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Top 200 Hispanic America

The Latin American TOP 200 ranking has been launched. This list corresponds to the most influential people in Hispanic America on the Linkedin social network.

December 18, 2023

The Top 200 Linkedin Latin America

🌟 Get ready to discover the Top 200 Linkedin Latin America! This exclusive list showcases the trailblazing professionals who are turning heads and leaving an indelible mark on the world's most used professional platform.

Beyond making connections, sharing ideas and expertise, these individuals are also redefining the game with their unparalleled influence, unwavering commitment, and undeniable impact on the professional community.

📈 Wondering how they are selected ? This is based on a very precise rating system, made possible by data :

  • Content score (mega-buzz, buzz and flop ratio)
  • Engagement score (engagement rate, average engagement and discussion ratio)
  • Growth score (growth rate and number of subscribers gained)
  • Activity score
  • Audience score

🌎 Representing 14 powerhouse countries – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela – these influencers span across diverse sectors, from business and tech to education and health.

Focus on the Top 10 Linkedin Latin America

At the top of the list, it's once again the World Champions 🏆 who win... In first place, it's Ariel Hernández from Argentina. He is HR Mentor in Personal Branding and Leadership.

He is followed in second place by his Argentinian compatriot, Jorge Inda, Career Coach and Personal Development Specialist.

Last place on the podium is held by Ana Romero. This Peruvian is an entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist.

In fourth place, we find Peru again. Iris Reyna works as a Leadership Coach, Mentor, Organizational Culture Consultant.

Ranked fifth, we found Claudia Cárdenas Mendiola, from Mexico. She is a Head Hunter and Talent Management Consultant.

Originally from Mexico, Emmanuel Valencia is ranked sixth in the list and works as HR Consultant and Talent Acquisition Specialist.

In seventh place, we discover Gina Acosta Gutiérrez, from Peru, who works as Data Analyst and Engineer.

Mexico is hitting again! Strategist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Mentor, and speaker... Manuel Yescas has several strings to his bow and occupies the eighth place.

Colombia makes its appearance in the Top 10! In ninth place, we discover Freddy Vega, co-founder of Platzi.

Last but not least, we close this Top 10 as we opened it, with Argentina. Diego Ledesma is a Business Coach, specialist in Leadership, Personal Branding and Organizational Transformation.

The 3 most represented countries

And the winners are...

With more than 60% creators on the list, three countries stand out from the rest… These are Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

But special mention for Mexico 🇲🇽, with 57 designers in the Top, it is the most represented country in Latin America!

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