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TOP 7 TikTok Dance Couples

Some are professionals, some are just having fun! But the all have one thing in common... They love to dance!

April 20, 2022

TikTok Dance Community

The TikTok dance community is massive! You can find all types of dancers on this social network, from classic to modern jazz, breakdance, contemporary, etc. Content creators worldwide have joined this platform to share their passion with their community and sometimes to debut, show their evolution and progress, and give free online classes with tips, tricks, rehearsals, choreographies (and, of course, bloopers!).

Brands are lucky that this community is very present on various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, as it helps them communicate and reach certain niche audiences. Dance TikTokers are content creators that can work with various types of companies. For instance, a company could promote their music or speakers with choreographies on TikTok, just as a sportswear brand could promote their sports outfit or sneakers.

That is why we decided to make a new TOP, but there is a twist to it! It’s a TOP TikTok Dance Couple! So let’s get into it!

Best TikTok Dance Couples



5/5 Favikon Score

Any fans of contemporary dance? Because we just found you the best duo! They have exceptional synergy and create amazing choreographies with almost 200k followers and an outstanding 5/5 Favikon Score! Their content is also quite authentic as they film their choreographies in everyday places, such as their apartment. Finally, they love to share their journey with their audience by associating their dance with special events, like their marriage!



4.8/5 Favikon Score

Okay, now I love this account. This married couple created their TikTok account to share good vibes every week: trendy dances, funny moves, slow romantic dances, and humorous content. And guess what, they are doing a great job! A 4.8/5 Favikon Score with 300k followers that’s what we are talking about. They also reached an amazing buzz ratio, awesome engagement rate of +14%, and an excellent growth rate of almost 20%!



4.2/5 Favikon Score

This couple of TikTokers loves to goof around! Noah and Lori mix two types of content: dance and entertainment. There is a fine line between funny and relatable videos and funny dance videos, and these creators know it. That is why their account is doing so well! On their way to 500k followers with an excellent buzz ratio and a good engagement rate of +17%, what can we say? You guys are rocking it!

@noahandlori We need friends.. and wall decor. #fyp #dance #trend #coupletok dc: @m a r i n a ♬ original sound - leo⚯͛



4.1/5 Favikon Score

Now let’s get down to business! This couple is exceptional; they attended the same dance school, recently moved together, and of course created their TikToks together. In other words… They are the power couple! These content creators follow trendy sounds and create funny yet complex choreographies (my favorite parts are the bloopers). They are almost at 4M followers with a 4.1 Favikon Score, a nice community ratio of +11.2%, and a great activity rate!

@cost_n_mayor Made up this dance with @happykelli ♬ telephone electrolightz remix - JP 🔥



3.6/5 Favikon Score

Great buzz and community ratio? That would be TeamSK20! This couple is all about sharing their dances with good vibes by enjoying themselves. Dancing, laughing, soon parenting? It looks like they are ready to have a little family of dancers!

@teamsk20 when babe comes home after a week of @litchihov choreo😭💃🕺🇿🇦🚀 #stoko #johnvuligatechallenge @maparaajazzmusic #viral #tiktoksouthafrica #dance ♬ John Vuli Gate (feat. Ntosh Gazi & Colano) - Mapara A Jazz



2.3/5 Favikon Score

They are on Instagram and TikTok, yet their content varies significantly from one network to another… Is that a good sign? Of course! A good influencer knows how to adapt their content to different social media platforms, and that's exactly what Olivia and Alexandre did! And that's not it! They also have their private accounts with specific and adapted content. Now on the road for the Million followers!

@cequenousommes Petite chorée du jour ! Quel est votre musique du moment ? #dance #couple #pourtoi ♬ Jolie madame - Joé Dwèt Filé



2/5 Favikon Score

Another family of TikTok dance influencers! These parents love to share funny dances that remind them of the good old days, just as much as they like to share them with their children! You will find a mix of authentic, funny, and crazy content on their feed! And the best part is they extended their family with their TikTok community, with a great discussion ratio, an awesome activity rate, and an excellent growth rate of +24%!

That’s it for today’s TOP TikTok Dance Couples! As you can see, we can find all kinds of TikTok couples that share the same passion for dance. They can be professionals or newbies, some are just here to have fun, and others want to send good vibes to their audience! Yet there will always be the perfect TikTok dance account for every brand. You have to find TikTokers with the right image, the same values, and, of course, enjoy their content!

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