The Benefits of Micro Influencer Marketing

Let’s see why your brand should work with a micro influencer. Discover the brands that created the best campaigns with micro influencers!

August 12, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

What is a micro-influencer

Content creators work in all categories from fitness influencers and fashion vloggers to lifestyle creators and gamers. But did you know that there is also a category that ranges influencers by size, or more specifically influencer tier? In other words, it is their number of followers that defines their influencer tier. The latter goes from nano influencers to micro, middle range, macro, and mega. 

It is quite simple, mega influencers are the celebrities we all know like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo, and Charli D’Amelio. These influencers have millions of followers, which makes them the big fish of the influencer world. Then there are the macro influencers, which are popular influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, or even a million followers. Most of the time they are quite known but not necessarily celebrities such as actors, musicians, pop stars, or business owners. Within macro influencers, we can find as many celebrities as influencers known for their content. Finally, we have the smaller content creators in the middle range, the micro influencers, and the nano influencers. 

Firstly, don’t forget that influencer tiers change depending on the social media platform. For instance, a mega influencer on TikTok with almost 1M followers can be considered a macro influencer on Instagram. Thus how do we define a micro influencer? Micro influencers on Instagram are content creators with followers going from 10K to 50K. But on TikTok, a micro influencer is considered as such when they reach a number of followers between 200K and 500K. Finally, a micro YouTube influencer counts between 10K followers to 100K followers. 

The benefits of working with a micro influencer

There are benefits and inconveniences of working with all influencer tiers. But let’s zoom in and find the benefits of working with micro influencers!

They are creative! A micro influencer is a content creator that has more followers than a nano influencer (under 10k followers on Instagram) which is already an accomplishment. Their following isn’t massive but it’s important enough to show the quality of work they provide. In other words, they are getting good at building their feed and posting consistently. Moreover, as micro influencers don’t have an immense number of followers yet, they often feel free to try new content, and let their creativity take over their account.

They are budget-friendly. Don’t worry, working with a micro influencer won’t break your budget like a mega influencer partnership. Many micro influencers are still new to influencer collabs, some have never partnered with brands yet so they don’t expect a huge paycheck, but a low paycheck doesn’t mean any paycheck! Influencers might accept free products in exchange for a collab, and others might not. As said previously, some haven’t partnered with brands yet, but others have. Micro influencers with partnership experience will expect a paycheck in return.

They will boost your engagement and bring visibility. Micro influencers balance visibility and engagement. Because their price is affordable, you can partner with many micro influencers at once for your campaign, which will bring extensive visibility by appearing on different feeds. Then, micro influencers often have a good engagement as they are close to their community. Because they don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, they can pay more attention to their audience by answering their comments, and engaging with their community.

Target your niche audience. With micro influencers, you’ll be able to reach your target market. As they have a specific community, their audience is a niche, thus you are sure to find your customer segment within their followers. This is quite an asset to take into account, as working with bigger influencers means extensive visibility but also an extensive community. It is a good thing for a worldwide brand with a big budget to work with macro or mega influencers as they are popular enough to reach a massive number of users. However, a smaller brand doesn’t have much interest in appearing on feeds other than its target audience.

How to find a micro-influencer

Did we convince you to work with a micro influencer with these benefits of working with micro influencers? Then how exactly can you find them? Of course, there is this simple technique of going on the social media platform you are looking for, let’s say Instagram. You’ll be searching for micro influencers by tapping hashtags in the search bar, then once you find one, you’ll be looking at similar accounts and so on. But what is the inconvenience of this method? It’s time-consuming! You have to check every profile one by one, and let’s not forget that you also need to calculate their metrics each time by hand. 

There is a second option that will save you time and effort: Favikon! The Discovery feature will help you find all the best micro influencers for your brand in no time. All you need to do is fill in the filters of the Favikon search bar that you find appropriate. You’ll find the keywords, number of followers you want your influencer to have, their location, the language they speak, if they also have a YouTube channel, etc. Then in one click, Favikon finds all the influencers that fit your filtered search. Finally, you can check each profile audit, which will provide all the important metrics such as the engagement rate, the account activity, the buzz ratio, the audience quality, and so on. If the influencer’s account matches your brand image and values, and they have great key metrics, then you have found yourself a micro-influencer!

Brands that work with micro-influencers

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is THE brand known for its influencer marketing strategy. They have built an empire by mixing influencer collabs and user-generated content (UGC). But more importantly, they have extended their net by partnering with hundreds of micro influencers such as this one. It created an image of proximity and accessibility for the brand. In other words, Daniel Wellington's influencer marketing strategy was a huge success!


Another brand that is popular for its partnerships! Adidas is a worldwide sports brand known for collaborating with both big and small influencers. The brand has the means to work with mega influencers, but as it targets a large community, they also partner with micro influencers. This influencer marketing strategy builds an image around elite, drive, and ambition, but also around closeness. For instance, they partnered with this micro influencer, and by using the video, the post has this dynamism that corresponds to their values


This entity knows how to reach the right market. Walmart has done many influencer collaborations with families and knows exactly when to launch their campaigns. The brand most often plans influencer campaigns for events such as the “back to school”, Halloween, and so on. This way they are sure to reach the right audience at the right time.

Forever 21

What better way to plan a launch than to share the news with an influencer campaign? Forever 21 shared their new merch by collaborating with micro influencers like this one. A short yet effective description that mentions the brand, has the hashtag of the new collection #foreverLA, and explains where to find it. 

Hollister Co.

The retail brand follows an influencer marketing strategy that is close to Forever 21. The brand partners with many micro influencers to reach their niche audience while working with content creators that match their image. You’ll probably find their collabs with influencers that give summer vibes and a beach aesthetic.


This company has one of the most interesting influencer marketing strategies. As Asos offers different brands on their website, it gives them quite the advantage for their influencer partnerships. With this wide panel of product choices from apparel to accessories and shoes from various brands, influencers have more options for their collabs. Moreover, this gives them many opportunities to work with different kinds of influencers from fashion influencers to fitness influencers.


Finally, last but not least, let’s finish with Glossier! This brand is doing quite an amazing job when it comes to influencer marketing. Not only does Glossier work with various influencer tiers, but the brand loves to share its influencers’ content on their account. Many brands work on their account image and in addition to their content, work on a few partnerships. But others like to share influencers’ content on their feed, as it becomes primary content. This is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with the influencer as it shows that the brand values their work and effort.

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