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TOP Female Fitness Influencers

Here come the girl bosses of fitness influence! Crossfit, golfing, jumping rope, gymnasts, and many other champions are in our TOP Fitness Influencers!

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Who should we start with for our TOP Fitness Influencers? With the best Favikon Score, of course! Discover all types of fitness profiles that could match your brand's expectations and needs to plan a successful influencer campaign! 🚀 Engagement, visibility, and audience quality, we analysed their profiles for you! Let's begin with the first fitness female influencer: Olivia Amata will be opening our article



Favikon Score: 5/5

Let's start with our first warrior! 🔥 Olivia is not only a macro influencer but also a fitness Instructor. Fitness, fashion, influence... this girl does it all! With more than 350K followers, Olivia has an outstanding Favikon Score of 5/5! Let's have a closer look at her audit: Excellent audience quality with less than 8% of suspicious subscribers, we have an Audience Queen! She also has a great following ratio of 355 subscribers per user followed and provides amazing content quality! Olivia shares everyday life sports content and often promotes activewear from her favorite brands! 👏



Favikon Score: 5/5

Please give it up for our second champion Salome! 💪 With a perfect 5/5 Favikon Score. This macro influencer has a regular feed in which she alternates pictures posing to showcase activewear and videos in which she shares her workout routines. With an excellent engagement rate of 9.68%, Salome is going through a positive growth trend (+7.30%). Last but not least, her saturation rate is pretty good! If you are looking to plan a collab with a reliable and growing influencer, I believe you have found your perfect match! With almost 300k followers, working with this influencer will provide visibility and engagement, which can significantly improve your reach! ⚡️



Favikon Score: 4.9/5

Claire sure understood the assignment! This mega influencer has 1 million followers and an amazing Favikon score of 4.9! Constantly pushing her limits, Claire shares her workouts, challenges, and adventures with her audience. A fitness lover traveling in a van? Her profile truly varies from sports amateur to travel vlogger. With an excellent account activity score of 17 posts shared in the last 30 days and a great content diversity score of 3/4, Claire is a gem in the world of influence.



Favikon Score: 4.9/5

Here comes a special account! Located in Uzbekistan, Asalya is not like other athletes! She posts original content, mostly sharing videos of her gymnastic tricks, always with small comical stories. She has a fantastic Favikon Score of 4.9/5 with 500K followers on Instagram. She also has a TikTok account with 2M followers! Asalya loves to impress her surroundings and audience with her unique moves and has done a few collabs with different brands from sportswear to everyday clothing brands! 🤸Take a look for yourself!



Favikon Score: 4.5/5

She is strong; she is a gym fanatic; she is an influencer; she could be your match! Meet Ruba, a gorgeous athlete and mega influencer with 1.8M followers. Known for her amazing shape and hardcore training, this influencer has worked with a few brands like Gym Shark and Women's Best. Working with an influencer like Ruba means gaining visibility and associating your brand with her image. Moreover, with previous experience, her partnerships are professional! Ready to work out, I mean collab with Ruba?



Favikon Score: 4.5/5

Need more stretching and relaxing? Cassey is your girl! As a pilates expert, she shares her tips and tricks with her 2.2M followers to better their experience with the sport! But that snot it! She is also a CEO! Yup, this influencer also created her brand of activewear. Thus she has a close experience with the business world. With a 4.5 Favikon Score, Cassey has both an Instagram and TikTok account. Great engagement rate, good audience quality, and nice comment: like ratio; working with this influencer is a win-win!



Favikon Score: 4.2/5

Excellent engagement rate, comment: like ratio, account activity; this fitness influencer is doing a great job! Challenges, workouts, lifestyle, Jenna varies her content and shares all her journeys with her audience. Always with a smile, Jenna also shares motivational quotes and positive messages with her 555K followers in every caption! Did you know? She is also the founder and trainer of a fitness app! And our list of powerful fitness influencers doesn't stop here; lets on to our next one!



Favikon Score: 3.7/5

We have a fitness ambitious influencer! Micro influencer and training fanatic @fitness_ambitious loves teamwork. In most of her videos, she trains with a teammate and shares motivational speeches in her caption. What does that mean exactly? It means this is the perfect influencer for group collaborations and co-creation! Moreover, she has a good content diversity score of 3/4, so get ready to present new and original campaign ideas because this influencer is on top of her game! 🎯



​​Favikon Score: 3.5/5

Any golf lovers? 🏌️Cassandra is a golf and fitness macro influencer with more than 230K followers. She loves to share her best moments in her training sessions with her community and has already done a few partnerships without pushing her saturation rate too much (32%). Cassandra has a fantastic engagement rate of 9,53% and an excellent hashtag quality score of A+! Ready to join her on the field?



Favikon Score: 3.4/5

We have a jumper! Lauren does a fantastic job as an influencer: she shares her jumping rope journey, favorite tricks, music inspiration, and tips for her 238K followers to learn as well! 💪 With an excellent account growth of +42.20% and an awesome following ratio of 1K followers per one following, this macro influencer has a great 3.4 Favikon Score! She has done a few partnerships and knows how to promote fitness products like gear and equipment! Ready to jump in? 👀

And we are done for our TOP Fitness Female Influencers! So many great and unique profiles; we hope you enjoyed their work because we sure were impressed! Stay tuned for new TOP Influencers and check out our previous ones!