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TOP 10 French TikTokers

Do you know these French TikTokers? If you don't, now is the time to meet these incredible TikTok content creators à la Française!

January 11, 2022

Here we are once again to present an incredible TOP! Ready to have a look at amazing French content creators? They are motivated, dedicated; some are professionals, some are naturally talented! So get ready for a TOP full of surprises because you are in for a treat 💪 From young creators who debuted on TikTok years ago to recent influencers sharing multiple passions, hobbies, or even careers, let's get started and discover all about the French side of TikTok!

1. Jean-Baptiste Djebbari


Favikon Score: 5/5

Let's start with the one and only French Minister of Transports 🚆 You heard us right! Who said politicians couldn't be part of our TOP? Our French Minister does an amazing job communicating and sharing a few aspects of his career with his audience on social media. With 27.3k followers on Instagram, 664.8K on TikTok and a outstanding 5/5 Favikon TikTok Score, let's say this man knows how influence works. Following trends in his own way while mixing politics and humor results in original and varied content so let's give him a round of applause. 👏

2. Mcfly


Favikon Score: 5/5

One of the originals! Mostly known for his YouTube channel with his partner Carlito, it seems like Mcfly is now part of the TikTok community 🤩 With his classic, hilarious videos, give this influencer a camera, and he'll always find a way to entertain his audience. Another content creator that is great at influence, with a 5/5 TikTok Favikon Score, an excellent buzz ratio, and a great community ratio of +26.3%, if you should learn one thing from Mcfly's is to adapt, create, and repeat.

@mcflytiktok Régulièrement je reluque les volatiles roucouler. Merci à @Ryan Reynolds pour l’inspiration 🙏🏼@carlitopourdevrai ♬ son original - Mcfly
3. Antoine Guérin


Favikon Score: 5/5

A fashion creator! Antoine is a talented apparel and content creator. He loves to share his passion with his audience, and so do we! Drawing, sewing, filming, this guy is a multitasker. This influencer knows what he is doing with a 5/5 Favikon Score, a sky-rocking community ratio of almost 80%, and an excellent content quality score! 🤯


Make a Black dress with me

♬ original sound - Versace
4. Kev Adams


Favikon Score: 4.8/5

Let's hear it for Kev Adams! Previously known in a french tv show, then for his one-man shows, tours, and so on, this French humorist finally decided to join the magic of social media. With a YouTube and Instagram account, Kev Adams was recently spotted in numerous famous TikTokers' feed. Now that he has created his own, he is doing a great job at being an influencer (especially a TikToker) 🥳 We expect to see more amazing content and collabs from him.

@kevadams C’est moi cette p**e 😂 @nicocaponecomedy ♬ son original - Kev Adams
5. Angèle


Favikon Score: 4.1/5

‍We have a pop star! This Belgian/French singer and songwriter debuted in the music industry by posting music and humorous videos on Instagram. And take a look at her now, booking tours, having millions of followers on her social media accounts, and finally joining the TikTok community! Since she had fun posting funny videos on Insta in her younger days, TikTok seems to be the perfect social network for her! +7% growth rate, great buzz ratio, excellent content quality... What else could we ask of her? 🔥

6. Adele


Favikon Score: 4/5

Looking for the definition of a TikToker? Just have a look at Adele's account! An exceptional influencer that works hard to share consistent, varied and original content with her audience. With her funny imitations and daily posts, let's say you'll never get bored with this talented TikToker. A total of 4M followers, a TikTok Favikon Score of 4/5, an amazing engagement rate of +13%... It looks like we have found a TikTok gem! 🌟


Après la rencontre parents profs 😂 / Insta : Adele_Tsy 🥰

♬ son original - Adele_tsdr
7. Logan


Favikon Score: 4/5

Are you having a bad day? We know what can cheer you up! Look at a few of Logan's TikToks, and you'll be back in the game in no time. As you might have guessed, Logan is a... humorist? Let's say that! With his incredible talent of imitating women, his TikToks never get old. With a 4/5 Favikon Score, a +15% engagement rate, and a +11% community ratio, this influencer is on the right track to becoming a great TikToker. 🚀


Elles débarquent en meute comme des lionnes affamées lààààà 🥵🔥

♬ original sound - Miss USA
8. Cedric Grolet


Favikon Score:4/5

Any sweet tooth in the room? Cedric Grolet is your golden ticket to the paradise of desserts! A single quick look at his TikTok account will make your mouth water. 🤤 His TikTok account is a delicious mix of discovery, deliciousness, and art. 🧁 This French pastry chef likes to share his best work, and his followers are more than grateful. Cedric has a great 4/5 Favikon Score and knows how to share creative content by reporting his journey as a pastry expert!

@cedricgrolet Les figues de mes vacances enfin disponibles ! #patisserie #fruits ♬ Ye - Burna Boy
9. Flashboy


Favikon Score: 4/5

Let's groove! This incredible TikToker masters two areas: dance and special effects. So expect impressive TikToks from him! Coming out of space? Done. Alien attack? 👽Done. Explosions? ☄️ Easy peasy lemon squeezy for Flashboy! No wonder he aced his content quality score. +16 community ratio, +14% engagement rate, and great buzz ratio... What an expert indeed! 🤯

@flashboy.mp4 1 semaine de travail pour 30 secondes de vidéo c’est rentable ou pas sur Tik Tok ? 😭 Création du son / danse / montage, par moi ✌🏽🥶#danse ♬ son original - ⚡️FLASHBOY⚡️
10. Lea Elui


Favikon Score: 3.5/5

And finally, last but certainly not least, the one and only, worldwide known TikToker, known for being one of the first content creators on TikTok, ladies, and gentlemen, Lea Elui! 👏 This influencer was indeed one of the first French influencers of the short video platform. Thus before 2020, lockdown and the explosion of TikTok's popularity, Lea Elui was already building a small community. Dance, humor, fashion, her content varies yet stays consistent with her number one passion: dancing. With 16.8 Million followers, Lea has reached a great content quality score, a nice buzz ratio, and a positive growth rate! Keep up the fantastic work Lea! 💃


You guys ask, I deliver ☺️❤️

♬ Bananza (Belly Dancer) - puhrplehqze💜

As we all know, all content creators are different, making this community incredible. With influencers from all around the world, for this TOP, we decided to focus on an area our team knows very well: France. From humorists and dancers to chefs and politicians, the TOP French TikTokers was full of surprises! Following our Singaporean and Brazilian TOP, now that we discovered the TOP French influencers, which nationality would you like to discover in our future TOP? What did you think of our TOP French TikTok Influencers? Did your favorite TikToker come up?