ratio and growth rate, which means their account keeps growing!


pov you move straight back into the same house you lived in last year

♬ Hey Don't Be Surprised If One Day I Just - gita

5. @jessandgabriel

Favikon Score: 4.6/5


Here come the YouTubers! Jess and Gabriel are active on many different social media platforms (3M followers on YouTube, 2M on Instagram). Yet they are superb at adapting their content to the right platform! For instance, they are doing a great job following trends, sharing their passions, and creating humorous content while following the TikTok codes. 🎤 They are the social media stars with a tremendous buzz and community ratio!

@jessandgabriel we tried to do something cute but couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves 😂 #fyp #nothinghurtsanymore #couple #relationship ♬ ghost town voice memo (full version out now) - chloe george

6. @krisxpresh

Favikon Score: 4.6/5


The baddies are on their way! Meet Kris and Presh. These two gorgeous content creators are on fire with a 4.6 Favikon Score, an A+ Buzz ratio, and a +50% community ratio! They know how to mix their organic content with a few TikTok trends for more visibility while staying original. 🔥

@krisxpresh The makeover you’ve all been waiting for…🤯 #UltaSkinTok #coupleschallenge #lgbtq ♬ IM GOING IN - Ianthemoon

7. @0klahomos

Favikon Score: 4.6/5


Josh and Tim are all about having fun! The two TikTokers like to share their funny couple moments, challenge each other with fun trends, and of course, prank each other. With a 4.6 Favikon Score and 221.2K followers, they reached almost 50+ community ratio while having a great engagement rate of +15%! ⚡️

@0klahomos that pic 😭😭 also we will be posting regularly again! #couples #lgbt #gay ♬ pussy in power beep boop beep - Roo

8. @mia.rose24

Favikon Score: 4.5/5


The Fashion Police is on its way! Now it’s time to meet these two girlies: Mia and Rose. 🌈 As a fashionable couple, they love to share their best fits and funny videos while following TikTok trends for both types of content. They have a remarkable growth rate, superb content quality, and a nice engagement rate!

9. @oliveandrob

Favikon Score: 4.3/5


Who are Olivia and Robbie? Just two fantastic content creators who are killing it on TikTok! They reached an excellent buzz ratio (someone is going viral!) with a remarkable community ratio of +13% while having 326.6K followers! Great work, guys. Keep it up for Valentine’s Day collabs!

10. @soshelbsnroc

Favikon Score: 4.3/5


The power couple! 💫 Need some healthy lifestyle vibes for your Valentine’s Day collab? Well, we found the perfect couple for you! Vlogs, “day in the life,” and glamour lifestyle are their thing. (Oh, and they also have the cutest dog). Plus, they reach an excellent buzz ratio and community ratio. Feel interested in their content? Have a look!

@soshelbsnroc Day in the life: How we support each other #relationshipgoals #relationship @soshelbs @_jrocq3 ♬ I Wanted to Leave - SYML

11. @hannahkelekacook

Favikon Score: 4/5


2.1 million followers and 4/5 Favikon Score combined?! 🚀 Yep, that's Hannah and Regal! They also have an excellent growth rate of +10%! These two lovebirds like to prank each other and make jokes while also sharing loving moments with their community!

12. @snejanajens

Favikon Score: 3.5/5


If you needed some glamour for a Valentine’s Day campaign, you just found your match! This couple posts aesthetic videos, places that look like paradise, while sharing their loving moments. 🌺 (We know… we wish we were them too). They also share an Instagram account with 1.3M followers! Finally, they share a +91% community ratio and excellent buzz ratio.

13. @gravitylovers

Favikon Score: 3.2/5


The fitness couple! Caroline and Flo share their workouts, gym sessions, and challenges with their followers. These two love to follow trends while filming their sessions together! 💪 A perfect duo for a sports brand, activewear products etc. What about their account? The nano-influencers reached a 3.2 Favikon Score, an excellent growth rate, and of course, an excellent buzz ratio!

That’s it for our TOP Couple TikTokers! With only 13 examples, we can see multiple content creators in various categories like comedy, fitness, fashion, etc. Ready to start your Valentine’s Day influencer campaign with your perfect influencer? Then let’s get to the next level! Go check out how to increase your e-commerce sales during Valentine’s Day! Now you have all the keys to create a perfect Valentine’s Day collab!