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TOP 10 Social Media Marketing Influencers in France

These influencers are the pros of social media! They know Instagram like the back of their hand, and will share every social media tip, trick, and strategy with you!

December 27, 2020
Roxane Aguilar

Social media marketing influencers

During the coronavirus crisis, we are experiencing a radical change in how we live (I see you in your pajamas behind your screen!), perceive the world, consume, and sell. 2020 has not been easy; our homes are now our castles, and offices are far too deserted. Faced with this restriction of social ties, digital is at the heart of the news, today more than ever, and is driving the rise of social media marketing 📲

Our digital life has been turned upside down, new practices are appearing, and users do not lack the imagination to find content. Influence marketing is constantly developing and gives birth to new trends. At Favikon, we have selected the top 10 influencers who talk about it the best 🙌

Every day, they reveal to you behind the scenes of the influencer marketing sector and their tips to conquer social networks, especially Instagram (but not only), to develop your business 📈

These Social Media Influencers will help you grow your brand

But why should you follow these entrepreneurs? As mentioned previously, most businesses are digitalized today, and social media has become an essential communication channel. Not only can companies present their products and services on their accounts to convey their values and image, but social networks also help brands promote their products by working on their influencer marketing strategy. And that is what these TOP influencers work on: assisting brands to build a solid identity on social media. So let's get into it and start with our number one social media marketing expert, Cassandre!

1.  Cassandre -

2 136 followers

An ordered feed, complete posts, varied content... This is how I would describe the number 1 of our TOP 10 French social media experts! Meet Cassandre, a skilled content manager who enjoys sharing her best practices, tips, and strategies with her audience to help her followers grow their social media accounts. How? By building a solid strategy. This entrepreneur has a Favikon Score of 5/5! No wonder she is a social media pro!

2.  Aline Business Coach - @thebboost


"J'peux Pas J'ai Business", Aline announces the color. An offbeat tone, positive energy, the explosion of your business. With our business coach and good humor, establish a tailor-made strategy to boost your turnover and visibility! Web marketing advice, business ideas, and motivational quotes can be found on his Instagram account.

3.       Super Social Sunset - @supersocialsunset

5314 abonnés

With the weekly contents of Super Social Sunset, aka Pierre-Alexis Allivons, your digital strategy will take a new turn. It offers tips, tricks, and advice on Instagram 100% French and 100% flashy. To get the best out of your Instagram account, this wannabe influencer performs a complete check-up of your account in 30 minutes and for free!

4.  La Minute Lucy -

5070 abonnés

A Community Manager and specialist in freelance work who deserves all our attention.  Lucy doesn't limit herself to new features. She'll show you how to spice up your Instagram (and Pinterest, and LinkedIn!) account while offering ideas of what she'd like to see evolving on social networks in her soft, pastel universe.

5.  Hanaé La CM - @hanaelacm

3622 abonnés

Montpellieraine and freelance social media manager, Hanaé breaks Instagram's myths and describes perfectly the mistakes not to make. Recently in the form of short videos, she reveals the bad practices and the right steps to get your Instagram account off the ground.

6.  Aurélie Moulin - @3zestesdecitron


Impossible to miss the precursor Aurélie Moulin, better known as three lemon zests. You don't know how your favorite influencer performs this or that Instagram function? Thanks to Aurélie, no more mysteries. The answer is bound to be in one of her posts. For her, small details are the key to success.


7.  So Influence Agency - @soinfluence_agency

2119 abonnés

So Influence is the ethical and responsible influence marketing agency to follow on Instagram. Instructions, ideas, and young brands that correspond to So Influence's values are put forward on their account to satisfy all followers who want to put the human being back at the heart of exchanges.


8.  Alice Richet - @alicerichet_


On her airy feed, Alice, 24 years old, passionate about fashion, decoration, and tourism, shares her recommendations adapted to newbies on social media. Graduated with a master's degree in digital communication, she likes to collaborate with startups and small companies to develop their marketing strategy on the networks!


9.      Pablo Guirao - @pabloguiraox


After becoming aware of it, this insta-addict decided to create a Facebook group (funny, isn't it?), INSTAGRAM SUPREMACY, to highlight all his super tips and tricks on the application. His goal? To bring a real IG expertise to the French community.


10.  Nicolas Kern -


Nicolas is the first business coach on Instagram. Have you perhaps already seen him on TF1? With 45,000 subscribers, his publications are very popular, with an average of 1100 likes. The secret of his GI account? A question or sentence of the day, accompanied by an elegant photo to illustrate his point.

Not yet present on Favikon, they also provide high-quality work: Maude gives precious advice to boost her social networks, and Deborah Bete has been accompanying brands for years through her agency &Associates! 🔥

If you enjoyed going through our TOP social media marketing influencers, take a look at our blog! Every month, we publish 1+ influencer TOPs on different topics from fashion, sports, and feminism to e-commerce and marketing. Moreover, if you are interested in the world of influencer marketing, you can also check the rest of our articles! We share strategies, tips, best practices, to better your influencer marketing strategy and much more to help brands better understand the world of influence.

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