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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers in Portugal

The top LinkedIn influencers in Portugal have finally been revealed! Who are the 10 creators shaping the professional landscape in the country? Don't miss the chance to find inspiration and delve into advanced B2B influencer campaign strategies.

March 12, 2024
Justine Castany

LinkedIn, the perfect platform for B2B influencers, is buzzing with talent and expertise. We've recently revealed its TOP 200 list of standout influencers on LinkedIn across 14 new countries.

Portugal shines bright on this list, showcasing a diverse lineup of inspiring creators who have left their mark on this esteemed platform.

Let's delve into Portugal's Top 10 from the TOP 200 LinkedIn influencers:

1. Antonio Guterres

Leading the pack is Antonio Guterres. He is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, having previously served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He has been a strong advocate for human rights, environmental sustainability, and global cooperation. During his tenure, Guterres has focused on addressing various global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and conflict resolution. He has also worked to prioritize gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Guterres has urged countries to uphold international law and the values of the United Nations Charter to create a safer and more sustainable world.

2. Ricardo Costa

In second place, Ricardo Costa. He is the CEO of Grupo Bernardo da Costa and President of AEMinho. He is also the Honorary Consul of Kosovo. With over 150K+ followers and 45 million impressions in the last year, Ricardo is a prominent entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He is known for creating the Department of Happiness and advocating for humanized leadership and happiness at work. Ricardo has a strong presence on social media, especially LinkedIn, where he is one of the most influential Portuguese. He frequently speaks at conferences and events on the topic of happiness at work. The Grupo Bernardo da Costa, under his leadership, was the first company in Portugal to establish a Department of Happiness.

3. JJ Delgado

Holding the third position is JJ Delgado. He is a 9-figure digital businesses maker, investor, and advisor of Web2 & Web3 companies. He is a PhD Cum Laude in Digital Economy and an experienced executive who has helped numerous organizations achieve growth, including Amazon, Burger King, and Pepsi. He is also a professor at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and IE Business School, author of three books, and a recognized speaker at marketing, corporate, and networking events.

4. Norton Sousa

Norton Sousa takes the fourth spot. He is a Technical Recruiter with a background in advertising and a deep-seated passion for recruiting. He has expertise in end-to-end recruitment and selection processes, and has engaged in talent hunting and hiring across multiple regions. Norton possesses proficiency in various sourcing techniques and is skilled in using platforms such as LinkedIn, Behance, GitHub, Hitmarker, Discord, Slack Groups, and Stack Overflow. He is an adaptable individual who thrives on challenges and has international exposure. Norton's passions include traveling, photography, singing, and cinema. He is currently pursuing studies in German, VR, and blockchain.

5. Mário Ferreira

At fifth place is Mário Ferreira. He is the President of Grupo PLURIS INVESTMENTS. He has extensive experience in various industries, including tourism, river cruising, real estate, insurance brokerage, ship construction management, hotel management, space tourism, vacations, international cruising, heli tourism, TV, and radio. Mário is known for his expertise and leadership in the field, and he is actively involved in promoting cultural expeditions and yacht expeditions. He has recently shared posts about a 9-night Italian cruise and a partnership between Atlas Ocean Voyages and ORCA, a marine conservation charity. Mário's profile provides valuable insights into the world of business and travel.

6. Helena Sacadura Cabral

Taking the sixth spot is Helena Sacadura Cabral. She is an economist with a postgraduate degree in Econometrics. She is a renowned university professor and a sought-after speaker. She is also a successful author with 40 published books to her name. In addition to her academic career, she is a partner in a company and has been involved in writing and hosting television programs. Helena's expertise and extensive knowledge in economics have made her a respected figure in the industry. She often delivers conferences and workshops on various topics and is known for her insightful perspectives.

7. Mafalda Duarte

Coming in at seventh place is Mafalda Duarte. She is the CEO of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) - one of the world's largest multilateral funds for climate action in developing countries, with more than $11 billion in investments across 72 countries. She has been instrumental in overseeing hundreds of investments in clean energy and resilience, including the largest solar park in the world and South America's first geothermal plant. Mafalda has also expanded CIF's mandate to include areas like coal phase-out and just transition. Prior to CIF, Mafalda held senior positions at the African Development Bank and the World Bank. She has been quoted in major media outlets like Reuters, BBC World Service, the Economist, and the Financial Times.

8. José Manuel Fernandes

In eighth position, Elin Bergman. He is often referred to as JMF, is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the business world. He specializes in marketing management and digital marketing, applying his knowledge in international markets as a New Business & CRM Manager at SUMOL+COMPAL. José is also a trainer at Lisbon Digital School and a guest lecturer in postgraduate programs at IADE. He is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, which led him to become a part of the LinkedIn for Creators community. Through his content and expertise, José aims to connect with professionals worldwide.

9. Rui Miguel Nabeiro

Penultimate on the list is Rui Miguel Nabeiro. He is the CEO at Delta Cafés, a leading coffee company. He believes in innovation, internationalization, and the value of brands for business growth. Under his leadership, the Grupo Nabeiro portfolio has diversified, and Delta Cafés now operates in over 40 countries. Rui works to earn the trust of his employees and shares his leadership experience with partners, companies, and the academic community. His mission involves sustainable development for the business, employees, and Nabeiro Group brands, positioning Delta Cafés as one of the top 10 coffee players worldwide.

10. José Costa Rodrigues

Rounding off the top ten is José Costa Rodrigues. He is the Co-Founder & CEO at Relive, a company that empowers the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs by supporting agents to build successful businesses. With a passion for connecting with ambitious and hard-working individuals, José has founded and invested in multiple companies. He has traveled to 30 countries, studied in 5 across 3 continents, and read over 150 books. José and his wife made the decision to leave their comfortable life in Portugal and moved to the United States to have an even greater entrepreneurial impact. José's dedication to hard work and finding balance between his professional and personal life is evident in his achievements and future goals.

This Top list of influencers in Portugal showcases the diversity and dynamism of creators who have made their mark on LinkedIn. Their expertise and influence shape the professional landscape in Portugal but also serve for those looking to do B2B influencers campaign or learn more about the industry.

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