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TOP 10 e-commerce influencers

Online shopping, hauls, try on... These influencers are e-commerce pros! From floating plants to futuristic vacuums and fashion tips, get ready for our new TOP!

October 13, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

1. Caleb Chin

Engagement rate: 18.37%
Favikon Score: 4.9/5

Order, try out, share; these are the three steps the number one influencer of our TOP follows before posting any of his content! Caleb has an amazing Community Ratio of 158.64%, as well as a great content quality score. This micro-influencer enjoys sharing any product that helps him daily; from chilling and passing time to studying, he will find the best gadget on every occasion!

2. Heart Defensor

Engagement rate: 13.80%
Favikon Score: 4.9/5

“I just rly love unboxing things” is the motto of the second influencer of our TOP e-commerce specialists! Caleb is a macro influencer that simply loves sharing the little treasures she finds online. Her TikTok account is dedicated to unboxing and trying out her new orders from various brands. She has an excellent buzz and community ratio of 13.75%!


my room smells so good rn 🥲 unboxing my cinnamon cereal bowl candle with spoon ##tiktokmademebuyit ##amazonfinds ##amazonmusthaves ##tiktokmademebuythis

♬ Dreamy - Elijah Lee

3. Hidden Gemz

Engagement rate: 16.33%
Favikon Score: 4.7/5

We have an Amazon expert! Travel, bedroom, cars, mother’s day, this influencer will find the perfect product for every event, holiday, decoration and more! With a 4.7 overall Favikon Score, @hiddengemz aced her content quality score, which results in an amazing 16.33% engagement rate. A common point we find in all his posts: every product is bought on Amazon!

4. Miah

Engagement rate: 25.02%
Favikon Score: 4.6/5

Cuteness overload in @stationeryous’ account! Miah loves to be organized and presents all products that help her do so. Keyboards, notebooks, markers, stickers, anything cute and practical, @stationaryous will be glad to unbox! Positive 2.96% growth rate and good content quality, this influencer is on the right track to cross the nano to micro limit!


school is kicking my butt so hard but these cheered me up. cutest stationery from @jellybeet ##stationeryaddict ##stationery ##rilakkuma ##haul ##studytok ##imobsessed

♬ Rose - Lukrembo

5. Cassie
Engagement rate: 14.46%
Favikon Score: 4.6/5

We found the Amazon whisperer! Amazon favorites, must-haves, and items you didn’t know you needed… Cassie has a well-defined TikTok feed, which organizes their posts by categorizing every video with titles. 38% community ratio and 14.46 engagement are their strengths! With a 4.6 Favikon Score, expect great results from partnering with them.

6. Zara.Howey

Engagement rate: 14.71%
Favikon Score: 4.5/5

We present to you Zara Howey’s profile in three words: glamour, shopping, and fashion. She is a true haul expert! This influencer knows how to diversify her content from apparel brands such as Shein and Superdry to TikTok trends and try-on! Zara enjoys sharing fashion tips by providing outfit ideas!


Styling fits for @clubllondon AD🤍 comment your favourite: 1, 2 or 3!! Follow me for more inspo☁️ ##autumnfashion ##jacketsforwinter ##clubllondon ##fits


7. em

Engagement rate: 21.87%
Favikon Score: 4.3/5

Here comes the growing star! Emily is a nano influencer and just started on TikTok! Her account evolution is impressive, taking into account that she posted her first video a few months ago! She began with a buzz that got her 1.5M views and now enjoys sharing different hauls with her new audience. With a 4.3 Favikon score and an excellent content quality score, Em is invested in her account!


tysm @legonecklace @sky.jewelers use my code “EMILY” if you buy from skys.jewelers :) ##fyp ##haul

♬ lay it down by steelix - Tik Toker

8. Dopest Products

Engagement rate: 12.38%
Favikon Score: 4.2/5

She bought it so you don't have to! This mom influencer tries different products and gives her feedback to her community on her TikTok account. Her content speaks to different communities, and parents are part of them, which is a huge advantage for any brand that were to collaborate with them! Finally she has a promising buzz and community ratio!

9. hannah_rocha

Engagement rate: 20.71%
Favikon Score: 3.6/5

@hannah_rocha is a creative influencer that shares her unboxing experiences and lifestyle routines! Hannah has already made numerous partnerships and has become a pro at unboxing products in front of a camera! 16.52% community ratio and A+ for content quality, this micro-influencer is motivated and committed to her community!

10. Brianna Ancheta

Engagement rate: 7.06%
Favikon Score: 3.1/5

From floating air plants and cleaning tips to fashion and outfits, Brianna does it all! With +752K subscribers, this mid-range influencer tries different products from various brands and shares her feedback with her audience. Her tips fit all kinds of needs: traveling, cleaning, shopping, and so on!

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