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Top Branding Coaches to follow in 2024

From positioning experts to branding and identity gurus, explore the list of the best of the best branding content creators.

May 15, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

In today's competitive landscape, a strong brand identity is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Consumers are bombarded with choices, and a brand's ability to stand out and resonate with its target audience is crucial for success. That's where the best branding creators come in – a talented group that blends strategic thinking with creative vision to craft powerful brand experiences.

This group goes beyond just creating a logo or catchy tagline. They are positioning experts who understand how to position a brand in the market for maximum impact. They are branding and identity gurus who can articulate a brand's core values and essence in a way that connects with consumers on an emotional level.

A study by Gallup found that customers are 34% more likely to repurchase from a brand they're loyal to. Strong brands can often command a price premium compared to competitors. Research by Landor suggests that strong brands can achieve a 20% price premium. These statistics highlight the ROI (Return on Investment) that effective branding can deliver.

So, who are these branding wizards? The list encompasses a diverse range of talent, from freelance designers known for their disruptive concepts to established agencies with a proven track record of building billion-dollar brands.

Explore the Top 2024 Branding Experts:

10. Stephen Houraghan

Stephen Houraghan is a brand strategy expert and the founder of Brand Master Academy. Through his YouTube channel, he provides practical and actionable branding techniques and advice to help brand builders and entrepreneurs level up their strategic branding skills. With a focus on brand strategy, positioning, messaging, storytelling, and more, Stephen's videos offer real-life examples and case studies to help viewers build effective and loveable brands. His goal is to empower his audience to create a unique voice that resonates with their target audience and guides them in developing comprehensive brand strategies.

9. Kristy

Kristy is a brand and graphic designer at Pink Pony Creative, specializing in branding, packaging, and graphic design. With over 3 years of experience, Kristy has built a successful design agency, working with multiple clients and a dedicated team. She is known for creating seamless carousel Instagram posts and emphasizes the importance of transition and effective design elements. Kristy shares her knowledge and experiences through her podcast and offers design services on her website. She values mindset, social media presence, and continuous learning in the design industry. Kristy's success and growth in the field have allowed her to collaborate with renowned companies and speak at industry events like Adobe Max 2022.

8. Jason Vana

Jason Vana is a brand and content strategist who helps B2B service companies grow by creating brand strategies. He is known as #sassyjason and is the founder of SHFT Agency. His five-step brand positioning method helps transform brands into the only choice in their industry. Jason offers brand design and content solutions to enhance brand perception and generate leads. He is the host of the #shoottheshft podcast and is active on social media, where he shares his thoughts and strategies on branding and advertising.

7. WGSN - Andrea Bell

WGSN is a leading global authority on consumer trend forecasting and data science, providing accurate forecasts, expertly curated data, and industry expertise to help brands understand consumer behavior and lifestyles, create products with confidence, and trade at the right time. As the Director of Insight for WGSN, Andrea Bell is responsible for identifying and reporting on consumer insights, emerging personas, regions, and marketplaces, technology driving consumer behaviors, and societal shifts impacting people's lives. Her expertise in consumer behavior allows her to lead WGSN's Advisory projects, working closely with clients to create consumer roadmaps, personas, generational points-of-entry, and communication plans that result in sales ROI and social ROI. Bell is also a public speaker who has spoken at numerous summits and conferences across the world on the topics related to consumer insights and shared knowledge.

6. Oren John

Oren John is a product creator, designer, and technologist who is passionate about bringing ideas to life. He runs a newsletter where he shares his insights on building products and offers guidance on creative direction and product creation. The newsletter covers topics such as branding, design, marketing, and product development. Oren also provides references for elevated garment tags and glassware manufacturers and presents his favorite colors for the summer. He shares his thoughts on creative works by artists and designers such as Daniel Arsham and Pharrell Williams. Oren is committed to helping new product brands avoid common mistakes and improve their strategies.

5. April Dunford

April Dunford is an experienced startup executive with expertise in market positioning, having launched 16 products to market. She has held executive roles in successful startups and global companies such as IBM. April has also raised funds for startups and worked through acquisitions. She is an active mentor and accomplished public speaker and has recently published a book on positioning titled, "Obviously Awesome - How to Stand out in Noisy Crowded Markets". April shares insights on marketing, sales, and product teams through social media and has provided valuable advice on personas and product walkthroughs.

4. Melanie Borden

Melanie Borden is a marketing strategist and CEO of The Borden Group. She leads a team of experts focusing on transforming businesses and executives through effective brand marketing strategies. With a background in marketing, social media, and reputation management, Melanie has successfully built her personal brand and helped numerous clients enhance their visibility and reach on platforms like LinkedIn. Her expertise has been recognized in various media outlets, showcasing her success in helping executives optimize their profiles and achieve significant business growth.

3. Emma Segura

Emma Segura is a graphic designer and brand specialist, offering creative content tips for marketing on social media. She provides information on improving visual identity, creating impeccable designs, and offers courses to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. With a focus on canva expertise, Emma shares her knowledge through a website, social media platforms, and private Facebook groups. She aims to help entrepreneurs achieve success by creating a strong brand image and increasing sales through professional and eye-catching designs.

2. Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is a branding and culture transformation expert, entrepreneur, and author. He is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Company, a global branding and culture transformation firm that serves Fortune 100 companies on five continents. Lindstrom is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of eight books translated into 60 languages. He has delivered keynote addresses to several big names, such as Google, UBER, Disney, Amazon, Lego, and more. TIME Magazine has named him one of the "World's 100 Most Influential People," and the prestigious Thinkers50 list has featured him among the world's top 50 business thinkers for eight years in a row. Among his coined terms of the industry are sensory marketing, neuromarketing, and small data.

1. Max Klymenko

Max Klymenko is a content creator and entrepreneur who runs a creative agency. He has four university degrees in law, economics, business, and sociology, and has worked in law and corporate consultancy. Max creates videos about careers, business, psychology, and social causes on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. He also makes videos analyzing the use of color in famous brands' branding and discussing the marketing methods of luxury goods industries. Additionally, Max shares productivity hacks and reviews books on his social media channels. He is also active in supporting educational causes and raising funds for Ukraine.

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