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Top Skincare Influencers

Discover the leading creators shaping the skincare industry. Here's your guide to valuable information and contacts with industry leaders.

May 13, 2024
Capucine Munuera

If you're new to the skincare world or navigating as a professional, stay informed with the latest trends. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge shared by skincare influencers, you're eager to connect with the best in the field. However, with a multitude of voices in the skincare industry, finding the right influencers to follow can be challenging.

That's why we've compiled a list of the top skincare influencers to guide you. From skincare experts to beauty gurus, these influencers will help you navigate the skincare landscape and achieve your skincare goals. So, read on our comprehensive guide to discover more about these influential individuals, their specialties, backgrounds, and the invaluable perspectives they offer.

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Favikon offers a reliable, data-driven approach to rank social media creators across various industries. This ranking is based on the Favikon score obtained by each creator according to their performance on social media. The Favikon authority score is not only linked to the number of subscribers, but is calculated according to several other important criteria. These criteria include maintaining an active presence on multiple social media, engagement rate, growth rate, as well as other factors that demonstrate the breadth and depth of their connection with their audience. We believe it's important to consider the holistic aspects of a creator's presence in order to get a complete assessment.

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Explore the Top Skincare Influencers:

10. Mia Maugé

In tenth position, Mia Maugé, a Gen X Model and Public Speaker, advocates for age inclusivity. Embracing the natural process of aging, she challenges the youth-obsessed societal norms. Through her social media posts, Mia shares her experiences with age-related hair loss and promotes self-acceptance. In her 50s, Mia reflects on prioritizing her own happiness and embracing new adventures. She encourages discussions on topics like frizz acceptance and challenges societal perceptions of aging.

Instagram Score : 67/100

Favikon Authority Score : 149

9. Lara Devgan

In ninth position, Lara Devgan. She is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder of a skincare line. With expertise in surgical and nonsurgical facial optimization, she creates personalized treatment plans to enhance each patient's natural beauty. Dr. Devgan offers a range of procedures, from submental liposuction to nonsurgical rhinoplasty, using techniques like injectable fillers, Botox, and skin resurfacing. Her goal is to achieve natural and beautiful results, addressing concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and asymmetry. Dr. Devgan also offers skincare products, including a retinol+bakuchiol serum, to improve skin quality and fight the signs of aging.

Instagram Score : 59/100

Favikon Authority Score : 171

8. Jade Marie

In eighth position, Jade Marie, also known as JadeyWadey 180, is a professional holistic medical esthetician, chakra energy healer, and makeup artist based in Los Angeles. With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry, she is a skincare expert and mental health advocate. Jade Marie is also an international makeup artist, educator, and beauty influencer. She shares her knowledge and expertise through her social media channels and YouTube videos, where she provides virtual spa experiences, skincare tips, and makeup tutorials. She is also the founder of ComplexionsbyJade, where she offers skincare, makeup, and esthetician classes.

YouTube Score : 42/100

Favikon Authority Score : 176

7. Caroline Hirons

In seventh position, Caroline Hirons. She is a renowned skincare expert, qualified aesthetician, and author of the Sunday Times bestsellers 'Skincare. The New Edit' and 'Skincare'. She is also the founder of Beauty Backed, a trust that supports the beauty industry. Caroline has launched her own skincare range that includes a squalane cream cleanser, a glycerin gel cleanser, a hyaluronic acid serum, a centella gel moisturizer, a ceramide moisturizer, and a ceramide skin balm. Her products are known for their effectiveness and affordable price point. Caroline is also known for her engaging social media presence and frequently hosts Q&A sessions with her followers.

Instagram Score : 57/100

Favikon Authority Score : 244

6. Fleur de Force

In sixth position, Fleur de Force. She is a social media influencer who creates content on beauty, fashion, food, travel, and home. She is also a new mom and shares her experiences with her followers. Fleur has collaborated with several brands and has her own beauty line called Raven James. Her YouTube channel, Instagram, and blog have a large following, and she regularly shares her favorite products and fashion trends. Additionally, Fleur has hosted and attended numerous events and giveaways for her followers. Overall, Fleur is a go-to for beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Instagram Score : 52/100

Favikon Authority Score : 260

5. Dr. Shereene Idriss

In fifth position, Dr. Shereene Idriss. She is a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert in faces, fillers, and lasers. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to skincare and ability to explain complex science in simple terms. Dr. Idriss has a strong social media presence and uses her platform to share her skincare knowledge and provide advice. She also founded Pillow Talk Derm, which aims to empower women and promote women's health. Dr. Idriss has been featured in several publications and has received recognition for her expertise in the field of dermatology.

Instagram Score : 83/100

Favikon Authority Score : 372

4. Victoria Lyn

In fourth position, Victoria Lyn. She is a beauty vlogger and makeup artist who creates creative and wearable makeup tutorials. Her channel is centered around makeup and skincare tips and tricks, which she shares on her social media accounts. Victoria's content is not authorized to be used or uploaded on any channel or social media account that does not belong to her. She loves doing beauty and skincare videos and shares her experiences with her viewers. Victoria's makeup tutorials cover a variety of topics, including lip shapes, concealer tips, and bronzing methods. She also shares her favorite products and brands, including MAC, Maybelline, and Gloss Bomb.

Instagram Score : 60/100

Favikon Authority Score : 1 073

3. Hyram

In third position, Hyram. He is a skin care specialist and content creator, known for his passion for teaching people about skin care. He posts 2-3 times a week on his social media channels, sharing scientifically justified skin care strategies, research on products and ingredients, and promoting body confidence. Hyram also runs his own ethical coffee brand, Selfless Coffee, which sources high quality, eco-friendly coffee beans and donates a portion of profits to charity. He also hosts a podcast featuring creators. Hyram is not a dermatologist or licensed esthetician, but he provides skin consultations daily.

Tik Tok Score : 67/100

Favikon Authority Score : 1 811

2. Noemi Nikita

In second position, Noemi Nikita. She is a Swiss beauty and skincare influencer known for her TikTok and Instagram content. She has accumulated millions of followers on her social media platforms and frequently posts makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and beauty hacks. She has also collaborated with different brands in the beauty industry, including a skincare collection with Sisters & Me. Noemi's content is popular for its relatable style and her ability to connect with her followers. She is also known for her fashion sense and has recently launched a collaboration with Metro Boutique.

Tik Tok Score : 76/100

Favikon Authority Score : 2 098

1. Sunny Leone

In first position, Sunny Leone. She is a model, actress, and entrepreneur who owns StarStruck Cosmetics, a cosmetic brand. She has also founded her own production company called Suncity Media and Entertainment. Leone is active on social media platforms, including YouTube, where she posts videos about her life and makeup tutorials. She uses her platform to promote her brand and share her personal life with fans. In addition, Leone has made appearances in Bollywood films and has participated in reality TV shows such as Bigg Boss and Splitsvilla. She also supports various charitable causes and has donated a portion of her cosmetics sales to aid earthquake survivors.

Instagram Score : 85/100

Favikon Authority Score : 3 227

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