5 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs!

5 mistakes to avoid when getting into influencer marketing 🤳❌

April 5, 2021
Roxane Aguilar
Spamming influencers 🚨

A little background:

Imagine yourself on a Monday morning receiving your first email from a company. You decide to answer it later because you are very busy. On Tuesday you see a message from the same company, this time on Instagram, and then another follow-up email the next day 😤 How would you feel? A little annoyed, right? Well, the exact same is true for an influencer.

Keep in mind that influencers are over-solicited from all sides, so to avoid incurring their wrath, communicate well with your teams and follow up on your exchanges. There is nothing more detrimental than a lack of exchange in the management of a partnership!

Choosing your influencers in a hurry 🌪

As you can imagine, choosing the right influencer, the one who will represent your brand and your values are the key to your success.

So to be sure to choose the right profile, you need to do thorough research. To do this, you can search directly on Instagram for key hashtags that correspond to your brand (e.g. #fashion #mode if you are a clothing brand). However, this method is not always satisfactory, as it does not guarantee the systematic relevance of the profiles you come across.

Underestimate the professionalism of the influencer 👨💼

Being an influencer is a job! Never forget that when you talk to an influencer.

And yes, even if the older generation often has trouble recognizing the legitimacy of influencers, it's important to realize that being a content creator is a job that certainly sells dreams, but it's no less difficult.

Even if they can have a light tone on their videos, don't forget that they run their own business so don't doubt their professionalism: talk to them as you would to any supplier

Impose too many constraints: time, content ⏳

To promote your product or service, the influencer must be able to familiarize himself/herself with what he/she will have to present to his community. This is why by leaving too little time, the influencer risks "botching" what he/she could have worked on more if you had given him/her the time. However, it is still necessary to ask for a deadline! Simply agree with him or her on a deadline that will suit both parties. 🤝

As for the content, be aware that when working with an influencer, you must accept that he/she adds his/her personal touch to the partnership you are proposing. 🎨Concretely, this means that it is preferable to be open-minded towards the artistic/humorous proposals, etc, that the influencer will wish to have in his content: by following his own editorial line, he will appear much more authentic to his community and that is what is needed. We're all tired of partnerships that look like simple "advertising posts"!

Disguise the partnership 🙈

The transparency of a partnership is MANDATORY. It is a mistake that can be very expensive for you as well as for the influencer who will have omitted to mention your collaboration. It is a legal obligation under the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that can have disastrous consequences such as :

- Criticism from Internet users: the failure to disclose a partnership is very badly seen on the web. Internet users will think that the influencer wanted to fool them by passing off the collaboration as an authentic opinion 

- Bad buzz, loss of credibility/confidence of your brand (which is difficult to recover afterward, especially for a small brand)

- Lawsuits

- A bad relationship with the influencer afterward

So don't overlook this point, a simple #ad is enough!

More info on partnership transparency with our article: The Keys to a Transparent Campaign on Social Networks

Here is an example of a well mentioned partnership:

Now that you know all the things to avoid before launching an influencer campaign, you'll be more confident! 💎

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