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Top Malaysian Influencers

Meet the most influential Malaysian creators & influencers on Social Media.

July 10, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

Malaysia is home to a vibrant influencer landscape, with personalities spanning various niches, including fashion, beauty, travel, food, and technology. These influencers have amassed substantial followings on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, leveraging their unique voices and engaging content to connect with diverse audiences. In this blog, we will highlight some of the top Malaysian influencers who have not only captivated their followers but also collaborated with major brands to create impactful campaigns.

Whether you're a local brand looking to tap into the Malaysian market or an international company aiming to reach Malaysian consumers, these influencers offer valuable opportunities to boost your marketing efforts and connect authentically with potential customers.

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Explore the Top 10 Malaysian 🇲🇾 Influencers:

1️⃣ Nigel Ng, aka Uncle Roger

Comedian and Content Creator

Malaysian comedian and content creator based in London, Nigel Ng created the character Uncle Roger, known for his hilarious reactions to cooking videos. With a strong social media presence, Nigel also hosts the HAIYAA podcast and creates comedy videos. He has collaborated with other popular creators such as Joji and Rich Brian. Nigel's work is known for its humor, relatability, and cultural commentary.

2️⃣ Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman

Food Blogger and Recipe Creator

Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, also known as Khairulaming, is a popular food blogger and recipe creator. With his 30 Hari 30 Resepi series, he shares delicious and easy-to-follow recipes for the entire month of Ramadan. His recipes range from traditional Malay dishes to modern fusion creations. Khairulaming's social media presence is filled with mouth-watering food photos and step-by-step cooking tutorials, making it a go-to resource for food enthusiasts and home cooks. He also collaborates with brands and attends events related to food. Follow him for daily culinary inspiration and delightful recipes.

3️⃣ Siew Pui Yi

Social Media Personality

Siew Pui Yi is a social media personality known for her various interests and passions. She is an actress, singer, DJ, and movie star, with a starring role in the "Pulau" film. Pui Yi is also an advocate for education and has launched a scholarship fund to help deserving students who cannot afford the education they need. She is active on social media and has a significant following on various platforms. Pui Yi enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, as well as spending time with friends and family.

4️⃣ Jovynn

Content Creator and Music Enthusiast

Jovynn is a content creator and music enthusiast who shares their love for music and positive energy on social media. They often post about their favorite songs and artists, and also promote upcoming events and performances. Jovynn's posts are filled with optimism and joy, and they encourage their followers to spread love and positivity. They also share personal experiences and moments from their life, giving their followers a glimpse into their world. Jovynn is passionate about hair care and often shares tips and routines for maintaining silver hair. They are also a fan of technology and have tested and reviewed various products. Jovynn's content is relatable and engaging, making them a popular figure on social media.

5️⃣ Alieff Irfan

Malaysian Youtuber and VFX Editor

Alieff Irfan is a Malaysian YouTuber and VFX editor who is popular for his content on YouTube. He is also a Premier Pro editor and car enthusiast who showcases his love for cars on his social media accounts. He is the founder of the Elrah X AI Team and frequently posts about the team on his social media accounts. He is also known for his baju melayu Hot 2023 AI Team, which is available for purchase on his website. He often collaborates with other Malaysian YouTubers and is active on Instagram, where he shares updates about his personal life.

6️⃣ Ruthbell Pan

Co-founder of OKEH Gaming TV

Ruthbell Pan is a co-founder of OKEH GAMING TV, a YouTube and TikTok channel focused on creating daily Roblox gaming videos and live comedy entertainment with friends and family. With over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.5 million followers on TikTok, Ruthbell has become a popular online personality. She also runs an Instagram account under the same name, where she shares her personal life and interests. In addition to Ruthbell, OKEH GAMING TV has several other official members. Ruthbell also posts a variety of content such as humor, travel, and personal posts on her social media platforms.

7️⃣ Alex

Content Creator on YouTube and TikTok

Alex, also known as 알렉스, is a content creator with a strong presence on YouTube and TikTok. With over 6.8 million followers on TikTok and 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube, Alex shares a variety of content, including challenges, vlogs, and collaborations. They are the founder of 알렉스티비ALEXTV and frequently collaborates with other creators. Alex also has a significant following on Instagram, with 163k followers. They are known for their blue hair and vibrant personality, often sharing their experiences and adventures with their followers. Alex also promotes sponsorships and can be contacted for work opportunities. Overall, Alex is a popular content creator who engages with their audience through entertaining and engaging content on various social media platforms.

8️⃣ Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin

Malaysian Singer and Businesswoman

Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin is a Malaysian singer, music producer, and businesswoman. She started her career in the music industry in 1995 and has released 18 studio albums. As of 2020, she is recognized as Malaysia's number 1 pop singer. Siti Nurhaliza has received numerous awards and accolades, including 42 Anugerah Industri Muzik, 25 Anugerah Bintang Popular, and 27 Anugerah Planet Muzik. In 2005, she became the first Southeast Asian singer to perform a solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Apart from her music career, she is also a successful businesswoman with her own production company, CTDK Holdings. She has a strong presence on social media, where she shares updates about her music, business ventures, and philanthropic work.

9️⃣ angelloweee

TikTok Star and Influencer

Angelloweee is a popular TikTok content creator with over 10 million followers. She is known for her videos featuring dance challenges, fitness routines, and fashion trends. Her social media accounts are filled with posts showcasing her curvy figure and outfits that emphasize her style. Angelloweee is also active on Instagram and frequently collaborates with other influencers to promote brands and products. She engages with her followers by sharing her daily life and frequently asks for their opinions on her content.

🔟 Aisar Khaledd

Actor, Creator, and Trader

Aisar Khaledd is an actor, creator, and trader known for his work in Malaysia. He is active on social media platforms like YouTube, where he shares his creative content and trading experiences. With a passion for acting and creating, Aisar strives to entertain and inspire his audience. He also engages in trading activities and shares insights and tips with his followers. Aisar is a humble individual who values his Malaysian roots and often expresses his love for his country. Through his social media presence, he aims to spread positivity and help others in any way he can.

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