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Top Indian LinkedIn Social Media Influencers

Delve into the world of Indian LinkedIn influencers, unraveling their strategies, impact, and trends. Discover the voices shaping professional discourse in India's digital sphere.

November 7, 2023
Margot Daugieras

In the vibrant landscape of social media, India has emerged as a burgeoning powerhouse, its cultural richness now mirrored in the digital sphere through its influencers. With over half a billion internet users, the subcontinent's online community thrives, engaged and ripe with opportunities for influencers to leave their indelible mark.

Cultural Diversity and Digital Reach

India's influencer sector isn't just growing; it's thriving. With one of the world's most diverse and engaged online communities, social media platforms across the country are buzzing hives of activity. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become playgrounds for the country's most charismatic personalities. They're not just content creators; they are trendsetters, thought leaders, and brand ambassadors rolled into one.

What sets Indian influencers apart is the seamless blend of traditional values with a modern twist. The diversity of languages, cultures, and interests in India means that influencers have niches as vast and varied as the country itself. They resonate with audiences not just within geographic borders but across seas, offering a global appeal that brands are eager to capitalize on.

But first, how is this ranking made?

Favikon offers a reliable, data-driven approach to rank social media creators across various industries. This ranking is based on the Favikon score obtained by each creator according to their performance on social media. The Favikon authority score is not only linked to the number of subscribers, but is calculated according to several criteria. These criteria include maintaining an active presence on multiple social media, engagement rate, growth rate, as well as other important factors that demonstrate the breadth and depth of their connection with their audience. We believe it's important to consider the holistic aspects of a creatorr's presence in order to get a complete assessment.

The TOP 10 LinkedIn Influencers in India

1. Akshat Shrivastava

Akshat Shrivastava leverages his diverse background in management consulting and entrepreneurship to educate others on finance and personal growth, building a robust online following across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. His offerings include a stock market course and a dedicated community for aspiring investors, complemented by content on minimalism, current financial events, and self-improvement.

2. Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das, a monk and life coach, captivates global audiences with his spiritual and motivational wisdom, amassing about a billion views online and earning him recognition as a leading digital-era monk. His impact extends from speaking at notable institutions and events, including the UN and British Parliament, to being honored with awards like the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival accolade and an honorary doctorate, underscoring his contributions to education and social betterment.

3. Rahine Bose

Rahine Bose, with a robust 14-year banking career, excels in corporate and institutional banking as a senior chief manager at ICICI Bank and is an esteemed alumnus and chapter leader of the Indian School of Business in Kolkata. An MBA holder, Rahine is not only adept in relationship and government banking but also contributes as a writer, speaker, and a key player in digital transformation projects within the banking sector.

4. Anmol Garg

Anmol Garg, a multifaceted personality with roots in software engineering and entrepreneurship, merges his diverse expertise into his stand-up comedy, resonating especially with corporate audiences. He is celebrated for his role in the comedy play 'Refund' and is swiftly carving a niche in the comedy world, often lauded by HR professionals at various conferences.

5. Saheli Chatterjee

Saheli Chatterjee specializes in elevating brands through strategic social media and content marketing, aiding coaches and entrepreneurs in client acquisition and revenue growth. With her extensive consulting experience and a suite of services encompassing social media strategy and content creation, she also imparts her knowledge through a course designed to kickstart freelancing careers.

6. Shweta Kukreja

Shweta Kukreja leverages her expertise as a Personal Branding Strategist and Ghostwriter to coach individuals in marketing and self-improvement, guiding freelancers and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. With a substantial following on Twitter and LinkedIn, she dispenses insights on personal development and professional growth through online courses and interactive workshops.

7. Karishma Mehta

Karishma Mehta, the force behind Humans of Bombay, curates inspiring personal narratives while showing a keen interest in diverse topics like business and spirituality. A fashion aficionado collaborating with Ajio, she conducts interviews with eminent figures, sharing insights on motivation and personal development with her audience.

8. Shradha Khapra

Shradha Khapra, ex-Microsoft engineer and co-founder of Apna College, focuses on democratizing education for Indian students, offering free tutorials and vital resources. While her expertise spans data structures and machine learning, she also indulges in theater and tea, connecting her technical acumen with her personal passions to inspire and educate her followers.

9. Nandini Agrawal

Nandini Agrawal, a prodigious chartered accountant, clinched the top spot in her CA finals at 19, adding to her accolades like the 31st rank in CA inter at 16. Now a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group and lauded for her humility, her early achievements and recognition by entities such as the Guinness and India Book of Records make her an inspirational figure in the finance sector.

10. Saumya Singh

Saumya is a software engineer with experience in coding, development (Android), and leadership roles. She is an International Women in Open Source Academic Award finalist and has mentored students for various programs. Saumya is also an educator, content creator, and developer advocate at's open-source teams.

LinkedIn creators in India

LinkedIn's exponential growth in India is a testament to the country's robust embrace of the digital age, where professional networking transcends local boundaries to achieve a global reach. With English being a lingua franca for business and technology in India, the platform has become a springboard for Indian professionals and influencers to connect, collaborate, and showcase their expertise to an international audience.

The fusion of English proficiency with India's diverse professional landscape allows for cross-cultural and cross-border opportunities that are both vast and unique. This linguistic advantage has propelled Indian LinkedIn influencers to not just national prominence but also to international fame, bridging markets, and industries with the ease of a click.

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