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Top Hindi YouTube Channels

Check out the most influential Hindi YouTube Channels.

July 4, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

Hindi, with over 600 million speakers worldwide, is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe. In India alone, it is the mother tongue for a significant portion of the population. The rapid growth of YouTube in India, which boasts one of the highest growth rates globally, has led to the emergence of numerous influential Hindi YouTube channels. These channels cater to a vast audience, addressing diverse interests and topics. From entertainment and education to technology and lifestyle, Hindi YouTube channels have become a powerful medium for content creation and consumption, reaching millions and shaping opinions on a massive scale.

Here we list down the most impactful YouTube channels that cater to Hindi speaking audiences.

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Explore the Top 10 Hindi Channels on YouTube:

1️⃣ Ravish Kumar

Independent YouTube Journalist


Ravish Kumar is a renowned Indian journalist, author, media personality, and YouTuber. He served as the Senior Executive Editor of NDTV India, where he hosted several notable programs including the flagship weekday show Prime Time, Hum Log, Ravish Ki Report, and Des Ki Baat. Known for his fearless journalism and incisive commentary, Kumar has twice received the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for the Best Journalist of the Year. In 2019, he became the fifth Indian journalist to be honored with the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award. Ravish Kumar's work is distinguished by his commitment to highlighting the issues faced by marginalized communities and his critical stance on government policies. He has also authored several books that reflect his deep engagement with social and political issues in India. His transition to YouTube has allowed him to continue reaching a wide audience, further establishing his influence in Indian media.

2️⃣ Punya Prasun Bajpai

Journalist and Political Commentator


Punya Prasun Bajpai is a renowned journalist and political commentator. With a career spanning several years, he has gained a reputation for his in-depth analysis and unbiased reporting. He has covered a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and current affairs. Known for his sharp insights and thought-provoking commentary, Punya Prasun Bajpai continues to be a prominent figure in the field of journalism.

3️⃣ Abhisar Sharma

Journalist and Author


Abhisar Sharma is a renowned journalist and author known for holding the powerful accountable. With a verified Twitter handle and a Facebook page, he has won prestigious awards for his work. He fearlessly raises questions and exposes the truth, often criticizing the government and highlighting social issues. Through his films, writings, and media presence, he aims to create awareness and bring about positive change in society.

4️⃣ Uday Doctor Bodhgaya

Rapper and YouTuber


Uday Doctor Bodhgaya is a comedian known for his pure family comedy in the Maghiya language. He creates humorous content that brings people together through laughter. With a focus on Maghiya comedy, Uday Doctor Bodhgaya's videos showcase the unique language and culture, while also promoting unity and love. Join his comedy journey and support the growth of the Maghiya language by liking, commenting, and sharing his videos.

5️⃣ Ajit Anjum

Former Managing Editor of INDIA TV and NEWS 24


Ajit Anjum is a senior journalist and writer who has made significant contributions to the field of journalism. He has worked as the managing editor at News 24 and India TV news channels. In recognition of his talent and dedication, he was awarded the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards in 2010. Ajit Anjum has also served as a consulting editor at TV9 Bharatvarsh. With his vast experience and expertise, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the media industry.

6️⃣ Gaurav Arora

YouTuber and Social Media Influencer


Gaurav Arora is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer known for his channel 'Experiment King'. With a strong online presence, Gaurav shares exciting and informative videos that cover a wide range of topics. He also manages his own brand and is open to brand promotions. Gaurav is active on Instagram and regularly interacts with his followers. In addition to his online work, Gaurav is involved in philanthropy and supports the Rajkumari Ratnavati School in Rajasthan, which provides free education to underprivileged girls. Contact Gaurav Arora for collaborations and brand promotions.

7️⃣ Deepak Sharma

Investigative Journalist and Founder Editor at Desh 24x7


Deepak Sharma is a renowned investigative journalist with over 28 years of experience. He is known for his in-depth coverage of subjects ranging from crime to politics and financial scams. Previously, he has worked for Aajtak, India Today Group, and The Pioneer. He started his career with Dainik Jagran and later founded India Samvad. Currently, he is the founder editor of Desh 24x7.

8️⃣ Elvish Yadav

Social Media Personality and YouTuber


Elvish Yadav is a popular social media personality and YouTuber known for his comedic videos. With a massive following of 16 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.2 million followers on Facebook, Elvish has established himself as one of the leading content creators in India. He is also the founder of Elvish Yadav Vlogs and is associated with brandzup (vcoi) for business inquiries. Elvish is loved by his fans, who are collectively known as the 'Elvish Army', and he actively engages with them through his social media handles. He has gained recognition for breaking the 17-year record of Bigg Boss and has a loyal and dedicated fan base. Elvish Yadav is a proud father and is adored by his supporters for his entertaining and relatable content.

9️⃣ Math Masti

Math Educator and Content Creator


Math Masti is a popular social media profile run by Vipin Sir, a math educator and content creator. With a focus on making math fun and accessible, Vipin Sir shares educational videos and tutorials to help students understand and excel in mathematics. His engaging teaching style and creative approach to learning have gained him a large following on social media.

🔟 Neha Ashish Tiwari

Entrepreneur and Influencer


Neha Ashish Tiwari is an entrepreneur and influencer known for her fashion-related content. She is the founder of a one-stop solution for all fashion needs. Neha is a proud mother and wife, and she often collaborates with brands for paid promotions. She shares her journey and experiences with her followers and is grateful for the blessings in her life. Neha is passionate about spreading love and happiness and is admired for her positive and supportive nature.

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