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TOP 8 Instagram Lifestyle Influencers in Singapore

The Merlion city awaits you! And these influencers will share their favorite places, foods, routines, and many other treasures of Singapore!

February 9, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Are you ready to enter the magical experience of living in Singapore? Then we prepared a unique TOP to make this journey even more exciting. As we all know, Instagram is full of surprises with talented content creators of all kinds. That is why we present Instagram lifestyle influencers of Singapore after sharing a TOP Singaporean Influencers! They have different hobbies, passions, routines and enjoy sharing their experiences with their audience. So get ready for a fantastic tour of Merlion City because these Instagram lifestyle influencers are something else! Without further due, let's start our TOP!

1. @dargoyaki

Favikon Score: 4.5/5


Let’s open this TOP 8 lifestyle influencers in Singapore with Dargo! This young influencer has many secret talents. Full of creative ideas, he loves photography, making YouTube and TikTok videos, he is also a musician and has another account to review movies, and we bet there is still more to know about him… What a multitasking artist! Thus he enjoys sharing little bits of his passion in his feed. In the first place, he reaches a 4.5/5 Favikon Score with an excellent engagement rate of +10%, saturation rate of +16%, and outstanding account activity. Fantastic content, Dargo!

2. @helensongghys

Favikon Score: 4.4/5


This content creator is a businesswoman, a fitness enthusiast, a mom, and an influencer! Her content shows different settings and moments of her life. Helen enjoys sharing her journey, whether it is with her family, business, passion for sports, or fashion. An incredible content creator with an outstanding 4.4/5 Favikon Score, +16% saturation rate, and a great content diversity score of 3/4. What a boss!

3. @naomineo_

Favikon Score: 4.3/5


Moms are on top of their game for this TOP! Naomi is also a family woman who reached 663.7k followers and a 4.3/5. Naomi is also a YouTuber with 460k followers and a TikToker with 255k followers. This influencer knows how to adapt her content depending on the social platform. As an Instagrammer, her feed revolves around fashion, luxury, travel, and family. She also reaches an amazing following ratio and a great comment/like ratio, great engagement, and visibility!

4. @khwoo87

Favikon Score: 4/5


Meet Samuel! An influencer who’s doing a great job sharing his lifestyle in Singapore. With Samuel, you’ll get to know the merlion city and other countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many more. Moreover, with his fantastic editing skills, the quality of his pictures is on another level. With a great content diversity score, an excellent saturation rate of +12%, and an awesome hashtag quality, he is the perfect influencer for a travel campaign, a sportswear brand, and many other options!

5. @vanshikasidana

Favikon Score: 4/5


Looking for an influencer that mixes lifestyle with fashion content? Then we just found the perfect influencer for you. Vanshika loves to share her best outfits while changing settings. And most of the time, she poses in different locations of Singapore! Now let’s have a look at her audit: +19% engagement rate, an excellent account growth of +6%, and only 9% of suspicious followers! No wonder she has a 4/5 Favikon Score; she is an exceptional influencer. Great job, Vanshika!

6. @rayyanroulette

Favikon Score: 3.7/5


What a rockstar! Rayyan is killing it on Instagral, YouTube and TikTok. He is always very fashionable and full of confidence. Discover Singapore with his charming posts! With a 3.7 Favikon Score and a great engagement rate of +22%, Rayyan has an exceptional hashtag quality and content diversity score. Give it up to this awesome content creator!

7. @shermaine_lau

Favikon Score: 3.2/5


She is the definition of influence! Shermaine combines fashion, travel experiences, and moments of her days, which truly creates a “day in my life” and "lifestyle" feed! With a remarkable consistency with the pictures’ editing and regularity in the content. Great content diversity and engagement rate with a 3.2 Favikon Score. Keep it up, Shermaine!

8. @paulinajhns

Favikon Score: 3.1/5


Let’s finish this TOP with the perfect influencer! Paulina will be your guide to discover all of Singapore’s beautiful treasures. This influencer takes us to beautiful places, tries delicious foods, and shares fantastic experiences. What better way to diversify content to keep a feed appealing and dynamic? With a 3.1 Favikon Score, an excellent comment/like ratio, and a fabulous hashtag quality, partnering with this influencer could boost both your visibility and engagement!

That's it for our TOP Instagram Lifestyle Influencers in Singapore! What did you think of these influencers? Oh, I almost forgot, we have a surprise! We wrote a TOP Instagram Lifestyle Influencers in Singapore a year ago, and guess what? Helen Song is once again at our top! After coming first, it's a tie with Dargo since they share de same Favikon score congratulations, Helen, keep it up! If you are interested in influencer marketing, check out our blog for more TOPs of all kinds of influencers and our articles with tips and best practices for a successful influencer marketing strategy! That's it for today, see you soon!

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