8 Influencer Campaign Ideas For The Holidays

Get ready for the Holidays! It’s time to plan your Influencer Campaigns, so we have gathered 8 social media content marketing ideas just for you!

November 28, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

8 Content Marketing Ideas for the Holidays 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And you know what that means? It’s time to create some holiday content and content creators are already on the move. That is why we share with you 10 ideas of Holiday content for your influencer campaign! Let’s start with the most popular: contests and giveaways!

Contests and Giveaways

We’ve all come across contests and giveaways on social media platforms, and that’s because this content format works for a lot of different companies. From B2C to B2B companies, from fashion to food brands… Contests and giveaways are easy to plan and put into place, and are very effective:

👀 They bring extensive visibility

⚡️ They grow your engagement in a flash

👄 They create word of mouth

🤩 They help you grow your number of followers in just a few weeks

Setting clear rules to participate such as following the brand account, liking the post, tagging two friends, and sharing the post, contests, and giveaways will boost your post’s engagement and so it’s visibility as well. However, this type of content isn’t sustainable for the long term, since most users will follow, like, and comment on the contest and might unsubscribe once the results are out. That’s why the rest of your social media content is crucial: for the retention stage. Thus, working with content creators is an excellent way to keep these users loyal to your brand.  

Here's an example of two influencers @ophelie_gchrd and @emferragut sharing their Giveaway in partnership with the french fashion brand Sézane. They each shared this post on their account, with the few steps to participate in the contest, and tagged each other as well as the brand:

Online Advent Calendar and Countdowns

3, 2, 1, happy New Year! 🥳 Countdowns have always been exciting, that’s why they are great for influencer holiday campaigns. One day, one piece of content! That’s the idea of an online influencer advent calendar.

This content format relies a little bit more on your planning and organization skills! Planning an online advent calendar with content creators is an excellent way to grow your engagement and visibility. Since the campaign lasts almost a month, it gives your brand a longer period to grow your engagement. 

Online Advent Calendars can be adapted to any social media platform you like. Thus if you are a B2B company looking to grow your visibility and engagement during this holiday campaign, you need to choose your social media platform wisely. For instance, you can plan on publishing this calendar on LinkedIn, for a professional approach, Twitter for more visibility, or YouTube for long-format videos. This also means working on different types of content to diversify your calendar. 

Advent Calendars allow you to bring great added value to your campaign by working with different content creators or different content formats. One day, one content, one tip, one added value. Moreover working with various content creators will first and foremost bring you authority to your brand ✨


The Holiday season is the best season for tutorials! But what exactly are we talking about when it comes to tutorials? Here are three examples:

🙌 Do It Yourself. The Christmas season is an amazing time to be crafty and try new decorations to make your holiday season special! Thus by collaborating with various influencers, they can share different DIY videos and posts sponsored by your brand! 

🎀 Decorating Tips. For a cute Christmas, we need pretty decorations! Help your niche audience find the perfect decorations for their home by working with influencers who share tips and tricks with their followers. This content was made for the Holiday Influencer Campaigns!

🤤 Delicious Recipes. When I say holidays, you say delicious dishes! Christmas is the time when family and friends get together to share special and happy moments. This can be simply talking by the fire, reading your favorite book, or… cooking together! Thus sharing amazing recipes can be a great way to grow your engagement, and visibility and boost your ROI. For example, Grace is a cookie artist who shared her latest collab with Borderlands Bakery. She shows her community how to decorate a Christmas cookie using the brand’s tipless bags.

@thegracefulbaker That’s a wrap, folks! Which one is your fav?? It’s a tie between the wet on wet wreath/peppermint and the cute Rudolph/gingy for me ☺️ And don’t miss out: this beginner Christmas class and all 12 of my other online classes are 50% through November 28! Link in bio to purchase 👀 Cutter is a 3” circle Tipless bags @borderlandsbakery - use code THEGRACEFULBAKER10 for 10% off! Music: “A Perfect Christmas” #circlecookies #decoratedcookies #beginnercookies #easycookies #christmas #christmascookies #christmasbaking ♬ original sound - Grace Gaylord

Gift Ideas

Do I really need to explain this one? It is safe to say Christmas is one of the most important seasons for brands as it is the period with the highest number of sales! Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. 

But let’s be honest, we’ve all gone through a hard time trying to find a gift idea for the family. That’s when your content creators come in, by sharing your products and services for your Holiday Marketing Campaign! It is the perfect moment to suggest your brand as a Christmas present. 🎁

Moreover, by working with a content creator, you are reaching a niche audience. Influencers have more proximity to their community, since they feel closer to them and trust their recommendations. Since it is the creator who showcases your brand, there are higher chances their audience will trust them and purchase your product! 


Co-creation is a very efficient and creative influencer marketing strategy. It takes time to plan a co-creation as you are creating a new project hand in hand with a content creator. But why is this strategy efficient for the holiday season? 🧐

Co-creation goes beyond a simple partnership with a content creator. You are creating a product that represents this personality. Thus it is crucial to find the perfect influencer for this campaign. A content creator whose image and values match with your brand’s and whose niche audience corresponds to your target market. 

By creating this campaign, this content creator can be considered one of your ambassadors. This Christmas influencer marketing campaign will help your brand with a higher engagement rate, which then could boost your sales for this specific model. The holiday season is a great period to announce a co-creation as it can be the perfect unique present for Christmas!

Here comes the co-creation that everyone has been talking about in the past month: Lena Situations and Adidas! The mega influencer, fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur shared her new co-created in November!

Christmas Video

Let’s go back to the basics! Christmas Videos have always been a must. Depending on the social media platform you plan to share your collaboration, the video duration will vary. For instance, if you are planning to share a video on YouTube, you should plan on creating a long-format video. However, if you want to post on social media such as Instagram or TikTok, you can create a short format video (you can go up to 3 minutes on TikTok). This Christmas marketing strategy is great for the Holiday season for three simple reasons:

💭 The only limit is your imagination. You can work on different scenarios, as there is an infinite amount of possibilities for this format.

🚀 You can boost your visibility as video formats are pushed by many algorithms such as the Instagram algorithm.

🤓 You can provide added value with content that has more time to share your values, insights, tips, and other objectives.

Photo Competition

How about a little competition to spice things up? Photo competitions are quite common on social media. It’s all about sharing a challenge with a large community. In this case, having an influencer start this challenge is a huge asset to get things moving fast.

For instance, it’s harder than it looks to initiate a competition on social media. However, having a content creator participate is a great way to incite other content creators and users to follow the challenge. 

Thus, a photo competition will create word of mouth and free content creation for your brand. So if you are looking for a lower-budget influencer marketing strategy for the holiday campaign you have found your solution! 

UGC content creation

Finally, our last content idea for your holiday campaign: UGC content creators! Who better than your customers to talk about you? They are loyal to your brand, love your products, and are the perfect content creators to share their experience with your products. 

🫶 They can share with their audience everything they love about your products. Authenticity is key for influencer campaigns.

🎙 They can engage with their followers and answer any question as they know your brand and have some experience with your products and services. 

💸 They don't require a big budget! UGC content creators often have a small audience. Thus they don’t require a huge budget for collaboration.

Now that you have eight ideas for your Holiday campaign, which format is your favorite? If you need more tips and tricks on influencer marketing and digital marketing strategies you can check our blog! We share best practices, news, and the latest trends to keep you updated.

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