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Top Chinese YouTubers

Meet the most influential Chinese creators & influencers on YouTube.

July 2, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

Despite YouTube being banned in China, many Chinese content creators manage to participate on the platform through various means. Many use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass the Great Firewall, allowing them to access YouTube and other blocked sites, though VPN use is restricted and monitored. Additionally, some creators reside outside of China, where they have unrestricted access to YouTube, producing content in Mandarin or other Chinese languages for audiences both inside and outside China. There are also Chinese people living abroad, such as students, expatriates, or immigrants, who create content for YouTube, often sharing their experiences and insights about living abroad.

Some companies and organizations within China operate in ways that circumvent restrictions, using technical methods to upload content to YouTube. In some instances, the Chinese government shows tolerance towards certain content or creators who align with the country's image or policies, making it easier for these creators to navigate restrictions. Furthermore, some content creators collaborate with partners or friends abroad who upload videos on their behalf, sending the videos created in China to collaborators outside the country for uploading.

Yet many Chinese YouTube content creators have sprouted and earnt a large audience for themselves. In this article, we list the most influential of them.

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Explore the Top 10 Chinese Creators on YouTube:

1️⃣ 李子柒 Liziqi

Content Creator and Cultural Promoter


李子柒, also known as Liziqi, is a popular content creator and cultural promoter from China. Through her videos, she showcases traditional Chinese culture, including food, crafts, and rural life. Liziqi's YouTube channel has gained a large following, with subscribers from around the world. She is known for her skillful and detailed craftsmanship, as well as her soothing and aesthetic videos. Despite her popularity, Liziqi has not set up any distribution channels outside of mainland China. She does not have an official fan club but is appreciated by many for her dedication to preserving and promoting Chinese traditions.

2️⃣ Dianxi Xiaoge

Yunnan Cuisine Content Creator


Dianxi Xiaoge, also known as Apenjie, is a Yunnan girl who creates content about authentic Yunnan cuisine. Her videos showcase scenic places in Yunnan and feature local ingredients and products that reflect the uniqueness of Yunnan's food culture. She posts new videos every Wednesday and her recipes range from sliced pork with garlic sauce and Yunnan sausages to roasted sweet potato starch vermicelli and pigeon soup with Paris. She also shares traditional cooking methods and ingredients used in Yunnan cuisine, such as citron, a fruit that's eaten with honey to soothe the lungs and prevent coughing during dry seasons.

3️⃣ Steven He

Chinese-Irish Actor and Comedy Sketch Creator


Steven He is a Chinese-Irish actor and content creator who gained popularity for his comedy sketches on his YouTube channel, "Emotional Damage". He is also the creator of the show and CEO of Failure Management. Besides, he has acted in various movies and TV shows. He regularly posts his skits and vlogs on his YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. Steven He's sketches are usually focused on Asian culture, Asian parents, and Asian stereotypes. He often collaborates with other YouTubers and influencers for his videos.

4️⃣ Laowhy86

China Analyst & Human Rights Advocate


Matthew Tye, known as Laowhy86 on YouTube, is a China analyst and human rights advocate who lived in China for over a decade. His channel aims to explain Chinese culture and politics, decode Chinese propaganda, and provide a critical perspective on the country's authoritarianism. In addition to his YouTube channel, Tye hosts a talk show on two wheels called ADVChina and a live podcast. He is fiercely independent and supports his work through Patreon, Paypal, and crypto donations. Tye documents his experiences in China through his documentaries Conquering Northern China and Conquering Southern China.

5️⃣ Lindsay Zou

Founder at Offer


Lindsay Zou is the founder of Offer帮, a leading e-learning platform for career development. With a background in finance and yoga, Lindsay combines her expertise to provide high-quality career education. She is also a popular YouTuber, known for her channel '小Lin说', where she shares insights on various topics. Lindsay's LinkedIn profile has been recognized as a Top Voice in 2020. Follow Lindsay on YouTube, B站, 抖音, 知乎, and 小红书 for valuable career advice and engaging content. Connect with her on LinkedIn and explore for opportunities to enhance your career.

6️⃣ 华语影院 Chinese Movie Theater

Chinese Cinema


华语影院 is a social media profile dedicated to promoting and discussing Chinese cinema. They share information about upcoming movies, review films, and provide insights into the industry. The profile highlights a variety of genres, including comedy, romance, action, and fantasy, showcasing the diversity of Chinese film production. With a focus on Chinese mainland cinema, they contribute to the promotion and appreciation of Chinese filmmaking. Join华语影院 for the latest updates and discussions about the vibrant and dynamic world of Chinese cinema.

7️⃣ ReSousou 热馊馊

Freelancer and Fan Anime Creator


ReSousou 热馊馊 is a freelance artist and fan anime creator from China. They are passionate about drawing, game development, and creating videos. They share their fanmade anime videos and artwork with their followers and hope that people enjoy their creations. ReSousou 热馊馊 is known for their hand-drawn animations and fanart, and they also develop games. They are fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese, and their content often revolves around popular anime and games like Fate, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact. If you're a fan of anime and fanart, be sure to check out ReSousou 热馊馊's social media profiles!

8️⃣ 崔永元 @cuiyongyuan_1963

Professor at Communication University of China


崔永元 is a professor at Communication University of China. He is known for his work in the field of media and communication.

9️⃣ Lay Zhang

Music Producer, Singer, Dancer, Actor


Lay Zhang is a multi-talented artist known for his music production and singing skills, as well as his acting and dancing abilities. He has released several albums and singles, including "Nothing with Me" and "Veil," and has worked with major brands such as Hublot and Ralph Lauren. Lay has also been a judge on the Chinese reality TV show "Idol Producer" and has given lectures at Harvard Business School. He is known for his dedication to his craft and his commitment to improving his skills for his fans.

🔟 一只吐槽圆 @tucaoyuan

Social Media Commentator and Entertainer


一只吐槽圆 is a social media commentator and entertainer known for their humorous and satirical posts. They have a strong online presence, sharing witty commentary on various topics. With a round face and a sharp tongue, they have gained a large following on platforms like Facebook and Bilibili. Their posts often include funny remarks and sarcastic comments, making them a popular figure in the online community. Follow 一只吐槽圆 for a daily dose of entertainment and laughter.

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