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Nano Influencers

Kim Kardashian, Charlie D'Amelio, and other social media stars represent the smallest percentage of users. What about the rest of the community? What about Nano influencers?

August 2, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Following our previous article regarding macro-influencers, today’s subject focuses on the bottom of the influencers’ pyramid: nano-influencers.

"Building an influencer strategy is essential nowadays to generate authentic content on social media since it allows us to make up our minds before purchasing. Yet, it can be challenging to gather enough of them to reach numerous consumers without a methodology or a suitable tool. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions to create a “win-win” relationship between brands and nano-influencers!" . Nadia Gabriel, CEO of

Who are they?  Why can they be an asset to your influencer strategy?

Nano influencers are the “baby” influencers of Social Media!

REMINDER: Influencer tiers vary. The number of subscribers doesn’t represent the same development stage of an influencer from one social media platform to another! In other words, with 60k, you would be categorized as a Mid-range influencer on Instagram but a Nano-influencer on Tiktok.

On Instagram, nano-influencers have between 1K and 5K followers; on Tiktok, it is the 200k limit that separates nano-influencers from micro-influencers.

What are the advantages of working with a nano-influencer?

Nano-influencers have a small audience, which eases communication, thus they most likely have a strong connection with their subscribers. They have less difficulty replying to comments, questions, and feedback than mega-influencers, who, on the contrary, address themselves to a large public. Their community trusts them and their opinion on products and services, creating a solid and authentic bond. Moreover, with the Favikon metrics you’ll know if their engagement rate is below or above average.

Due to their “authenticity”, subscribers feel closer to nano-influencers since they either relate to their content or simply like their posts. For example, students will follow a nano-influencer that is in college because they have similar lifestyles, budgets and interests. Therefore, when the influencer does a collab, their subscribers won’t expect a luxurious product or service but a student friendly sponsorship.

With this close connection, nano-influencers often have a good engagement rate. Their audience doesn’t hesitate to share their experiences, doubts, likes, and dislikes, etc. And influencers, on the other hand, also engage more often with their community since their content is closely linked to their subscribers’ expectations. For example, nano-influencers will share polls and Q&As on their stories and go live to gain feedback about their account. From these channels, they know what content is expected from them, which also allows them to acquire a higher reach!

Regarding content, nano-influencers are very flexible and can adapt quite quickly. Since their content is authentic and, most of the time, category-specific, there are countless possible ways to introduce your partnership for your campaign. However, don’t forget they are still new to the industry, so they might not be as professional as bigger influencers. But don’t be fooled! Their lack of experience is an excellent asset for your campaign. Baby influencers will be glad to hear and follow your ideas, advice, and guidance. You will easily reach the expected outcome with a unique and original approach!

What about budget and competition?

Nano-influencers are your golden ticket to obtain a competitive advantage! They are not experts in partnerships since they are still new to the experience. Thus your competitors most likely won’t have done collaborations with them. Furthermore, you might be one of the first brands that partners with them! Moreover, Favikon will let you know if the nano-influencer has already partnered with brands and which one of them they made a collab with.

Budget-wise, nano influencers are the perfect fit for small businesses and start-ups that are longing to break into the market with a restrained budget. Nano-influencers don’t cost billions! On the contrary, nano-influencers don’t get paid significant sums, so most of them will expect free samples of your product or membership of your service in return. However, if a nano-influencer expects to be paid, we advise you to take them seriously and start negotiating a price; time and effort should be rewarded! On average, nano influencers payment fluctuates from $10 to $100 per post on Instagram / $5 to $25 on Tiktok… With Favikon, you’ll know exactly what price range to expect from the influencer before contacting them!

Now that you know everything about nano influencers, what are you waiting for?

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