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Boost your holiday sales with influencers

Are influencers part of your holiday marketing strategy? You're right! Find out what's trending on social media this holiday season 🎄

November 10, 2021
Margot Daugieras

HO HO! 🎅 The holiday season is approaching fast, and it's always a great time for the year's sales. Some stores make over 70% of their sales during this time. It's also a time when all brands communicate a lot, so you need to have a good marketing strategy not to let the competition take over.

The right influencer marketing strategy for Christmas

Suppose Christmas holidays are a synonym of gifts, sharing, and therefore buying. In that case, it's also the time when all your competitors will let loose on marketing, so you have to think carefully, and that's where influencer marketing comes in.

If there is one thing that can help you stand out, it is your ambassadors and the strength of their community. Partnering with one or more influencers for the Christmas holidays is a fantastic solution, but you still have to choose them well ✨

Searching influencers for Christmas 🔎

You've decided to set up a Christmas contest, but which influencer should you contact for the occasion? The choice will be very important!

  • Look for influencers in your sector. Whether it's food, fitness, or photography, there are influencers in every field, and that's what makes them strong. For a period as important as the end of the year celebrations, it is preferable to take an influencer specialized in your field because all types of brands will overbook the well-known and hard-working influencers, and your partnership may be lost 🎯 For example, a Japanese brand in photography can quickly call any of the influencers of our Singaporean TOP Photographers.

  • Target proximity. Looking for nano or micro-influencers to share your brand with a very close community can help you generate more conversions over the Christmas period 🛍

Create special partnerships for the holidays 🥳

A collaboration with an influencer can allow you to vary your content during these special times and therefore surprise your target market!

But there is no way you'll be planing classic product placements, it's Christmas after all! It's time to launch the most engaging and grandest concept. For more than a month, your target audience will see a lot of unique and exciting Christmas marketing operations that sound idyllic. Whether it's Coca-Cola's TV commercials or L'Oreal's big OPs on Instagram, we all end up with sparkly eyes. You need to represent the magic of Christmas and New Year but in your own way. If you're a small brand, a little live feed to wish a happy holiday followed by a contest with an influencer from your industry can do the trick!

How to evaluate results during the holidays 📈

It's out of the question to spend all your Christmas vacations analyzing your influencers' Instagram posts. The right technique is to integrate your influencer campaign on Favikon and put all your objectives and expectations so that the software automatically calculates the campaign's results!

You will be able to check your campaign score, have an overview of the influencers who published, and check your ROI live.

Contests: a real Christmas tradition

Collaborations that work at Christmas 🤝

Some types of collaborations are very specific to this period, like contests. A real source of inspiration for your target, influencers want to share their favorite products but also to give them away! That's why this format is the most popular. What could be better for Christmas than a few beautiful gifts! 🎁

Contests are, therefore, the ideal partnership during the holidays, and it is one of the formats that result in the most engagement. It allows you to overview the number of people interested in the product in the comments and to have a sudden increase in the number of subscribers on your brand account.

Obviously, some of these subscribers will leave a few days later if they haven't won, but many will stay subscribed and will be able to follow your brand's news throughout the year 🪄

It also promotes a good brand image because it consists of offering products and, therefore, being generous. It's a simple way to enhance and better your brand image for the end of the year.

What types of partnerships other than contests? 🚀

Other partnerships are possible during this period and can make you stand out.

Co-creation 🌈🎅

A special product for Christmas : The end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to create a personalized product with one of your ambassadors. This format takes a little longer to plan but results in a lot of conversions. Co-creations are the best way to boost your holiday sales as consumers, especially the influencer community, will be excited to try the products.

Creating with an influencer also means associating your brand image directly with the influencer and enhancing it. You give this product an exclusive and unique image that will have no trouble selling itself by doing this co-creation! 🤩

Count down 📆🎄

Christmas before the hour! Everyone loves to count down on their special calendars till the special day arrives. Besides, we are on the 08th of November; all calendars are already out.

Influencers have also created their own calendar! Every day, they give their followers a chance to win a new product, making their community super engaged. But more concretely, why should you participate in a calendar countdown contest?

Indeed, being in the middle of the 23 other brands that the influencer will solicit may not seem very important, yet it is a perfect strategy. During these calendar days, the influencer has a high engagement rate and a whole lot of buzz around each brand. It's a straightforward way to be among the brands of the moment with his community ❤️

Ready to bring the magic of Christmas to your customers?

We remind you one last time that Christmas is the time when brands see their sales go through the roof, and the average basket of e-merchants increases by 3%, so go for it! Don't hesitate to contact several influencers during this period to maximize your ROI and make your products the most requested under the Christmas tree! 🎄

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