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TOP 12 Instagram Fashion Influencers

Social media is full of outstanding and talented content creators, especially in fashion, here are the best among millions on Favikon 🏆

April 6, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

How to find Instagram influencers

Influencer Marketing has gone through an incredible growth during the past few years as brands started enhancing influence in their marketing strategies. Working with influencers can lead to impressive results from doubling the brand’s number of followers and  gaining massive visibility to growing a strong engagement and boosting their sales. As of today, it is most profitable to work with content creators and plan a strong influencer campaign as social media have become the number one communication channels, especially for younger generations.

As you may have noticed when scrolling through your feed, it is most likely that you’ve come across several influencer collabs as there are various types of formats. Instagram influencers are great content creators for brands. Now planning an influencer campaign can be challenging as it takes time to contact influencers, plan numerous collabs, and evaluate the results. So better choose your influencer wisely before jumping right into it!  

Finding the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign is one of the most important stages of your influencer marketing strategy. Why so? Simply because they are the ones that will connect your brand to an entire audience. If your search is well done, then the right influencer is the influencer with a community that corresponds to your target audience. In other words the users that follow them are your potential customers. So how exactly do you find the best fashion Instagram influencer?

Easy peasy, all you need to do is use Favikon’s Discovery feature. with more than 20 filters, you can search an influencer by age, nationality, number of followers, category, etc,

In this case, if you are searching for a fashion Instagram influencer you can tap “fashion”, “vlog”, “vogue”, and many other keywords that could describe the ideal influencer for your campaign.

TOP Fashion Instagram Influencers 

There are countless influencers, especially in the fashion industry as it is one of the biggest communities on many social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and others.


Favikon Score: 4.8/5


The French influencer Lena Mahfouf, firstly known for her YouTube account as Lena Situations , is now a true businesswoman. Active on several social media platforms, she loves to partner with different influencers, just as she also enjoys creating content for brands. With an incredible Favikon Score of 4.8/5 and 3.7M followers on Instagram, this mega-influencer has an excellent engagement rate of +10% as well as an excellent content diversity score of 3/4.

Instagram account Lena Mahfouf


Favikon Score: 4.7/5


7.3M followers and a Favikon Score of 4.7/5? Who is this rockstar, you might ask? The one and only American model, mom, and influencer Romee Strijd! Her Favikon audit shows that she has an excellent saturation rate and an excellent following ratio. We love her Instagram feed as she shares her best look while keeping an authentic image. From model photoshoots and fancy events to pictures with her family and friends, working with Romee is working with a talented content creator.

Instagram account Romee Strijd


Favikon Score: 4.5/5


One of my personal favorite Instagram fashion accounts! Meet Tina, an incredible woman, full of talents, and a great businesswoman as well. Known for working with luxury brands and high couture houses, she is very present on social media and has partnered with numerous brands. Her content is a mix of high fashion and fun daily life. Tina has excellent account growth as well as an excellent audience quality!

Instagram account Tina Kunakey


Favikon Score: 4.3/5


Classy, elegant, and wild, that's how I would describe this influencer's Instagram feed. Chrissa shares amazing looks by matching her outfits to her travel experiences. She always has the perfect ensemble for each destination, from France to Italy and Croatia. However, her heart lies in Paris as she poses in the city's most beautiful places! She has an excellent Favikon Score and an excellent account growth of +16% regarding her performance indicators!

Instagram account Chryssa


Favikon Score: 4.4/5


The darling of our TOP! Millane is a creative influencer, present on many social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. As a fashion, lifestyle and inspiration influencer, this young lady has found her passion for fashion and loves to share not only her best looks but also her good vibes with her audience, which makes her all that more special! With 1.1M followers and a 4.4/5 Favikon Score, Millaine reaches an engagement rate of +17% and a perfect audience quality!

Instagram account Millane Friesen


Favikon Score: 3.5/5


Now, this influencer is quite the fashion expert! Liz is one hell of a fashion Instagram influencer with her unique and ever-changing styles! From simple work outfits or chic ensembles to streetwear and extravagant ensembles, her taste is simply exquisite. But what about her score? Excellent content diversity, positive account growth, and outstanding account activity of 25 posts shared in the last month. What else can I say? She is a gem!

Instagram account Liz Karpran


Favikon Score: 3.5/5


Now she is quite the classy fashion Instagram influencer! Olivia works on her simplistic, in-vogue, and elegant feed. This influencer shares her love for fashion while also helping her audience find the same clothes. A mix of high fashion and luxury brands like Prada and common brands such as Zara makes her account the perfect combination for building a wider audience! No wonder she has excellent account growth and account activity!

Instagram account Olivia Burton


Favikon Score: 3.4/5


Miss Ile De France 2022?! I guess our TOP got to a whole new level! Meet Lara, a dazzling model, and influencer. Fashion Instagram influencer, but she also travels in her spare time and shares all of her adventures with her audience. What a catch! Her feed is all about fashion and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. She has an exceptional account growth rate of +44%, an excellent hashtag quality, and a remarkable account activity of 23 posts shared in the last month.

Instagram account Lara Lourenço


Favikon Score: 3.4/5


Now ladies and gentlemen, make way for our next star: Leonie Hanne! If you are looking for high couture, then we found the perfect influencer for you. Leonnie is a glamorous model, and trust me, she is used to walking runways. In other words, wearing breathtaking designer ensembles is part of her daily routine. Leonie is the real deal with 4.2M followers, an excellent audience quality, and an outstanding following ratio!

Instagram account Leonie Hanne


Favikon Score: 3.4/5


Okay, this lady is exceptional! Cassandra is a beautiful fashion Instagram influencer and quite a funny gall on TikTok. Her content is simple, authentic, and graceful. She already has experience with collaborations with brands as she was part of a few influencer campaigns. Regarding her Favikon audit, her key performance indicators are very close to perfection! Excellent engagement, account growth, account activity, and content diversity. What else could we ask from her!

Instagram account Cassandra Cano


Favikon Score: 3.2/5


If you believe you already have seen this influencer, perhaps you have! Does Victoria's Secret Angel ring any bells? You guessed it! Elsa is an angel and also a fashion Instagram influencer. With a 3/4 content diversity score, 23 posts shared the last month, and an excellent following ratio, this model influencer clearly knows what she is doing! She will share her favorite classy outfits and her experience as a worldwide known model on her feed.

Instagram account Elsa Hosk


Favikon Score: 3.2/5


And last but not least, meet Vanessa! +12% engagement rate, +27% account growth, 25 posts in the last 30 days, an outstanding following ratio… Should I go on? Yup, this fashion influencer is great at her job! Sharing fashion tips, likes and favorites is her thing, and no one can tell us otherwise!

Instagram account Vanessa

That’s it for our TOP Fashion Instagram influencers! As you can see, social media is full of outstanding and talented content creators. Creators have their own styles, profiles, and share very different content, making it great for brands to find an influencer that matches their image, values, needs, and objectives!

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