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Who is Leila Hormozi?

Who is LinkedIn Influencer Leila Hormozi?

June 13, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

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Leila Hormozi

🇺🇸 United States

CEO of

Leila Hormozi is a CEO, entrepreneur, and investor, with a portfolio of companies crossing $200M per year in revenue, including brick and mortar service, licensing, education, SAAS, and e-commerce. She is widely considered a scaling and operations expert and is a guest contributor on Forbes and Entrepreneur, with a focus on human capital and customer success. She is now investing in founder-led service-based businesses to help them scale and multiply profits at, a Value Acceleration Capital Firm. Their mission is to transform founder-led service businesses above $1M+ EBITDA into a scalable or sellable enterprise.

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  • Online Business & Solopreneurship
  • Business Strategy & Motivation
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • Web Analytics & Paid Ads
  • Personal Branding & Audience Building

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