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The Most Popular YouTubers

Have you ever wondered who were the most popular creators on YouTube and why they were so appreciated by their community?

July 28, 2022
Camille Valentin

YouTube has been a popular platform for years now. The platform is the perfect place for creative people, and for viewers, it is a goldmine as they can find videos on literally any topic. No matter what your passion is, you can be sure to find a YouTube creator that shares the same passion.

Since its creation, YouTube influencers went from being amateurs to real professionals, creating YouTube videos as their full-time job. If the quality of their content has changed, their community has always supported and loved their work. So how did some of these YouTube influencers manage to get so popular? And who are the top influencers of the platform? Let’s find out!


These influencers are YouTube royalty. They create high-quality videos and are loved and supported by millions of people. As you probably know, YouTube is a platform with many diverse contents. So let’s have a look at the top YouTubers in some of the most popular categories of the website.

The Top YouTube Influencers in all categories

Mr Beast - 99,8M followers

Not only has MrBeast one of the most subscribed YouTube channels but he also has one of the best communities. With an excellent engagement rate of 3.67%, a perfect Favikon score, and an excellent buzz ratio, he definitely has very supportive subscribers. His videos are always impressive. From crazy challenges like “ I didn’t eat food for 30 days” to epic videos like “Would you swim with sharks for $100,000?”, you can be sure to be entertained by his content.

Dude Perfect - 58M followers

With 58M subscribers and an excellent engagement rate of 3.69%, these groups of 5 friends are some of the most popular creators on the platform. They created their channel in 2009, so they definitely have seen the evolution of YouTube throughout the years. Their contents are quite diverse: humoristic sketches, challenges, trying out weird objects…

Kimberly Loaiza - 37,1M followers

37M subscribers and an awesome engagement rate of 6.68%, Kimberly Loaiza surely knows how to create quality videos. She is a YouTuber but also a singer from Mexico. Created in 2016, her YouTube channel gathered 100k subscribers in only a week. Nowadays, she mostly posts vlogs with her family but also her music videos.

BB Ki Vines - 25,5M followers

BB Ki Vines, also known as Bhuva Bam is an Indian singer, actor, and YouTuber. He started his YouTube career in 2015. He is known for his video series which depicts the life of a teenager and his friends and family. All the different characters are played by Bhuva. His YouTube channel currently has 25.5M subscribers and an excellent engagement rate of 8.66%.

Brent Rivera - 20,3M followers

Brent Rivera is a 24 years old content creator from the USA. He first gained popularity on the social network Vine but has since built a big community on YouTube. He currently has 20.2M subscribers and an excellent engagement rate of 6.62%. He mostly posts entertaining videos such as “this is the most expensive first-class seat” or “my 30-day body transformation”.

The Top YouTube Influencers by categories

Now let’s have a look at the top Youtube influencers by category!

Markiplier - 33,3M followers

Gaming influencer

Gaming is an important category on YouTube. Video game lovers can learn about new games, and see if they are worth purchasing. Markiplier aka Mark Fischbach is one of the most popular creators in this category. He created his channel in 2012 but first started with sketch comedy. He currently has 33.3M subscribers and an excellent Favikon score of 4.5.

James Charles - 23,9M followers

Beauty influencer

What would be YouTube without its makeup tutorials? This category has been popular since the creation of the platform. James Charles is known for his incredible makeup looks and funny videos. He started uploading on YouTube in 2015 and now has 23.9M subscribers.

Zach Choi - 14,1M followers

Food influencer

Who doesn’t love food? There are different types of videos in these categories but this very popular YouTuber is known for his asmr mukbang videos. Eating a crazy amount of food or very spicy dishes, nothing seems to scare Zach Choi.

Emma Chamberlain - 11,6M followers

Lifestyle influencer

Finally, the lifestyle category! Emma Chamberlain is the Youtube influencer you wish you were friends with. She is known for her vlogs. From fashion weeks to mental breakdowns, we follow her life without any filter. She currently has 11.6M and an excellent Favikon score of 4.8

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Working with the top YouTube Influencers

I’m sure this top inspired you and you’re bubbling with ideas. But do you really know what working with YouTube influencers implies?

How to find YouTubers

The first step is of course to find the right influencer for your brand. Working with an influencer that matches your brand’s image and values is important to make sure your collab will be a success.

Here are a few things to check before working with a YouTuber:

  • the type of content they make
  • their account activity
  • their engagement rate
  • their previous partnerships

If you want to find YouTubers that are relevant to your brand, make sure to read our article on how to find YouTubers, we give you some useful tips!

Why work with these influencers

Perhaps, you weren't convinced by our top and you’re still unsure why you should implement YouTube influencer marketing in your strategy. Sure, you could work with Instagram or TikTok influencers but trust me, you won’t get the same results!

Collaborating with YouTube influencers means having original and high-quality content. Keep in mind that YouTube videos are mostly watched on a computer, therefore the quality is way superior to a TikTok video, which was designed for phone users. A lot of YouTubers are real professionals who know about video production.

“But people only watch short videos nowadays?” While a lot of experts are predicting a rise in short video content, it doesn’t mean that longer videos are dead. In fact, many people are looking for longer videos. YouTube long videos are far from being dead.

Moreover, YouTube collabs have a longer lifespan. Typically, Instagram or TikTok posts will be shown to users for a few days, whereas YouTube videos can still be shown to users 1 month after being uploaded. This means reaching a bigger audience.

But I’m sure this article will convince you to work with YouTube influencers.

YouTube isn’t dead. These top youtube influencers are here to prove it. They are loved and supported by millions of people. Working with them can have a serious impact on your business. There are creators for every niche, so you will find the perfect influencer. With YouTube's recent announcement of partnering up with Shopify, YouTube collabs could become even more interesting for brands.

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