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TOP 15 Biggest Youtubers

Since the creation of Youtube 17 years ago, many generations of Youtubers have succeeded each other. But who is currently the number 1 Youtuber?

January 5, 2022

Youtube is the perfect platform to express creativity. From gaming, comedy, ASMR, to beauty, there is nothing that can’t be done on Youtube. The platform has changed the life of many content creators. For instance, MirandaSings (also known as Colleen Ballinger) had the opportunity to have her own Netflix TV show in 2016. Many make-up Youtubers were able to create their own makeup brand or collection, like Nikita Dragun, or Huda Kattan. But which categories are the most successful? And which YouTubers have the most subscribers? 🚀


With 111M subscribers, PewDiePie is the biggest Youtuber in the world. His success rests on his cutting humor, his dynamic editing, and the topics of his videos. While many know him as a gamer, his content is actually way more than that. What really attracts the most views are his videos on the internet and pop culture and his reactions to other YouTubers' videos. PewDiePie has a good Favikon score of 3.5 and an excellent engagement rate of 8.29%.


MrBeast counts 84.6M subscribers and has a perfect Favikon score of 5/5. He started his Youtube channel at only 13 years old in 2012, but started gaining popularity in 2017 when he decided to upload absurd videos such as “counting to 100 000”, “Watching ‘it’s everyday bro’ for 10 hours straight”. However, his channel really exploded with sensational videos such as “I ubered random people in a tank”, “Offering people $100 000 to quit their job”, or more recently “$456 000, Squid Game in Real life.


Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a group of 5 friends from Texas. They are true precursors as they posted their first video in 2009. The group rapidly faced a huge success. 12 years later, they are still on top of the game with a total of 56.9M subscribers. Their community is very supportive as their videos always get more than 5M views. They also have a perfect Favikon score of 5. 

JuegaGerman / HolaSoyGerman

JuegaGerman also known as German Garmendia is a Youtuber from Chile. He created his first Youtube Channel in 2011 called “HolaSoyGerman”. He mostly posted comedy sketches. He then decided to open a secondary channel called “JuegaGerman”, to post gaming content. He eventually decided to stop uploading on his first channel. Today his channel HolaSoyGerman counts 43M subscribers even though he hasn’t uploaded since 2016. His other channel, which is still very much active, counts 44.9M subscribers and has an excellent engagement rate of 10.42%.



Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is a Salvadoran Youtuber known as “Fernanfloo”. His channel is the fourth most subscribed Spanish- speaking channels, right behind JuegaGerman. He has a total of 43.9M subscribers and an excellent Favikon score of 5. Although he doesn’t post as regularly as he used to, only 4 videos in the last past months, his community is still very active. His last 3 videos have accumulated 27.7M of views. His videos are mainly humoristic content, or reactions.

Felipe Neto 

Felipe Neto is a Youtuber from Brazil. He created his channel in 2010 and now has 43.5M subscribers. Felipe is very active on Youtube as he uploads videos as well as Shorts. By using these two formats of videos, he is able to post multiple times a day. His content mainly focuses around gaming.  Felipe has an excellent Favikon score of 4 and engagement rate of 11.38%. 


Whinderson Nunes is another Brazilian Youtuber. He is mostly known for his humoristic videos but he also does vlogs, and film reviews. His content is quite diverse which is probably what his community likes about his channel. He currently has 43.3M subscribers and an excellent engagement rate of 13.62%. Whinderson also uploads a lot of Shorts and has created his own Youtube Originals series, which currently has 2 seasons. 

Você Sabia? 

And yet another Brazilian channel! This one was created by Lukas Marques and Daniel Mologni. They created it 8 years ago in 2013. It currently counts 42M subscribers and has a good engagement rate of 11.57%. Their videos are mainly centered around mysteries, and theories. They post 6 videos per month on average. 


Rubén Doblas is a Spanish Youtuber with more than 40M subscribers. He posted his first video on Youtube in 2006 but started his Youtube channel in 2011 when he was around 20 years old. He is known for his gaming, humoristic and vlog videos. Rubén has an impressive Favikon score of 4.8 and an engagement  rate of 11.3%. 

Luisito Comunica 

Luisito Comunica is a Mexican Youtuber with 37.8M subscribers. He first joined Youtube in 2012 as a member of “NoMeRevientes”, a team of Youtubers. A few months later, he created his own channel. His videos focus on his travels around the world. His vlogs are an immersion into the local tradition of the country he’s visiting. Luisito has an impressive Favikon score of 4.1. 


Vladislav Andreyevich Bumaga also known as A4 is a Belurasian Youtubers. He started his Youtube channel in 2014 and currently has 37.1M subscribers and an excellent Favikon score of 4.9. He is known for his pranks, challenges and comedy videos. He is extremely active on the platform as he posts on average 20 videos per month. 

Kimberly Loaiza 

The first woman of our TOPt! Kimberly Loaiza is a Youtuber and singer from Mexico. She created her channel in 2016 and gathered 100k subscribers in only a week. Today, she has more than 35M subscribers and an excellent Favikon score of 5. Her content is mainly vlogs with her family, but she also shares her music videos.


Ajey Nagar also known as CarryMinati is a Youtuber from India, but a few of his videos are in english. He started making videos around 2010, when he was only 10 years old. However his current channel was created in 2014. He now has around 33M subscribers and a perfect Favikon score of 5. His videos are for the most part comedy sketches.


Mark Fischbach created his Youtube channel “Markiplier” 10 years ago. The American Youtuber currently has 31M subscribers and a great Favikon score of 4.7. His most popular videos are the ones where he plays horror games. However, Mark’s content is very diverse. He started by making comedy sketches, and slowly switched to gaming videos. He is very active on the platform as he posts on average 20 videos per month. 


SSSniperWolf is a Youtuber from the UK but currently lives in the US. She started her channel in 2013 and currently has 30.6M subscribers. She is very active and posts on average 30 videos per month. Her content is mostly in the entertainment category. For instance she reacts to videos, or tries TikTok hacks. 

Did you expect this ranking? Was your favorite Youtuber in this TOP? These Youtubers all have different types of content but they have all managed to grow an incredible community. Besides the quality of their content, their personality also plays a massive role in their success. As a brand working with them will most definitely boost your visibility and sales, but it shouldn’t mean you should only work with the biggest influencers, there are a lot of smaller creators which would match your brand perfectly. Now that you know a little bit more about the biggest Youtubers and their empire, get ready to find the best Youtubers for your next collab!