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Best Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day 2022

Valentine's Day is one of the year's big highlights for brands. Many influencer campaigns are released and go viral. Discover the recap of the year 2022.

February 14, 2022

2022 was a great year for Valentine's Day, many campaigns were launched, and Internet users are delighted with the results. This article will 100% convince you to plan a Valentine's Day influencer campaign for 2023 by sharing the top trends and examples of the best campaigns of 2022.

The best Valentine's Day marketing ideas

Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns

We identified three particularly successful brands in their Valentine's Day influence campaigns this year.

Lounge Underwear

An inclusive campaign for Valentine's Day! Already known for its influencer campaigns throughout the year, Lounge hit hard for this Valentine's Day! Their campaign is on every Instagram feed worldwide, thanks to mass recruitment. Their influencers come from all over the world, and represent all body types. You'll find their products on micro-influencers to mega-influencers accounts like Tammy Hembrow, Brit Manuela or Jess Hunt.

Several elements come up on influencers' posts, such as #FEMALEFAMILY, #LoungeThisValentines, and #loveletterswithlounge. No promo codes are featured in the influencers' posts, but the 10% discount code can be found on their site.

Thanks to its +100 influencers who posted 2-3 photos wearing their underwear, the brand drew Instagram's attention.

Lancôme France

A campaign in 2 steps. The iconic perfume brand launched a very strategic campaign.

The campaign reaches a large audience between concept interviews with celebrities and more classic product placements.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the brand shot video interviews with influencer couples such as Sabrina Cesari and her boyfriend or Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui.

Many nano- and micro-influencers launched contests to win the La Nuit Trésor Intense fragrance to add more authenticity to the campaign.


An international campaign. The lingerie brand deployed an extensive influencer campaign all around the world. The campaign was a success because the selected influencers represented well the image of the brand. Each publication highlights the products in a classy and simplistic way. At first glance, you can tell the difference between the Lounge Underwear campaign (Sexy and Generous) and the Intimissimi campaign (Soft and Classy).

Many campaigns were successful during Valentine's Day.

Launch your Valentine's Day promotion

The weeks leading up to Valentine's Day have seen the birth of many special promo codes to boost sales. This promotional strategy can attract new customers and bring back old ones who have not purchased for a while.

However, you have to be careful with the numerous promotional codes that can lower your brand image by devaluing your product. This nuance must be kept in mind and mastered to use this marketing asset to perfection.

Special Valentine's Day Marketing

Some formats are more suitable for Valentine's Day, especially in the influencer marketing industry. For example, on Instagram, the 3 publications that work best during Valentine's Day are contests, product placements, and Reels.

On TikTok, we've come across many duo challenges that appear to be valued by the app's algorithm. By using these TikTok trends, your ambassadors will get a lot of visibility, and so will your brand!

Adapt your Marketing Strategy during Valentine's Day

To ensure high visibility and increase sales, it is crucial to adapt your marketing strategy during Valentine's Day. It is not a question of changing it entirely, but somewhat adapting it and enhancing it during this period.