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TOP 10 Spanish Fashion Influencers

Fashion is one of the widest communities on social media, so let’s find out who are the influencers that best represent it in Spain!

June 22, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

In our previous Fashion TOPs, we have gone through the best fashion influencers a brand could work with depending on the location, from France and Brazil to the US and Singapore. So today, it’s time to look at the Spanish side of Instagram! From nano to mega influencers, let’s discover who is the Spanish fashion police on social media!

The best fashion influencers in Spain

This TOP gathers all influencers passionate about fashion and enjoy sharing their exceptional looks with their audience. In other words, models, lifestyle influencers, vloggers, and many more influencers’ categories in this article. So, let’s get to the number one of our TOP with Angela without further due!



Favikon Score: 4.3/5

This influencer loves to share different looks with his community. With a Favikon Score of 4.3/5 and an excellent engagement rate of +13%, Leandro is doing an amazing job! This influencer creates a unique Instagram feed with a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and artsy vibes. Let’s look at his core metrics: great audience quality, content diversity, and a perfect following ratio! What a pro!



Favikon Score: 4.3/5

Another fashion star! From sunny days at the beach and nights out to classic chic or traditional flamenco themes, she knows how to do it all! This nano-influencer is also present on TikTok and surely knows how to adapt her content to each of her social media. Angela also organizes her stories by categories like collabs or travel destinations. With a 4.3 Favikon Score, this content creator reaches a great engagement rate of 8.8%!



Favikon Score: 4.2/5

Sandra is rocking her social media with 208K followers and a 4.2/5 Favikon score. This content creator loves to share her best outfits depending on the occasion and destination. The varying styles and locations give her a great content diversity score of 3/4. Moreover, she also reaches a great growth score of +3%.



Favikon Score: 4.2/5

Now, this influencer gives bad b*itch vibes! A mix of fitness and fashion content makes Julia’s Instagram account quite impressive. Fashionable looks, gym favorites, and routines… Let’s say this content creator is ready to take on any challenge 💪 With a good account activity score and an outstanding audience quality, if you are looking for a fashion and gym lover, you have just found your gem!



Favikon Score: 4.1/5

That’s what I call a modern and extravagant fashion influencer! With his unique sense of style, Sergio shares stylish ensembles. We love his iconic passion for sunglasses and posing, which make his pictures ever more creative. Moreover, Sergio is also impressive when it comes to his metrics! He reaches a fantastic engagement of +6% and an excellent account activity score.



Favikon Score: 4/5

Are you looking for a colorful fashion feed? We found just the right influencer for you 🤩 Mehdia is a burst of sunshine, and she will brighten your day with her popping outfits and gorgeous smile. With her love for discovering new places, this influencer will always have the perfect ensemble for every destination! An air balloon trip? Rainbow ice cream? Perhaps a day at the beach or a trip to London? As an adventure enthusiast, this content creator is perfect if you are looking for a dynamic collab!



Favikon Score: 4/5

Another 4/5 Favikon Score and fashion icon! Vova is the definition of fashion diversity. He enjoys changing styles and always showing something new to his audience. Surfing vibes, skater boy, french chic, Italian model, 90’s kid… Vova has partnered with various brands, such as Pepe Jeans, so if you are looking for an influencer with experience in partnerships, this is your guy. Great content diversity, audience quality, and account activity. What can I say? He’s a catch!



Favikon Score: 3.9/5

33.2K followers, a 3.9 Favikon Score, yes, but this influencer is killing it with his scores! An engagement rate of +33%, an account growth of +4%, and an excellent audience quality score. With his simple yet iconic fashion taste, Diego always finds the right outfit, whether for a simple night out, a festival, or a day at the beach!



Favikon Score: 3.3/5

Ladies and gentlemen, her. Rebeca is the influencer that will help you out whenever you lack inspiration. With her endless fits, you’ll never have a lack of ideas again! This content creator has a remarkable account growth of +5%, an engagement rate of +5%, and an amazing comment/like ratio. She has a delightful taste in fashion and knows how to handle her social media. She is a perfect fit for a fashion collab!



Favikon Score: 3.3/5

And for the cherry on the cake, we present Leire, our fashion sweetheart. She will rock any collab with her unmatched sense of style, priceless poses, and sweet love for sneakers! But what about her Instagram metrics? A fantastic engagement rate of +8%, an excellent audience quality, and a great account activity… So? Ready to work with this talented content creator?

That is it for our TOP 10 Spanish fashion influencers! If you enjoyed our article, check out the rest of our TOPs in our blog! And if you enjoy fashion or are looking for the right fashion influencer, the Favikon House also has a TOP 12 Beauty Influencers in Brazil, a TOP 7 Influencers for Luxury Brands, or even a TOP 10 Fashion French Male Influencers! And if you are curious to know more about influencer marketing, influencer collabs, campaigns, and so on, you can also check the rest of our blog. We share our best tips, tricks, advice, and best practices to help brands find the perfect influencer for their influencer marketing strategies!

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